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My car recently had some work done and everything got reset but how do I bring up the time so I can see straight in front of me where the speedometer and odometer are?
the car had some work done and I'm used to seeing the time in front of me while I'm driving but now the time isn't there.
I was told 879.00 plus tax to fix my 04 BMW 325 ci. Is this reasonable price?
Always misfires on start up and the let it run a couple mins, turn it off and then back on and problem goes away. check coolant all the time and yes it does go down, not much. Have had coolant light come on but then go off if i give it leaks in parking place... have noticed white smoke and a sweet kinda smell sometimes when I start it. I DO have to add coolant and I check it all most everyday. Never have I added coolant 2 or 3 days in a row. Don't go on long trips as I am afraid of what is wrong. Blown head gasket or engine.
Read all kinds of complaints about glove box failure on convertible. I cannot open with key or fob. So? what's the best way? I'm assuming going through the back, going through the latch, break the latch? looking for a trick to getting open to replace entire mechanism .

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the heat/cool roller switch on dash puts out hot air no matter what position the roller is in. Some cool air comes out of the side vents, but warm air in center vents when roller is in cold position. I had a similar problem with my 2002 X5, but it eventually worked itself out and have not had that problem for 5 years. Is there a fix for this other than taking apart the whole dash to get to that valve unit? I have been told that is a minimum 7 hour job just to get to it.
Heard a noise when driving and the light came on?
Look for a replacement key and price
I reset my oil reset light and it stayed on 650 it did not return to the 15000. How do I make it go back to the original 15000
passenger door collects water from rain./when it pours, I find water in the door pocet.r
No matter if I drive the car one block or 20 miles, no pressure builds up in overflow reservoir. I can just take cap off easy and no steam at all.
Transmission doesn't shift 1st and 292nd gear
Car starts ok but after driving a little loses power and sometimes cuts off
does this car have one main computer/ engine computer? how much should it cost to replace?
Trunk is in correct position. Put windows down in preparation. Light flashes but no action.
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