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MY BMW 750 iL 1989 v12 e32 seems to be running hot. I just replaced the radiator 6 months ago , seemed fine , is there only one thermostat > is it in the middle of the engine center front. or how can i tell if the thermostat is going bad. should of changed it when i replaced the radiator
What seems to make the problem better or worse? longer running or at stop lights
How long have you had this problem? a couple weeks
It wont go go fiward while in drive, but will go reverse.
If it does start then it run for about 5 second then cuts off
Will drive in reverse brakes appear to be seizing up. Want excelarate
This is continued since my oil change don't know how it was related except at the suspension was stretched out when the car was lifted into the air?
the rear end just raised up 4 inches higher than the front just being parked now that has a rough ride and bouncy like I'm rolling on rocks
Codes will not clear to for the computer to reset.
the car still drives but it shifts a little rough and slow sometimes. also there is a unusual noise.
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