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I just had the exact same problem...wondering what your solution was
Can here ac cutting on and off with button but no air blows
My husband went to the store earlier today and the airbag light was not on and we left the windows down on our SVU and it rained and when he went to roll the windows up he noticed that the airbag light on the dash was on and this is the first time it has ever came on. We have left the windows down before and the airbag light has never came and now all of a sudden it is on... He doesn't want me in the SVU because of it not being safe. We called auto zone and asked them about it and they told us that it could be a bad switch or it could be a recall on the equinox because he has heard of them and told us with the light being that we could be driving down the road and hit a bump in the road and the airbags will pop out at anytime so my husband doesn't want me in it because as of right now our equinox isn't safe to be in and it's the only vehicle that we to drive so that's why I want to know if there is a recall on the airbags for the 2011 Chevy equinox because we don't have another car
My husband went to the store earlier today and the check airbag was not on and then later on today we had left the windows down and now the airbag light is on but we have left the windows down before and it has rained and the airbag light has never came on until today and I was told that there is a recall for the airbags on my 2011 Chevy equinox. I want to be able to feel safe in my own car and right now I don't with the airbag light being on and I was told by auto zone that we could be driving down the road and all we have to do is hit a bump in the road and the airbags will come out and cause us to wreck.... We have had this SVU for almost 4 years now and the airbag light has never came on the dashboard before and it is the only vehicle we have to drive its our ever day driver to go to the store and to the doctors and everywhere else and now we can't drive it because we don't feel safe enough to drive it
It just works intermittently, wondering if Freon is low?
auto runs great, no other problems.
Battery died to the point where I could not remove the key from the ignition and no lights were on. Tow truck used a jumper battery in the car started fine. But when jump battery was removed the car died immediately. I have the car at home charging the battery . If battery Needs to be replaced will dealer have to do it? Or do you think the computer is still OK? I plan on using a battery tender to change the battery if needed.
car was leaking antifreeze and overheating .. now the overheating has stopped and temp holds but antifreeze still pouring out bottom from somewhere. lines have been bleed 4 times already. water pump, thermostat, and radiator cap has been replaced. how can i fix this leak. how can i find where the leak is coming from. car starts right up, no hesitations, no smoke out tail pipe. its a 2009 chevy equinox
The clock doesn't show on the display.
Can't turn key at all in ignition
Air conditioner was working fine I went in the store came back out cranked up and none of my a/c defrost included will come on
Need heater core replaced . Looking for reputable shop.
Sounds like the muffler or catilityc converter
I just bought a 06 chevy equinox. I flushed my system due to finding out previous owner had stop a leak in actual coolant tank. I have water instead of coolant currently because i kept running through it. Now i seem to hold the water, but my car keeps overheating. After the flush, my heater stopped working. Blows cold air now. As soon as i start my car, it doesnt take long for the temp gauge to go up. Then itll eventually overheat or try to within not even 30 minutes of driving it. I replaced my thermostat. My fans work. Theres no smoke coming out of exhaust. Theres no coolant mixed with my oil. Nothing of the sort. Only thing that happens when it overheats is just bubbling in the coolant tank. I dont care what it is. But i do pray it is NOT the head gasket. :
So my car has been broke down for a month . My dad put the key into the key hole and turned it . Nothing happens wont turn over nothing. My question is my keys stuck wont come loose how to get on stick

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