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My trunk won't open using the button at the back and I need to replace a burned out breaklight. Where is the latch to manually open located?

every bump while I'm turnijg going straight its fine

I just had my brakes and radiator replaced. Bit now my car takes long to cool and it cuts off in park.

The front of the transmission is leaking severely. It just pours transmission fluid from it. The leak is on the bottom passenger side and there are no cracks. I was told it's most likely a bad gasget. How much is it going to cost to get it fixed?

Happens up hills. Once the car gets going it seems to run fairly well.

will not go into reverse

My car has aproblem in ignition key, sometimes the key is difficult to remove, do ineed to replace, or there is achance to repair

when you turn it on - nothing... it might get hot or cold if you leave it in the "on" position after awhile but no fan

changed the following
Glow plugs
blocked off egr

Because of shorting of electrical

About once a week, it takes approx 3 seconds before starting. When that happens the oil light comes on for a few seconds. The oil light comes on only while it's trying to start. It always starts eventually and runs well. The rest of the time it starts immediately.

I do not see any information in the Maintenance Manual.

I do not see it listed in the maintenance manual.

Problem only just started - 6/18/17

I have heard a thumping sound once about a month ago, but the air conditioner was working. It would only work on high. Today, I felt a little air on my feet, but other wise it doesn't blow or cool the car now.

Heated and it stop but when i driving before it get hot i cant go over 20 miles pr hour can u please help me i need my car for work

I was going to replace it and cannot located where it is. I went through owners manual and looked for it under the hood. I appreciate any help and part number.

I was driving down the road and the engine light came on

Started today

Changed the battery and alternator and now the panic alarm keeps coming on and difficult to stop. What can I do?

It keeps saying no key found & I have both key fob with me

Thanks Dave J . that's what I was thinking it could be, Drive Axle or Transmission.. Will definitely look at that... Thanks again.

I'm looking to buy this car, when moving steering wheel side to side only drivers side wheels moves, passengerside is stuck inwards, the guy said he hit a curb and he broke the axle, please help

wants to lock up, doesn't want to accelerate pas 30 or 40 miles without rattling shaking. what can it be

Pull but it will go in first but u gotta manual shift it

Purchased 1 month ago will drive but shakes while driving but when out in reverse won't move at all so can only drive forward.

I could not find a Dipstick or any mind to check the Automatic Transmission Fluid


1998 pathfinder driving and just stopped recently tuned and fuel systems cleaning completely tuned check I can hear the fuel pump priming took number one spark plug stuck a screwdriver in and I don't see any spark dumb question but think it's the ignition model under the cap ? Please help or tell me where I can find TNT thanks in advance

The tow truck driver said it maybe the alarm system enabling the car from starting but I don't have the remote! The car was purchased from an auction.