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I started it up fine,went around the corner,cut it off,and when I tried too cut it back on,wouldn't start,lights, radio,everything was working,got a jump started right up,what could be the problem

When I turn my a.c. off I hear a knocking noise about 30 seconds

Just started 2 weeks ago now all the time while driving it

turn abs light off after brake pads replaced

At first i had to use starter spray to get it to start now it wo t start at all.

Only when n park.

Occurs often. I use a screw driver to move the pink part by the gear shifter to move the shifter into drive.

P0340 is the code that's popping up

When turning on the left and right turn signals, I don't get a flash on either side

2008 Avenger

2010 dodge avenger sxt

cuts out on acceleration, It jerks , can't go over 25-30 mph unless I punch the gas and jerks really hard and then takes off... It has a new water pump, timing belt, new plugs, ran really good for a week after a new coil pack then back to doing the same thing... I need help, I can't afford a new car right now, please tell me how to get this one fixed. thank you.

I just want to know what are the best brake pads for a dodge avenger sxt. and how to get airbag light go on and off?

need to check the windshield washer fuse on 2008 dodge avengerr

trying to find wiper relay 2008 dodge avenger

i need to replace the wiper relay but where is it?

Trying to find my crank shaft sensor on my 2008 dodge avenger 2.4l

The resivoir is on the passenger side. From what I could tell, the coolant was coming from the drivers side towards the front underneath the car.

If driving in tow. It doesn't over heat
On highway it over heats hv to turn hot air on to get to cool off then after that it will drive OK at 60mph

Im checking to see if my alternator. Is good

My passenger side window won't roll up from the drivers side door panel. It rolls down but not back up. Works just fine on the passenger side.

car started freaking out, abs warning light came on, started dinging, air blowing from defrost to vents, buzzing sound from radio then died. would just click once if you tried to restart it.

Just started happening. But now it's like my car keys shacky. What's the problem

Starting issues. Malfuntion light came on and engine turned. Ive had slight issues i thought it was the cold. First time it refused to start.

I have replaced the crank sincor and the cam senior still engine light stays on will turn over and try to crank at times

car starts and immediately cuts off . after several tries it no longer even tries to start.then it wont even turn over. nothing nothing.a previous problem that still exists is difficulty removing the key from the ignition

can not turn key all the way to the left and can not remove the key from the ignition

my car seems to shift or down shift kinda hard also sometimes it stays at 2000 revs at 30 to 40 miles and sometimes it goes down to 1500 or 1600 something like that what could be wrong its only got 70.000 miles 2.4 engine i heard there might be a solution i just dont know what that is

i jumped it and it started when i removed the jumper cables it lost power and turned off could it be a fuse i heard there might ba a 120 amp fuse but could not find it 2011 avenger 70,000 miles

When you press the remote buttons nothing the car seems dead like a drained battery. Is the key to blame