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While 4 wheeling around Big Bend in 113 degree temps, it sounds like boiling
liquid under the jeep around the rear end. Should i be concerned? I had no
issues, just heard the boiling sound. 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
battery is charged and everything works ( i.e. radio,lights etc..), but when clutch is pushed doesn't seem to make a connection to start. do not think i have a wcm( wireless control module) because i do not have keyless entry. What could be problem? Would appreciate any idea's.
The right driver ac vent
So my dome light won't work unless I hot the bar near the light a few times, checked the bulb and its fine, but the wire attachment to it looks a little rough. What should I do.
I have a 94 jeep yj leaker trans fluid from the torque converter seal I replaced it a month a go and just now is leaking a lot now it first went out when I went for a hour drive and then went out on the free way I started having problems when I went off roading and went through water on the way back home noticed it was slipping and got home i checked the fluid which it was low and little dark so I changed the fluid and filter I drove it around the neighborhood and was slipping just a little so I add bottle of Lucas trans fluid and worked really good but when I went on the hour drive the torque converter seal went out
I changed the radiator, upper and lower hose, thermostat, radiator cap and water pump. Still running hot???
At the stop light. The ABS light came on. It would not allow the vehicle to travel faster than 15 mph.. After turning off the vehicle and waited 15 minutes. The vehicle could travel at a faster speed. But, was taxing the engine.
I found a replacement part on Ebay. Will you install it ?

I have an 07 Jeep Wrangler and my electronic Throttle control light came on a month ago when i was at a stop light, it shut my car off. I turned it back on and it was fine after that. My car drives ok but i noticed that this only happens when I am at a stop waiting for the light to change, why would this happen
I put a used engine into a 97 wrangler, 6 cyl. Timed distributor, runs a high idle now and when I put it into 1st gear it wants to stall. I am at a loss on what else to look at. Plugs are good, fuel is getting to the fuel rack.
He was driving home from the grocery store and it just died. Full tank of gas, full charge on the battery.
My jeep wrangler 2003 has a problem starting. When I switch the key its start but does not stay on. What can it be.
Will go through 1st and second gear, but keeps reving and won't shift
I have replaced battery checked all fueses and relays. Checked all ground
Just bought jeep about a month ago. It has 128,000 miles and shifting was fine. Don't drive it much though has it is a weekend toy. Shifting became hard and grinds when trying to shift into reverse. Changed the transmission fluid to royal purple. It seemed to help a little but still not fixed. What other causes could be causing this? Slave cylinder or clutch issue its self.
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