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While driving and stopping at a light when I press and hold brake my rpm's drop but not enough to die the car out. At times it will also vibrate a little. Why does this happen?
We are a Toyota people. Just had an accident and looked at a Juke, 2012. Know nothing about them. After agreeing to buy I researched and now I'm afraid I made a big mistake. Lots of reports on problems with Turbo, Fuel line, stalling while driving AND Timing Chain problems. Salesman didn't even tell us it uses premium gas. I know, STUPID US!!! Supposed to pick it up today. Any helpful comments? Can I back out now? Already put down payment. Any good things to say about the 2012 Juke???
It begins to stall about two-thirds of the way up Parleys Canyon and then going down the other side is fine for about 10 miles and then it starts to stall out again and will not accelerate at all except for downhill and then occasionally it'll all the sudden go again with a jolt but only when I'm going really slow like 5 10 miles an hour it just started doing this periodically for the past couple months it also makes a high-pitched whining noise whenever it's acting up like that
What seems to make the problem better or worse? only does it when driving up Parleys Canyon
How long have you had this problem? A couple of months
Sometimes it cools fine. Other times it does the same cools and not cools. Neighbor replaced a relay part# 25230/79917. But it did the same.
Are there other people with this more recent Juke, same starting problem?
It only displays in cooler weather
The bearings in the turbo went out making it loose power. The fans in it was hitting the side and broke the fins. I bought a used one and the same thing happened twice. I might be doing something wrong but don't know if anyone has any input that can help me out.
Could it be related to a missing MAP sensor? Is it important to have a MAP sensor in all nissan juke?
I was trying to make a right turn and on a street, it was a little tight and my tire slid off from the curb. Immediately after this my rack and pinion was bend. Not sure if this was a car defect or if its possible to bend a part like this by such a minor incident. Has there been other complains with a similar issue with make & model or even other vehicles.
My car stopped working while I was driving on the freeway. I had let up on the gas in order to change lanes, but then it wouldn't respond to the accelerator when pressed again. It was as if the car had slipped out of gear but it didn't. I pulled to the shoulder. After I shut off my car it wouldn't start back up. No indicators on my instrument panel until the car failed to turn over after trying to restart it. Towed it to Nissan in San Rafael. They cannot get a diagnostic code and want to remove the engine! This can't be right. Any ideas?
This message pops up on the dash board.
When the car is put into drive and I start to move the traction control light comes on and the breaks engage
My Juke had 7387 miles on the odometer and had been parked in my driveway for more than a day and a half. At 12:40 am it burst into flames. Fortunately an alert neighbor smelled smoke, called the Fire Dept who came promptly and in force. Luckily the damage was only to property rather than people or pets. Nissan site said they hadn't known of any fires or recalls. Was my car just a fluke Juke? There is no evidence of arson and I loved my Juke, it handled well, lots of head room, comfortable seats and enough style for me to find in a parking lot. Its a burned out melted mess now. Help with info please.
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