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My clock and radio lights will not turn on anymore. How do I fix this?
Ok here is what happened i was driving up the street from my house the car felt sluggish so i pulled over as i was trying to turn to pull over the dash read service power steering now and service advanctrac. Then when i got back to my house and parked i smelled burnt rubber. What should i do?
Its not turning over at all, everything inside and the lights are working just won't crank and can't put into gear
The power doesn't dim at all which makes me doubt an alternator issue. So what else could it be please.
I changed the battery in my car now my radio won't work just flashes the AM when I turn it on I need the code it isn't in my manual please help this isn't fair I fix one thing and something else tears up
it just shows load error...
trans cable is broke
hello, I just replaced the master break cylinder in my Milan, we have bleeded the breaks 3 times and I still have not breaks. we called the dealer they said to let them drip bleed. can you give any advice. maybe ABS system? I know when we put the master cylinder on and filled the reservoir the break fluid came also right out. dealer said its normal -- I think its defective no pressure is building in the pedal
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing helps
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
The problem started out of the blue. It will work on a trip to the store and on the way home it will not work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I don't know.
How long have you had this problem? A couple of days
battery light stays on even when car is running. Alternator was replaced. Battery is good, but battery light still on. What should I do
Overheating and a belt is missing on a pully
Need to replace driver side headlight
i have recently purchased my 2009 mercury milan. The next day i got a oil change on it and two hours after getting the oil change done my lifter started making a fast paced ticking. and i believe it is because it was run so long on almost no oil what so ever that that is why it is making the noise. please help need to fix very soon. I have checked the oil and their is plenty of it in their not to much and not to little
The lock button to lock or unlock or trunk button to open the trunk or with the control nothing happened. Why ? Thanks
clutch went out the mechanic says its the hydraulics
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