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no noise from engine
car wont start and before it officially wouldn't crank the car shut off on me at the light ....when I got home let it sit then try to start it once again it wouldn't turn over...I changed the battery, checked the full pump, check the alternator.....the crank sensor is up next on the list to be check looking for other options on what the issue may be any thing helps thank you in advance
How to be sure is is the valve, the canister or something else?? No fuel odor, no visible leaks, any problem at all just the light.. and why fails??
My understanding was that when I want to direct the airflow to the floor or other part, I need to press the appropriate Air flow button. On my 2017 Rogue, the air flow button is "always" on, and when I press the button to turn it off, it does not turn off, the light remains on. WHY? Or is that the way it was designed?
what could the problem be my car is shaking and the engine has a horrible smell wont go over 40 mph
I just hear a clicking noise when I turn the key. All the lights come on, so I don't think it's the battery. Would it have something to do with the starter?
When I drive the car in the city it last around 90 minutes and in the freeway 30 minutes before a few lights comes on.... VDC, red Hybrid light, check engine light and the car automatically changes to Hybrid mode and stays there.... So the Hybrid battery starts to drain... 2, 3 minutes later no acceleration nor power .... Car dies.... Because it didn't change to gas in order for the Hybrid battery to charge.... Do any of you guys have any clue which part is the problem?? Thanks for your help!!!
Tough to turn steering wheel, makes a whining sound
I put a new fuel pump in my 91 Nissan 4 times in the past 7 months. It runs fine for a little while. And then it starts sputtering when I accelerate. Especially up hill and then cuts off. But it idles

Does my ac need to be flushed?
The wheels on my truck feel like they are going to slip and flip my truck over. Also when I turn sometimes I hear a screeching sound.
It s coming from the back and the front. The front happens when I am just sitting idle after a drive. The back happens when I have the rear control until on for the ac/heat. And sometimes out side the car I hear a whistling sound coming from the back of the car.
It is cold for a while and then compressor chips out & doesn't come back on
But If I turn it off for maybe like 30 secs or so and turn it back on it runs again
My well-maintained 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid has 113K on it and never had any issue until three weeks ago when it started shaking - running on hybrid mode was fine but idling was rough. It was towed to an AAA-approved local shop which got codes from car at no cost to me (P1195, P0AC4, P0204, P0203, P0202, P0201,P2135,P0451, and P0300) but declined to service car due to lack of information to diagnose properly. The car at this point could not even start. It was towed a Nissan dealer from whom the car was purchased. The dealer replaced brake switch to get car started and recommended a hybrid specialist to review car - their hybrid mechanic was on leave and thus not available. The car was towed to another dealer about 20 miles away, who has the hybrid computer replaced and found multiples codes: C1259, C1310, and P0A0F, P1195, P0201, 202, 203, 204. By this time the car could start but with shake so much that idling was not possible. The dealer has performed power testing to each injectors and all tested good, but coils and fuel pressure have not been tested. Hybrid battery dropped voltage during testing - a confirmed failure that I could have it replaced under warranty. At this point I have spent close to $2000 with little progress in fixing this car. With the dealer unable to provide any assurance that a fix is imminent, I have finally decided to tow the car back home to decide what to do with it.
Periodically my car won't go into second gear. It's like it's stuck and won't accelerate (it revs up but doesn't accelerate or shift to second). I have to pull over, put it in park and then it works. I've had my transmission fluid looked at and they said it was the perfect color and not burnt at all.
Usually when one of my tires need to be filled a yellow light comes on dash board indicating what tire needs air. But this is constantly on dashboard all of a sudden. "Maintenace Tire". Does that mean they have to be rotated? I have less then 6,000 miles on my car.
My car is making a rumbling sound when I'm backing up or going really slow. I've also noticed that a belt is starting to make a slight squeal when starting. They may be unrelated. Any info is greatly appreciated.
car restarted but would not excellarate past 30mp.service light on.
I need to know if a fuel pump off a 87 nissan truck fit on a 93 Nissan truck
I was driving back from Flordia Keys pulling a trailer made it all the way back to Jax. and AC quit cooling. When I stopped for gas it cooled for about 10 minutes then quit again. Works fine around town with no trailer being pulled.
Replaced canister and solenoid under hood and on canister. Code come back as po446pd but no service eng. light. Will this pass NJ ins.
what do i need to do
The car has been parked for a while and the battery has gone dead. Due to a problem with the door handle the key will not unlock it either. Is there anyway to get the hood up in order to get the battery charged without being able to open the car door, or is the another way to get the car door open?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing at this time

How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
I have an 05 titan with 233,000 miles , I has twice failed to start, This is what happens and it happens randomly. Has a new battery (duracell). I happens when the engine is warmed up. On the first attempt to crank I will not do anything . after a few attempts starts to click under the dash in the passenger side. then after several tries it starts the click at the solenoid., after several more attempts it will start .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when the engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? few weeks,but I have only had it for a few weeks
Do not hear any thing it just started doing that
What seems to make the problem better or worse? better when cold
How long have you had this problem? three days ago
how do I get another one?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I only have one silencer left
How long have you had this problem? 5 years
It sputters and backfires really bad. I've changed out spark plugs and wires, coolant sensor, o2 sensor, IAC valve, EGR valve, MAF, distributor and rotor caps, catalytic converter, fuel pump and filter, seals on fuel injectors, timing chain, vacuum lines. I done everything I can think of and its still sputtering and backfiring. Please help me, what am I missing?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? no change hot or cold
How long have you had this problem? for a couple months
Made it home after work put the car in park. Got in it hours later and the shift moves freely but not out of park.
How long have you had this problem? Two days
I went to autozone and the code is P0101.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Just started today
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