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I added R-134 because the A/C system was blowing cool air rather than cold air . My gauge was broken and I may have over filled the system. Now all that is blowing is engine temperature air. It’s hot inside the car even when the tempered air is off .
I have heat and/or a/c only thru a/c vents. Nothing thru vents at feet or defroster vents.
When you are driving and the car warms up it stalls and jerks, if you are at a stop sign it does the same thing
When I turn on the headlight switch, the lamps go to high beam and that is all. Also the lamps for the guages have lost power.
after replacing alternator the lights go dim when starting car?
I have heard it is a sensor. What can be done to buffer it?
Was this part of a recall?
We need to find a modulator for fuel pump
I got a new fuel pump put in my car , my car started but it eventually went dead
I've gotten the cam and crank sensors replaced. I also bought a new alternator. Its still cutting off. I was in the interstate driving about 55 and the car just shut off. I was waiting and the light and no reason the car shut off. It will crank again but I had to sit for over an hr. Please help!!
I need to know where my spark plugs are located so I can change them.
The key ignition switch will not turn to start the engine
New fuel pump and still not crank
The car want crank and was accelerating bad n shutting off
The drivers side key unlock door wont let the key unlock it but the passengers side door will, but when i do the alarm goes off and it wont stop even after i put the key into the ignition and i can start it up and drive it down the road with the lights flashing and the horn going off. How fo i make it stop and disable the alarm?
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