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I have a chevy equinox 2013 64 thousand miles. My A/C works fine and only used during the summer months.. How often should the Freon level be checked ?
Happens all the time after 3nine has cooled
Ok.. So this is what I have when I 1st get in and take off its all good, then after like 15 minutes. I can come to a stop and try to take off and rpms go up and car slowly moves, then after I'm at say 2500 rpms the car does fine till I have to stop and go again.. Any idea on why or how to I have a 2005 chevy equinox
The car seems to shake as if having a seizure when the car is parked or stopped. Sitting at stop lights it shakes until I start driving
It was 46 degrees outside and my heater only blew heat after I turned it up past 77
One day my favorite radio station stopped coming in and others are have static. My husband tightened the antenna and we unplugged/turned off everything that may cause interference.
I don't hear anything but the check engine light came on, the next day it went off and it's back on today.
It makes a clicking sound when I try to turn it on. The automatic locks won’t work. It try’s but it just won’t work.
My passenger side headrest wont go back
looking into buying a used 2007 Chevy equinox LS FWD.
No other issues or warning lights come on. Just drive a mile or so and starts locking up cant get it to go down the road
It started overheating December 2017
I checked the fans, replaced radiator,the thermostat,water pump,the hoses, flushed the system out more than once, replaced the overflow tank.worked fine recently it started again and the coolant is staying empty even when I top off the overflow it leaks out
What is a usual expected price on an Head Cover oil leak for a 2010 Chevy Equinox?
It make no sound has no leaks works perfect no warning lights or anything. I’m clueless
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