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checked the codes and none showed up but the light still blinks maybe a short some where bc sometimes it blinks and then stays on or off. 137k on the miles just bought not really sure whats going on or if there is nothing to worry about

just purchased it 2 days ago. they replaced modular and reprogramed it. Runs for awhile, then wont start unless the engine is cooled down. Could it be the ignition?

cost to replace struts

i have replaced spark plugs, coil pack strips 1, 3 ,5. intake put new gaskets on it. and the car is still missing. it kinda bucks, and almost sounds like it is flooding. I can't afford to spend much more on this car. would you please try to give me an idea of what it is. where is the controlled module for a 3.0? we have also read that, may be the problem. please help

my problem is the car idles good and takes rpm in park but once in gear it wont move or take rpm.

2.2 l 4cyl - 4 door. heater motor runs part time. I want to replace or clean it, but i need to know for sure where it is before i tear the whole dash out.

the flange seems to have rusted and I would like to splice it, however seems too close to the o2 sensor. Is there an easy fix?

I am asking all of this on my Mom's behalf. Her radiator is cracked and right now, she has a sealant on it which the mechanic said is a risk. How can my Mom keep the radiator from overheating? Regarding repairing/replacing the radiator,what are her options/prices? He also mentioned something about the oil pan and that running another 600.00 Any advice/info you could offer would be very much appreciated. Thanks Very Much

the window motors do not make a sound, no noise at all. They are in the up position

Bulbs and fuses are good. Jumped brake switch. Lights still will not come on.

It drives good I was thinking maybe its the motor mount or something

is telling me that due to holiday they need to call warrenty company tomorrow to see if CLAMPS are covered under select plus. He mentioned th hoses that go into heater core? I cant find "clamps" listed as a part online or in my warrenty. Does anyone know what they might be talking about?

is it better to buy a new engine? or to get a different car?

i took the old trans pan off and a plastic clip and metal clip fell out i got the plastic one back on but dont no where the littler metal one goes dose anyone have pictures of inside the pan or no how it goes back

i took the damaged trans pan off and a plastic clip with a metal clip fell out i got the bigger plastic piece backon i dont no where the metal clip goes dose anyone no how to put it back or where it goes its shaped kinda like a loli pop with a square on the top

My sister gave me her Saturn after she was in an accident and it left the driver side door damaged and the window wont go down all the way. There is also some damage to the left front side of the car but the car is working fine. I was wondering what it would cost me to get another door or would it be pointless to do so and just leave it as is.

I had 2 used tires put on the front of my car both tire are the good tread no wear,now my car have start to shake a vibrate,but one you reach a speed of 71mph the noise stop.I took it to Town Fairs Tires explain the problem to them and all they did was computerize balance no road test same problem,when we got home we called tire shop and was informed that the 2 front rims were bent & this could be the cause of the problem

hi im just starting my own buisness and ill tell ya this site is great but alot of estimates arent in here i was wondering what a good price to charge a costumer would be to replace the subframe on a manual shift


Yesterday morning i went to start my car and it would not start. I bump started it, and it fired right up. I drove it 10 miles and turned it off. when i came back 2 hrs later it started like normal. I turned it on and off 8 times and each time started like normal. I left it for a good 4 hours and it did not start again until i bump started it. What could it be??

check engine light says crankshaft position sensor is bad where is it also i drove home last night and parked the car in the morning when i tried to start the car i put my foot on the break pedal and the power in the car shuts off what could cause that

After pulling lever to right or left to turn the signal on, , signal leaver\light will not reset to neutral position when steering is straightened . Help,BN

Could it be the pump internally leaking intothe engine?
Thank You, BN

I hit a pot hole on passenger side. The next day car wouldn't pick up speed and when it did it overheated. Now I can't go over 30 miles or temp rises. There's a jerking feeling in engine on the right side where I hit pothole. Evaluation test said Catalytic Converter, but CARX mechanic doesn't think that's the problem

my check engine light comes on and then goes off.

There was a clicking noise in the back wheelwell took it in they have said it is the struts. They did not give me an estimate but said it would be extremely expense. I assume the noise will get worse. First is it dangerous to drive second what would be a good estimate for the repair. I tried to get an estimate on your site but struts would not come up.
Thank you.