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When u give it gas to take off it bogs down & doesnt want to go But if I turn the car off and turn it on again it’s will work normal
It’s happened 3-4 times a day
Why do I have coolant in heater duct work at floor. Truck is 1986 D21 4 X 4 V-6
When I try to put it out of park it will not always go.
When the vehicle is started up after sitting for awhile smoke comes out exhaust
the brake line had been cut and replace with a rubber hose and clamps where it run from the rearend back to the master cylinder when i press on the brake pedal fluid come from around the house how can i fix it the easy way?
the rear brake line had been cut and a rubber hose was replace connect with clamps and it is leaking brake fluid and i want to fix it the ease way.
Turned on heat
Smelled burning plastic
Then stopped working altogether, no power to the heater at all, switched out new motor and a new resistor, checked wiring harnesses all looked ok, still nothing, also Checked fuses
Any thoughts? Help!

I turn on the key. It makes a steady clicking noise. Won't start. I have power. I don't know if it could be a relay or not
My heated steering wheel only gets warm. When I test drove the Rogue that one got hot. When I first started using it, it smelled like something was burning. Also, why does my collision light come on and stay on for a while when I start my car?
the number 5 cylinder have a intermittent misfire it don't misfire all the time seem like it do it after the engine get good hot what all i need to check to fix the problem?
Every two to three days it needs more oil it smokes like crazy right after adding oil then stops and no problem
key was lost so boyfriend busted ignition. Now car wont start what could have happened and how can I fix it
Auto Heater takes significant time to warm up, and then works only while car is in motion. When we stop at a light, or sit anywhere in idle, heater quickly changes and blows only cold air.
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