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checked the codes and none showed up but the light still blinks maybe a short some where bc sometimes it blinks and then stays on or off. 137k on the miles just bought not really sure whats going on or if there is nothing to worry about
just purchased it 2 days ago. they replaced modular and reprogramed it. Runs for awhile, then wont start unless the engine is cooled down. Could it be the ignition?
cost to replace struts
i have replaced spark plugs, coil pack strips 1, 3 ,5. intake put new gaskets on it. and the car is still missing. it kinda bucks, and almost sounds like it is flooding. I can't afford to spend much more on this car. would you please try to give me an idea of what it is. where is the controlled module for a 3.0? we have also read that, may be the problem. please help
my problem is the car idles good and takes rpm in park but once in gear it wont move or take rpm.
2.2 l 4cyl - 4 door. heater motor runs part time. I want to replace or clean it, but i need to know for sure where it is before i tear the whole dash out.
the flange seems to have rusted and I would like to splice it, however seems too close to the o2 sensor. Is there an easy fix?
I am asking all of this on my Mom's behalf. Her radiator is cracked and right now, she has a sealant on it which the mechanic said is a risk. How can my Mom keep the radiator from overheating? Regarding repairing/replacing the radiator,what are her options/prices? He also mentioned something about the oil pan and that running another 600.00 Any advice/info you could offer would be very much appreciated. Thanks Very Much
the window motors do not make a sound, no noise at all. They are in the up position
Bulbs and fuses are good. Jumped brake switch. Lights still will not come on.
It drives good I was thinking maybe its the motor mount or something
is telling me that due to holiday they need to call warrenty company tomorrow to see if CLAMPS are covered under select plus. He mentioned th hoses that go into heater core? I cant find "clamps" listed as a part online or in my warrenty. Does anyone know what they might be talking about?
is it better to buy a new engine? or to get a different car?
i took the old trans pan off and a plastic clip and metal clip fell out i got the plastic one back on but dont no where the littler metal one goes dose anyone have pictures of inside the pan or no how it goes back
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