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stays on all the time
It was starting just fine most of the day. While at my cousins house & I was about to leave I noticed it was starting to drag when I tryid to crank it but it did start. It did about 3 or 4 times after that. After returning home from picking my girlfriend from work, I turned off the engine & tried ro restart it, it wouldn't say anything!
The rear wiper blade does not move..It first went to wipe and then stopped in the middle of the window and never moved back to its starting postion
When turning on heater all I get is cold air no heat. My temp gauge is running normal. Don't get hot.
What could cause overheating after i changed thermostat and no leaks
I have a 2008 Kia Sportage and I noticed that I’m hearing a knocking noise upon start once the AC or heater is on
I think my starter is bad or either I have a electrical problem cause my car starts when it wants to but the radio and stuff comes on and it's not the alternator or battery cause I already replaced them both
The oil leak has been around for about 2 months. The white smoke started yesterday around noon. The smoke stopped once but then returned. I havent run the car longer than 5 min. since it started smoking. coolent is full. Topped off on engine oil. salt water smell with the smoke.
Turn the key to start, sputters and dies, hit the key and it will start on the second try, what is the problem?
The car starts rough and dies, then starts and runs rough for a few minutes befor smoothing out, only when you first start it
I don’t hear it on at all
Y does a rattle sound when I go over bumps from front of car
I have a 2005 kia sportage ex with a 2.7 liter. I noticed I has loosing power steering fluid. I took the top engine cover off noticed fluif all over the underside of cover. had someone start car and had them turn steering sharp side to side. when held approximatly 3 to 5 seconds it gushed fluid. I got an aftermarket from advanced was fine for 3 to 5 days and now is leaking again. should I get a factory replacement
AC and heater not working. The fan won't come on at all for either function.
wont go from drive to shift into park
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