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Can I replace the glove box light bulb in my 2011 Nissan Altima myself? I've looked at some YouTube videos (though I can't find one for my model/year Nissan), and it seems pretty tricky.

If I can't do it myself, what can I expect to pay at the dealership?

a/c works but, regular switch works, but, max air switch does not blow
I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima GLE with about 153,000 miles on it. Recently the car would randomly die (and the battery and brake light would come on). After a few minutes, they would turn off and the car would work fine. This has happened for the past week, finally last night the car died and wouldn't start again. We replaced the camshaft and the battery on the car. Now the SLIP and TCS light are on, and the car will only start when you give it gas while turning the key; which I never had to do before. Once running, it runs fine except I have no interior lights. At night, the headlights come on but no dash lights for the tachometer or speedometer. The warning lights work fine. Any ideas?
Radiator and radiator pump is new but my vehicle keeps revving on its own and it over heating any help on what can be the cause??
Everything we can think of, we have checked, everything is fine, but the xterra still runs hot
What is most likely cause of stalling
Happens all the time.the rest of clutch works.
the other day i was driving my 97 nissan r50 pathfinder home from work then all of a sudden outta the blue it stalls on me and the red come on so i pulled over n turned my ignition off i then turned the ignition red bak on n waited a few second n then tried starting it again it took 3 goes to get it started again it would sitt there n idle fine but as soon as apply pressure to the throttle the car would die it done it a half a dozen time n now its like its wants to start but aint its getting fuel coz ive chec the fuel filter its not blocked and the fuel pump is still working all the fuses n relays are fine does anyone know wat my issue might be
Change battery need to find ac relay
All happened at the aame time
twice in two months, my tire rips apart in the middle while driving
I've purchased this car in February this year have been using it fine til yesterday. Went to open the car and both fobs won't open the car so I used the key to open the car door. Put the key in the ignition and car did not budge a bit, no crank no lights no start. The driver seat can usually be pushed back with the use of the side button on driver seat when the engine is off but this time nothing also. I've not left the headlights on overnight (never do!) or anything. The car was fine when I parked it the day before. We attempted to jumpstart the car with my husbands car but the murano still did not start.
my 4x4 wont engauge but the light comes on
When I'm driving .I hit the gas my car will start bogging sometimes car will die what could it be
I just had front brakes worked on
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