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scan tool says must be pluged in as if i have no signal at dianostic port. could this be a computer problem? car runs but acts like its in limp mode.

filled with 87 octane by mistake

hot and cold stays in middle.. temp sign flickers dimly

car running above normal temp.

ac won't cool

Recently replace the camshaft position sensor and the EGR valve and the canister purge valve. My gas mileage has recently increased but code 340 keeps coming up

very loud noise

had to remove the dash and i cant find what i missed to hook up dont want to pull again unless i need to passenger side air bag not in yet so can get to alot easily

I bought this car used, in daylight, had no idea instrument lights not working, back yard mechanic worked on it, said module was bad,spliced into parking wire to half ass fix, talked to Ford service he said control module not problem, replace switch,and dimmer that where I'm at !

Someone worked on this car, I found the problem in the headlight switch, but I'm not sure on how to remove the switch any help would be appreciated, thank you

I'm not sure how the switch is removed, then naturally how it's replaced,your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you .

I tried turning the key and pulling up on the trunk no results

Tach is not working all the time?

Only happens on freeway driving

Car runs hot with no interior heat

this problem started two weeks ago.

hasent beed started in a while

after about a minute the noises go away. When starting the car again there is no sound. Despite the noises the car runs good but there is a smell inside the car and then it goes away

It's fuel injection!!! Is there a way too have it run even?when hot it's really irritating PLEASE I know how to turn a wrench don't know what to turn .

My reserve tank has a cracked in it and I need a new one.

It I hold the brake and give it gas to the rpms go up to 2000 it doesn't seem to slip and shortly it shifts into second and didn't slip through the rest of the gears. Wondering if I need to replace the filter. They just did a flush through the fluid filler. Limited funds please help...

Over heats when and heaterms still works

Dash lights out, tac, speedo and gauges , tried putting voltage on dash lights,they came on, where is that missing voltage originated from, also dimmer switch is bad, could headlamp switch be bad ?

checked under the instrument panel with no noticeable noise. checked under hood and could not find anything.

driver door wont open all the way.

Also sometimes I'll give it gas and I can feel it in my chest just like when I use the cruise control I feel the acceleration without it I don't feel it why not can anybody help me 1993 Ford Thunderbird LX 3.8 liter V6
Ps bought it for $800 runs GREAT 3rd owner 111k miles I've had it less than 2 months and i put 4k miles already I wanna make sure it stays in this condition! Only problem is the sensors!? I fill her up with gas and she says "FFS" fuel filter sensor? Or system ? Help me learn about my baby?

starter solinoid,ignition module, replaced press brakes turn key nothing, but jumper solinoid and the car starts. why?

Don't know if it's the rear seal or transmission pan gasket

need economical smog related diagnostic foa my 1992 FORD THUNDERBIRD

what my car is doing:
HARD TO START(sometimes have to hold key over for 10sec before it finally starts.
RUNS ROUGH.( punched hole thru catalytic converter.
i have replaced the o2 sensors myself, put in new plugs and wires, new maf sensor, check pcv valve myself . most recent i put in new egr valve. My car is pulling a p402 code. had someone check to make sure its opening and shutting. i read somewhere that the hoses coming off egr valve could be plugged. just not sure how to do this myself. i realize my issue could be a number of things like TPS SENSOR,KS,CPS,MAP SENSOR, FUEL INJEC DIRTY OR STICKING, CAT CON, O2, BAD PUMP(which i dont know how to check and most recently someone told me maybe its incorrect timing.
I JUST DONT KNOW WHERE TO START. YES I AM A GIRL. PLEASE HELP oh ya it does sound fuel related when lack of power going up hill. I also live on top of a hill.