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I have a 2005 kia sportage ex with a 2.7 liter. I noticed I has loosing power steering fluid. I took the top engine cover off noticed fluif all over the underside of cover. had someone start car and had them turn steering sharp side to side. when held approximatly 3 to 5 seconds it gushed fluid. I got an aftermarket from advanced was fine for 3 to 5 days and now is leaking again. should I get a factory replacement
AC and heater not working. The fan won't come on at all for either function.
wont go from drive to shift into park
I need to know where to go get it fix. I need to have dighostic
This is a Kia 2014 Rhondo 2 liter engine using oil and no leaks Where is it going? Have to add one quart every 300-400 miles.
Had the car at shops several times, they can't figure it out. The above lights stay lit on the dash board and I can't get a yearly sticker
I feel the vehicle is more erratic in starting when it is parked in an angle or incline
This is Kia Sportage 2013 runs perfect but parked for 4 weeks. Now battery is dead, but the car does not get jumped from another car's battaery
Car won't start. Need to replace the neutral safety switch
moved kia forward and when I backed up, got stuck, would not move at all. Will not go forward or even in neutral now. pulled off back brake drum, everything looks fine on brakes.
While driving at a slow speed the car jolts & the gas & brake pedal become completely unresponsive. After turning it off then back on they work fine.
Parked the vehicle, went to move it turned key no crank, no power windows
Checked the manual and no help.
got a jump started right up again i think i need a new battery
Has plenty of battery power, when u turn key, whether holding clutch/brake in neutral, 90% wont turn at all, tried bypassing starter by popping clutch, unsuccessful, almost seems as if kill switch from fact alarm gets stuck, preventing engine from turning., occasionally afyer using key to engage/disengage alarm several times back 2 back, it will turn but not catch to start
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