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Have 1999 Saturn SL-2 that isn't passing smog test. It's blowing blue smoke from tailpipe. What is involved with making that go away? What is worst case scenario to fix (other than replacing engine)? What all could be needed and what range would repairs cost? Smoke is not particularly visible when not being tested. Thanks
trying to get a radiator replaced on a 1998 Saturn sl2 coupe,and was wondering price range including labor
Can't find one anywhere is it on a recall our something.
Dash red light comes on - box with arrow pointing down & 2 wavy lines. Had coolant put in about a month ago & its already almost empty. Haven't seen any leaking. Someone told me it may need head gasket work done?
Does everything have to be put together
Before it will start?
It acts like I've blown a fuse or maybe not getting fuel??!!
We changed the coil pads and the spark plugs but the vehicle will not get a spark the car sounds as if it wants to stay on but it won't if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it
How long have you had this problem? 3. Days
Its happened the last 3 times I put it into reverse. A month ago my car had other symptoms my brother thought was my EGR valve. With my foot off the gas, my car was staying at 38 mph by it self. It was also sputtering when braking to a stop. Almost stalling. That symptom went away. My EGR valve has been replaced twice within a year already. My car has 170,000 miles on it approximately.
My car is really loud on the inside when starting until later when you gets warmed up after I let clutch out or driving it quiets down
My radiator fan no longer comes on automatically, but works, as I have hotwired it for now. Fuses and relay is good, and I bought a new sensor, but can not find where it goes. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
I may need to have the brake cylinder replaced on my car. How expensive is the part?
A guide video, how to fixit
To replace the lock cylinder, you must depress a pinhole release button near the back, and then , turn the key to ACC to release the cylinder. Problem is, THE KEY WILL NOT TURN. How would one go about this task. Thanks.
How to do relearn
I replaced the ignition lock cylinder and it didn't come with a key so I had 1made at hardware st try to start car but does seconds after. Now when I go to start and then stays lit what founded to do
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