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What seems to make the problem better or worse? all fluids are full
How long have you had this problem? about a week
At highway speed we feel a vibration from underneath and back end of vehicle, tires have been check and balance alignment has been made
I have a 2008 Escape same issue, I've had it to a mechanic three times and they can't figure it out! One minute items on 3/4 of a tank then a half tank then occasionally my gas light comes on when it' has a full tank
I've been told that my 2016 Ford Escape four cylinder engine vibration is normal is that true
I start my Escape and not very loud just barely hear it. When I push the brake no sound at all. However, when I release the brake holy smoke the thing whines like unbelievable. Loud higher pitch sound. Push down on the brake and it's gone again. Release the brake and yep loud. When I turn the car off and do it again the same thing all over.

This doesn't matter if I have my belt on or off it reacts the same way.
I truly hope you have some ideas I am totally lost.
Getting 12.4 at battery when started getting 12.67
I have a 2004 Ford escape 3.0 and recently replaced all gaskets, valve covers and intake manifold, plus all spark plugs. The vehicle ran fine prior to that but after all of the above it ran rough. I checked the spark plugs and found cilinder number 4 was not firing. I did not check numbers 1,2, and 3 as I would have to remove the intake again. I also noticed that the elbow attached to the intake was collapsed and cracked so I replaced that and not sure how it ran fine prior to that. It was dusk by the time I finished and noticed the catalitic converter was glowing red hot. Is this because of the unburnt fuel and what could be the causes?
The "door ajar" light, dome light, and horn alarm are going off even when the doors are all closed? In reading about the issue, I found info about the actuator, and thought this could be the problem.
on the passenger side of car
car went into deep sleep mode and hasten set 14 days without use
Accidentally put diesel in tank
I've had 2 people look at this and they can't find the reason. I have to unhook the negative battery cable to get the key out. When it's in park the little circle around the "P" disappears.
Now, to start the car, I have to press the brake pedal down really hard. What could be causing this??
How can I lower the head rest more. Do I have to sit on a pillow?
Used fuel injector cleaner and changed fuel filter. Ran very good. Now its running rough even while at full speed. It acts likes its not getting gas or needs a tune up which I have done.
im trying to put on seat covers
crank shaft sensor plug, upper and lower seals, and yet I continue to have leakage. the past year I've been daling with this problem and Ford can't fix the problem.
why? included with this issue the brakes were changed, then the master cyl went, then the ABS, then the blower. all within a 1 1/2 years. There is a problem......
can a 3.0 v-6 engine be used to replace a 2.3L 4 cylinder engine? If yes do I also replace the drive shaft and front wheel assemblies?
Just bought this used 2013 Ford Escape. Love it, but when driving a constant steady speed, it hesitates quite regularly. Doesn't die, but, you can feel the hesitations. No light appears on dash for possible diagnosis of problem.
Dead no sound. tap starter .starts right up.
May last a day may last a month. Any ideas. Also alot if static thru radio. Can only get 1 close station
The beeping sounds like a door is open.
Just bought a used 2017 escape. Had a second key made. If I can't unlock how can I find out the code to get in
I failed the emissions test cause my check engine light was on. They provided me with the trouble code p1450 that came up. I need to know what does this mean and how much will it cost to be repaired?
The brakes seem to be working fine.
Driven down road tree limb fell put a dent on top passanger real panel of escape right above window it didnt dance roof luckily just on the out side
Driving and just died. Won't start but sounds like it will, won't turn over.
when starting the car the ignition light and the fuel cap light light on permanently, the suv runs well, so far.
machine said to replace ignition coil A but not sure which one that is
When I turn my key over nothing happens. There is no noise, it doesn't even try to start. The battery is new. For the past few months before it died the open door light and the dome lights would come on while I was driving. I was can't lock my car because the alarm will go off. The only way I can get it to start is if I hold the battery wires together for 10 secs and then hook them back up. Please help.

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