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I may need to have the brake cylinder replaced on my car. How expensive is the part?

A guide video, how to fixit

To replace the lock cylinder, you must depress a pinhole release button near the back, and then , turn the key to ACC to release the cylinder. Problem is, THE KEY WILL NOT TURN. How would one go about this task. Thanks.

How to do relearn

I replaced the ignition lock cylinder and it didn't come with a key so I had 1made at hardware st try to start car but does seconds after. Now when I go to start and then stays lit what founded to do

The security light is solid and it the gas icon lights uo, but there is gas in the car. It wont turn over. I have a regular key no chip and no keyless entry remote. ive replaced the crank sensor now no spark. what do I do . I think its anti theft system stopong car from starting.. WHAT do I do. being a female the shop will tell me more than and I will get ripped off.

Or the starter

We have had the car for years it was my grandma's but she did not receive any recalls on the car I just wondered if it had any

Need bolt size and torque value

Car starts and runs as long as I have a hot battery. I've checked for voltage at the alternator while it's running and I have nothing. Was told that it could be the security light

At first, it would only go 60 mph, then it would only drive at 40 mph, now it will not go faster than 25-30mph!

The car is leaking transmission fluid, but I've just replaced the transmission filter.

Right now I can only open the door from the outer handle. The bar is not attached inside the door. I have the door panel off. I am unable to see where the bar connects. Help!

We can not get our veh inspected due to problem with check engine light. What can we do please help we can not get veh reheated and everything is fine with engine .. We have had it looked at several times ... Please going crazy! I believe model to be sl2

was working fine, after work would not start. just a click. lights, radio, horn all work. jumping it did nothing.

Drilled out old lock cylinder and replaced with new one a few days ago when it locked up and we couldn't get it started.
After I re-keyed and installed new cylinder, it started up for me a few times before seizing up again. I removed the whole ignition housing unit and messed around with it till I could get the new cylinder out (in one piece) and figured out the mechanics causing it to seize. Now I can get it to turn over but it will not start. No code besides P0480 and no security light comes on indicating a Passlock problem. Stuck and looking for a little insight before I buy more parts. Thanks.

Car wont engage (start). Tested battery, alternator, solenoid, ignition switch, starter- all are fine. Fuel pump is irrelevant since engine can still turn regardless if that were the case. Replaced neutral switch (named clutch interlock switch according to dealership). Even with it not able to start on own my mechanic managed to get it started by pop-starting it (basically giving it enough push to force car into gear thus starting engine). Thus my conclusion. Clutch isnt engaging on its own therefore needs replaced. If anyone has any light to shed on this please inform me.

The humming noise starts either when outside temperature is warm or hot or when the car warms up and the sound comes and goes while driving. Noticed when braking the sound starts or stops. The humming is high pitched. Just recently had car checked and they thought it was caused by a hole in the muffler and had it replaced but the humming is still there. This seems to be very hard to diagnose. Hope someone has the answer.

I usually have to put antifreeze in the head gasket about every 3 weeks and whenever I would go around a turn or stop the oil light would come on. This happen for about a week. I planned on getting it look at that week. I was going home from school and it was making a terrible noise. I stopped and I tried to back up and it shut off. I tried to crank it back up and it wouldnt stay on. Once I finally got it go, It wouldnt go more than 35. It was smoking from the head gasket and I think the motor. I tried to fill it with oil and antifreeze and it still wouldnt go. I love my car. She seems like a good car. I only have 160k miles and nothing is wrong that I know of. I found another motor for $600 with 104k miles. Should I fix it?

We have had to jump it a couple times lately, which worked until today. There is power like, lights, radio, windows etc.. but now it won't even "click" turn over or anything. Nothing! I'm not sure where to start,... battery? Starter? Ignition? And is it ignition lock or switch? Please any help????

usually having to sit for a minute or two can't push gas pedal then when restarting must push gas pedal to the floor

When I am driving at night the only thing that lights up on my dash is my miles sometimes I will get the symbol for my brightlights or headlights to light up what is wrong how do I fix it