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I cannot find the radio scan button

At times the ignition key cannot be removed. How do I remove the shifter console to to check if the shifter properly activates a switch to release the key

it ran great before. I fixed grille, ect myself. no electricity to anything

The key fob broke last week (key and Fob are now 2 pieces) However, it started and drove fine. Left it set for a week while on vacation, now it is having this the key fob the problem?

when I turn left or right I have a grinding noise and it feels I its fighting to turn

Both brake lights are new. Neither come on when brakes are applied.

almost sounds like tire is ready to fall off but isnt and what is the transaxle

When i shut off my engine' the cooling fan will stay on?

Also the tire pressure on the car shows different than the manual tire gauge

wondering if "brains" are frying in florida heat. not consistant with odd things happening, will computer plug in show problem?

The hatch back does not unlock. The electronic key does not work and manually unlocking the door does not always release the hatch back. Every once in a while the hatch will release.

I changed a sensor in camshaft. How long til check engine lite goes off?

problem occurs when the car is driven

Someone was replacing the idler tensioner pulley on my 2010 Equinox and stupidly pulled the key out of the ignition in the AC position while the battery was unhooked. My car required boosting off after having battery unhooked and reeplacing pulley. I was able to reinsert the key (still in AC position) and all the lights came on like it was going to crank but when I turned it over, nothing-just clicked. Needless to say when I turned the key back, all the way to the Off position that you would normally remove your key, the whole thing shut down. Couldnt turn the key to even try to crank it, no lights, no noise, no nothing. Please help. Do you think a new ignition and key would fix it??

car is overheating and heater does not work all the time, have changed the water pump and thermostat.

The engine is making a knocking sound as well

3 months ago I had a head gasket replacement not sure if I've heard that noise before or after install, nothing is leaking in the floor board and no water coming through vents just that spewing/hissing sound coming from the vents at all times

It has been like this for a few months and I'm trying not to bring it to the dealer and get a $700 quote. It's been a few months.

Is the camshaft acututar the same as the camshaft position?

Caliper hanging up after being replaced twice. When it's hot out it seems to be worse. Don't knpw what else to try

I rear ended someone & both my air bags deployed. Damage to front bumper (right side) cover, front right fender & radiator. I didn't have coverage for collision on mine. Wondering what I have to do on the air bags ? And how costly is it going to be ? I've have nothing but probs w/this Equanox. So wondering if it'll be cheaper to buy another car. My front end damage will cost arnd $400-600.00. Air Bags ? Thank You , TJ

just occured

This happened when I was on my way home on the freeway it was working perfectly throughout the day and it just stopped working while I was driving


What's the schedule maintenance to replace a Timing belt on a 2011 Equinox?

Vibrates when braking

The car started throwing a p0013 code so I replaced the sensors and the actuators now I keep getting the p0340 code why?

My car will start sometimes. When it doesn't start- I turn key over and it won't turn over for a bit but will start sometimes. While driving down the road the car will jerk shutter. I thought it was missing. Found out that gas is going into my crankcase in engine. If the car stops or slows clear down it will die unless I keep my foot on the gas.

Last night we attempted to drive car..couldn't get it to run..can unlock doors just can't get car to start. We've been smelling gassy odor for about a month and a half now. Car has been loud ..keep seeing airbag light pop on and off. Not sure what type cylindar it is

The following codes: P0171 and P0131