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2005 Equinox - all I see is the odometer reading, how do I find trip readings? Bought car used....
My sons Equinox just staring this. When you turn the key off the tail lights and dash lights stay on. All day, all night.
Crank pulley and belt just recently replaced. crank pulley came off again. What could be causes it to keep coming off?
I start my equinox with my remote control the equinox start ok but the heating does’not working, and the heating control button in the equinox are on.
My equinox starts ,but after running about 10min, engine looses all power & stops, no warning. It smells hot but doesnt register overheated. Mech installed new ingnition switch & fuel pump relay. This did nothing, but cost $650. Please help me!! Thanks
check engine light , service stabilitrak and traction control light have been on for three years and i've taken it to several mechanics and not one of them can tell me what the issue is. So tired of putting money into this car. It's a 2008 with 84,000 miles. Had the egr valve changed not once but twice, spark plugs have been changed, sensors have been changed on the tires. And the lights still stay on. I've even taken it to the Chevy dealer. Anyone have any suggestions besides don't ever buy a Chevy?
Car was running fine yesterday but now won't start at all if you hit the key it will spin and spin but never fire
check engine lite diagnosed as dirty air system. but system checked out ok. light came back on same day. i have been told to have the computer flashed to accomodate lamps ????
Replaced the starter,negative cable harness, battery pulled and tested good, one shop said it had a draw on the battery. Another shop said the key fobs had to be reprogrammed. Dealer said it was a bad negative cable harness that they charged us $375 dollar's for got the car back from the dealer and does it again as soon as we got home
My 2011 equinox shakes at red lights and stop signs. Added something to get possible water out of gas. Drove till almost empty then filled tank with best gasoline grade. No help. Happens all the time.
It happens with both ac and heat and goes away after about 15 minutes
Knocking noise only in reverse and the car want go over 60 miles also heistates while driving
2007 Chevy equinox :My engine hot a/c off light and fans keeps coming on but haven't drove car around to even be hot. It doesnt do it everyday last time was about maybe month has 176004 milage. Fluids r good and just changed car oil. I don't know what to do and I can't afford a diagnosis to get done? Please help Thanks
Gas cap replacement tether fastening
After replacing my fuel pump twice, had problems with losing power after car heated up. Replaced MAF sensor. Next day car fails after engine has heated up again after leaving it set for 15 minutes was finally able to crank it and get it running. Drove it some more no problem. Then Sunday night it would not crank and it was smoking from the front of the engine. I'm thinking starter or solenoid. Anybody got any ideas?
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