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It explains a "Evaporative Emission System Purge Vapor Line Restricted/Blocked". Can anyone tell me what is associated with this problem. I also found out there is a recall on this model and year car a fuel module crack which it could result in a fire hazard. Is this associated with my first issue?.
The problem occurred once without warning followed by a loud thump.
I have changed the fuse for my hazards three times. I will use the turn signals maybe twice and it will blow again. Any idea where a weak spot or break in wire could be
Where is the Input/Turbine Speed Sensor located on an 2005 Ford escape
shaky when driving, feels like brakes are on and smoke was coming from front left wheel. Wheel bearing going out?
I'm looking at a 2000 ford escape to buy. The person that is selling says it has an oil leak. How much to fix something like that?
my 2002 Ford Escape has a antifreeze leak. I was not aware. I drove the car the whole day and it was fine. Later a friend of my mines used it and while driving she said it stopped 4 times but would still start back up. When she returned the car I realized it was leaking anti freeze leaving me only to think that the car was stopping because it was running hot. If this is true, is it possible that my car has engine damage?? The check engine light is not on but I don’t know if that makes a difference. Pleas help!!?
The dashboard says: regen disabled. Does not always do this. Seems to happen with a lot of stop and go traffic. When it is not showing on the dash, I'll do a system check and nothing is wrong. The car accelerates at a crawl when the regen disabled happens and the car is not being driven.
My gage is all over , full empty half 1/4 3/4 even on a full tank it goes back and forth never accurate I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit and apparently that was not the problem Because I still have the same issue , is there something else ,to look into thank you
Just purchased a used Certified 2017 Ford Escape SE AWD with 27000 miles. The fan makes a high pitch whistling sound when fan is past 3 speed. This happens when in defrost, ac or heat is turned on, whether the car is in motion or in park. Purchased the car with the understanding that Ford Dealer would fix the whistle. Picked up the car after 3 days and was told the technician could not hear it. Turned the car on in the parking lot with the sales rep and we could both still hear the sound. Sales rep brought the technician out and I showed him when it whistles. The car is still at the Ford dealer. I don't think they have a clue or they don't want to fix the issue.
It won't run any longer than a few seconds
The stereo cuts out and back in, while driving or sitting still. Everything else works properly. It acts like it just turns off, then back on. It seems to "cycle" every couple of seconds.
However, the car will respond sluggishly if I accelerate. Usually, this occurs when I'm traveling at low speed such as 25-35 mph and then step on the accelerator - the car will chug or cut out but after a bit it seems to gain speed and then everything is okay
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