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This problem just started today.

put new camshaft sensors, then crankshaft sensor was good then service engine light came on, checked code read PO744 torque converter clutch circuit intermittent. Help!

What else could be the problem

Runs fine idleing but does not won't to accelerate sounds like it's chocking out

Car runs at a high rpm while I am driving and stays that way

What can cause this and best guess on cost to fix. Thank you

Transmission will not engage. Mechanic recommends replacement of alternator and battery because it could affect performance of the transmission.

car will restart after sitting for about 2 hours

Cost to replace muffler and tailpipe 2008 Nissan altima

I changed the dash clock without disconnecting the battery first. When I clipped the wires going to the clock, I heard a "click" that seemed to come from under the string wheel. Now the clock works but ... when the car is off the power locks don't work, when I turn it on they do. Also, the clock does not keep the time in memory - it shows 1:00 when I start the car. In addition, when I start the car the A/C is off and when I turn it on, it works but the default temp setting is 75F, regardless of the last temp setting. It is almost as if all of those things are no longer receiving power from the battery, but rather the alternator only when the car is running.

First time. Truck started earlier in the day, but then wouldn't start 2 hours later

Step on gas stuters a minute then slowly acts like normal till step on to pass. Fuel pump just changed . Not sure if it is fuel pressure regulator or what . Timings going to be changed once I get funds . Cause of mileage so it water/oil since is all kit but it's gas I'm working on now. Idea to what could be . Disabled need car running

If you bypass the starter it will crank but still will not come out of park unless you manually shift it with a little push button on the shifter any clue what the problem is

How do I fix it

It just started and happen every time I drive it and return home.

Work u can't the noise when o press the wash button but water doesn't come out

It was all of a sudden no signs or symptoms came out of store and it wouldn't crank or start and is stuck on park all the lights come on when i turn the car key to accept but when i turn it to start it the lights all turn off on the dash board

what could it be?

It started on longer trips and not does it pretty much every time I drive it.

Basically I think it could be my crank shaft positioning sensor or my tps? I have more details but wont bore you with all of them right away...

A.C. Quit working , I can't find the Low side fill port to add refridgerant.

fuel pump does not come on just replaced it. prior to replacing pump I had to clean the positive post on battery, too corroded, right after that the fuel pump stopped working, replaced it still not working all fuses are good

Ac blows cold, but is making noises when parked, and stop and go driving. No noises when I'm driving in higher gears.

When MAF hooked up no start

the engine codes are both sides of o2 sensors and cat converters

It's been like this since purchased in November

poor acceleration, replaced plugs,and cat converters replaced.

When putting the car in reverse it made a clunk noise, tried a couple more times with same noise. I also noticed the 'service engine' light was on. Later in the day, didn't make the noise, however light still on.

Went to leave work couple days later, took couple attempts to get it started, when pressing gas pedal to the floor would only do about 20 mpg, after driving a little ways it finally started picking up speed.

when city driving it seams to pour black smoke if over 2000-2500rvs between gears. the exhaust gets a thick sooty build up in a very short time.Excelerating up hills or over taking it smokes excessively. it seems to lack power and was wondering if the turbo not working may be the cause as it dosent seem to get very warm at all.

Starts working after playing with buttons