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Pressure tested the complete system, the car runs at correct temp., the heater will blow hot air but then it starts blowing like the heater isn't working. i tried everything. Even thought there was an air pocket
help me
left rear turnindicator did not work, new bulb did not help, original bulb is not burned out, could it have its own fuse?
Anchor will not keep the seat belt attached
When taking off it pops slowly and popping increases with more speed . Turning left does same thing ,but stops when braking
At first my Tbird wouldn't start so I replaced the fuel filter and pump and now it barely starts and idles but as soon as I put pressure on the gas pedal it starts to make a puddering sound and I have to put the pedal to the floor and hold it there to keep it running but it don't accelerate, it's when I release the gas pedal that it starts to accelerate, all while still in park. The check engine light is on, the car is almost constantly borderline overheating, and I just need to know what I need to fix before I fix everything but the problem and keep spending unnecessary money lol. Someone please help that knows what they're doing. This is my first car and I want it to leave a good taste in my mouth for this classy car.
Problem with my 2002 T Bird is no instrument lights,applied external 12 v, lights came on Person who worked on car supposedly hooked relay to parking lights then to instrument lights, to me that was a real Rue Goldberg way to repair something, I was told to replace headlight and dimmer switch, things got much, much better, but I still feel I have problems with FEM ,where can I get this confirmed, I,d appreciate your help, thanks in advance Mr Fig
the light is constantly on
how much to diagnose and how much if there is a clock spring replacement?

Howdy, Seeking a great mechanic in Palm Springs, CA for my 2004 Thunderbird Premium. Any referrals for me? Paul
codes say 1152, 1132, 1135, po 141, 155,161, it has rough idle
started with no dash lights, FEM rebuilt by midwesttechtronics. problem solved. 4 weeks later, hard rain and water intrusion in trunk. lost power windows, locks, originally told by local ford dealer it was a relay in the trunk. picked it up and nothing worked. they then advised it was an issue with the rear elect module. had it refurbished, no change. no dtc's. i beleive it is either a power supply issue or bus issue. ford diagrams on mitchell are very vague. can not find anything that tells me which fuse, or which relay controls what circuit.
Auto lamp switch not working After installing new battery
I also replaced fuse, bulb, had to repair clock spring. Realized my instrument cluster has no lights. (got a speeding ticket) cant see at night. Is there been a fix found for this? Also just had a new conv top replaced, seat repair, and having a hard time finding replacement parts. I have a vent for airconditioner that is cracked. Ford claims part have been discontinued. ugh Feeling stressed and sad and mad.
scan tool says must be pluged in as if i have no signal at dianostic port. could this be a computer problem? car runs but acts like its in limp mode.
filled with 87 octane by mistake
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