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I can remote start it but it turns right off
We seem to have a good ground. Batt. has a good 12 volts.
New battery and new starter.
How much does a rear oil pan gasket change cost on a 1995 JEEP WRANGLER?
went to get the emission test done, the car did not fail or pass due to the readiness of the test, but all is cleared except the hrt on the scanner, what is that and what is the next step to be able to pass. time is running out
Will there be damage to jeep
Length of both front brake lines
No noises, no leaks I am aware of. Does seem to be using alot of gas lately tho. No matter how long it runs, will not restart again, other than rolling downhill and popping the clutch. What can I check for...fuse? staarter? ground connection?
My heater just quit working. I check the fluid level and mix, that was fine. I changed out the thermostat. There are no leaks from the core in the cabin, no smell of anti-freeze. Water pump is working, no leaks. Fans are blowing strong, just very cold! Why don't I have heat? HELP! PLEASE!
High pitch scream comes on intermittently while driving. Gauges are normal, I can be driving 5-70 mph and it comes on for 10-30 seconds. How do I turn it off?
Wcm module fails regularly. Taking out the fuse and replacing after 30 seconds fixes it temporarily. Can the module be taken out and cleaned
Auto shop diagnosed my noisy transmission and said they need to replace my dual mass flywheel. I cannot find online whether the stock flywheel is actually DM or solid.
1991 jeep wrangler yj 6 cyl. 5 spd. Check engine light comes on/off with key turned to acc. Cannot use OBD1 scan tool because CE light does not stay on when engine is off and not running. CE light Only comes on while driving. Also, their is a stumble/hesitation in throttle response, from MID-WOT, from 2nd - 5th gear.
Replaced gaskets, cleaned throttle body, replaced fuel filter & fuel pressure regulator. Fixed exhaust leak, fixed vacuum leak. Any and all ideas would be greagly appreciated as i am stuck at the moment on what is causing this issue!
I unintentionally pressed the panic button on Jeep wrangler. Since then, when I open the door, the alarm goes on, I can hardly disalarm. How can I solve this problem?
2007 wrangler, 58000 miles, automatic, 2wheel drive, automatic package,
the female part on my seat belt does not click to hold the seat belt together. does the whole seat belt need to be replaced or can that part be replaced and jow much should I expect to pay for either service?
Thank you
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