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It startef cutting out like it wasnt getting fuel.I believed it to be acloggef injector or similar condition. I added 3/4of a can of 21stea Foam to a 3/4 tank of gas.It also had a lifter noise so I added the rest of the can to the crank case.It seems to have reduced the lifter noise however, I can't get it to idle. I am a fairly schooled mechanic and have built both Ford and Chevrolet motors of various sizes. I understand the internal workings of the gasoline fueled engine. However this is my first Mercedes.I am not familiar with its external opperations which affect the fireing and fuel opperatios. The vehicle has 265,000 mls showing on the odometer .It is showing check engine indicater as well as high oil reading. It also seems to slightly slip while changing from 2nd to 3rd while in automatic shift.The transfer case has been replaced within the last 2 yrs. How do I check the firing rather how do I remove the spark plugs and which cylinfer is #1 and what is the firing order. It is a
When i start the car the low range light stays on for a minute and disappears but the car can go faster than 20 miles and RPM goes up to 4000
i stop my car and go to the shop for 15 min., after i come out to start my car, the engine only runs 1-2 seconds then shuts down. i try to charge the battery, but still keep like this. pls help me to fix this problem,thx.
What does the code 300 mean on a ml320. 2001
My problem started occurring when I ran out of fuel.For some reason won’t crank over. I replaced the starter solenoid relay, nothing happens. I hear a relay click below the fuse box, then the car starts
Changed fuel pump DNT herar anything
I recently took out the stock radio out of my car. I bought a bluetooth double din radio. I have the wires connected and fused to the radio and car,but I don't have any wires to connect the new radio to my speakers, so sound won't come out. The radio itself turns on because it's connected to my car, but no noise will come out because it's not conncted to my speakers. Can someone please tell me where/what wire I need to buy to connect it to the speakers?
the rear air vent always make noise by running on or off automatically.

keep running until get the battery dead
trying to order parts
When I turn on my car a wrench symbol and code 900 or 1100 show up what do they mean
The cooling fans on my 1998 W163, ML320 work part of the time. Pulling the fuse and replacing after a few seconds was fixing the problem, but now that isn't helping anymore either. Air inside the car blows but not cold. turns to ice cold quickly when fans engage. not sure what to do at this point. Mechanic wants me to buy a new computer for the electrical systems. everything else seems to work fine on the vehicle, not sure if that's the best course of action. uses a 30 fuse, I have heard some people have upgraded the wires to use a 40 fuse. not sure how to do that or if that's what the issue is.
I was told the gas tank support straps are rusted - the parts don't seem expensive but how long should the labor be ?
Driving along and all brake lights come on after an alarm goes off the car stays in the gear it was in when this accurs , I have to turn car off and then on , and then dose again latter on .
2002 ml320 ran out of gas and then "engine light" came on and trans wouldnt go into 2nd. read that a weak battery with low voltage output?! Could cause tmu to stay in Limbo- mode and not shift higher than 1st....also maybe check "low range " button....i press liw range button and doesnt do anytning but when i push it and hold flashes but goes off!? Also read could be faultu tmu?
After running out of gas transmission wont go higher than1st
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