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I came home, parked the car, turned off the ignition, then decided to straighten out my placement in the driveway, so put the key back in the ignition and the key wouldn't turn forward to start the car again. A bell rings but no indicators of anything. This is a rental car and has no driver's manual.
along with fixing an oil leak
DRL's will not turn off
Everytime I crank my car it begins to shake and rattle. Then it cuts off.
I am renting the Sportage and there is no manuel in the car. I've looked everywhere and don't see a release for the gas tank.
There's a knock developed suddenly. Researching it sounds like rod knock probable bad bearing. Planning to try and replace in vehicle. Not sure what I'll have to remove to get the oil pan off and access the bearings. Plan to pull spark plugs to isolate which cylinder is the culprit. Hoping it's not too difficult. Would love the specs and any other advice.
I've replaced the ABS unit master cylinder brake booster and still no brakes my calipers the Pistons will not even move inside them and slowly wheel them nothing is working
My 2006 Kia Sportage EX is losing power steering in the rain. The battery light comes on also. I’ve read this could be the Serpentine/Drive Belt and or the Drive Belt Tensioner. Someone said it could be missing the guard that shields the serpentine belt. Do these symptoms sound familiar to other Kia owners? What exactly was done to fix the problem? How much did your repair cost?
2008 Kia Sportage randomly locks and unlocks. The car whistles and locks . The car whistles and parking lights go on. Happening randomly. Car is always parked and not running. It can be in driveway and in the middle of the night I hear it whistle and then the car locks
I had canister valve and canister selinoid replaced and it's still doing it. What next
Replaced master cylinder, abs pump, and even with no tires on and car is on jack stands, the brakes will not even attempte to work, the petal feels decent at times but still always go to floor, I've bleed and bleed brakes will not work
I have Kia Sportage 2003 model petrol.
My vehicle runs fine but stops after sometime. Again after starting it runs fine for sometime and stops again. I have change the crank position sensor,fuel pump but problem still occurs. Can you help me.
Just asking for preventive maintenance. When does the timing belt need to be changed—2007 Kia sportage
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