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2010 dodge avenger. Shifts fine when i take off but when i come to a stop it stays stuck in 1st gear. Wont shift again till car cools down. No sounds and not sgifting hard
I would be driving my car and it randomly dies while I’m driving, everything inside the car like the air, radio, lights will be on just fine but the car stops running, I’m able to turn it on again and get it out of traffic but there been a couple times where it wouldn’t start back up. When it doesn’t start back up i would wait a couple of hours to pick it up and barely make it home before it dies again... I’ve had the crank and camshaft replaced, intake valve control looked at a and cleaned and still no luck. Why is this happeneing?
We put refrigerant in it and it blows like it should for around 2 days. We used A/C Pro and was told that caused this. We aren't sure if it's a bloclage in the line that needs to be cleaned, or a blockage at the compressor
It want shift inot 3rd gear but it's a little better now that I put a new shift solenoid in it what could be my problem
I see where the water is leaking from, every time I use the A.C water is always leaking inside on the floor, what happening, will this cost major money for fixing
I’m having problems turning my key in the ignition. I don’t know the cause, although does turn after trying for sometime.
My 2010 dodge avenger rt will randomly die as I'm driving it then struggle to start back up. It looses power and will not gain speed even with the bad pedal to the floor. It will kinda surge and lunge and the rpm will bounce up and down. What could be causing this
The car cranks but wont start
Just wondering if there was in kind of recall on the HVAC system
Something, just stop working
When i turn the key I hear two clicks. I had the starter tested which was okay. I also replaced the battery. I checked the ignition wire thats attched to solanoid with a circuit tester and found there wasnt current running through that wire. I checked the wire while turning the ignition. Could that be the ignition switch possibly? So when I try and start up I hear two clicks. About i week ago it started when i would turn off my car. id get i jump then the vwhicle would kick on for a day or two then it wouldnt start up again. After about a week it wouldnt start even with a jump. Now it wont crank up at all. All lights on dash light up when i turn the key. What could be my issue at this point?
Left side of the driver floorboard is constantly soaked. I just had my heater core replaced, when I got the car back the heat works but the far left vent doesn’t blow any air at all and the floorboard is wet.
I can't go past 40 miles per hour
1997 dodge avenger. 2.7
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