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I have a 2012 Ford escape and I just replace the latch Actulator for my liftgate and now on the dash of my car it is reading liftgate glass ajar but everything is locked and shut and that light is still on even when I turn the vehicle on and it just beeps at me saying liftgate glass ajar

Could the exhaust system ie the catalytic converter be blocked when alternator quit, making the fuel in the exhaust not get burned by the engines poor spark and the fuel rich gas got burned inside the converter. Car misses at 4 rpms and sounds louder now.

Car runs fine otherwise. Just started having the problem today when I accelerated to 4,000 rpm coming up the hill to my house.

Motor has dropped dramicaly and transmission went in gear fine until

it shutters like a miss fire

When checking the transmission fluid it is below the scribe on the dip stick. Should I add any trans. fluid?

Car still running but wouldn't allow me to shift gear back to this a major problem

It sounds like a rod is knocking but it sounds like it is coming from the back valve cover

Automatic transmission slips gears and rolls a little when put in park

When advance auto parts hooked my car up to computer it gave a Bank 1 & Bank 2 Lean and I'm not sure what it keeps skipping and has no power

car runs fine, ac doesn't work, cruise doesn't engage. I checked all fuses and connections on engine. Where do I look next?

runs normal,,,no hesitation,,

Brand new 2017 Escape wouldn't start. Brake pedal hard, would not push down and would not remote start. "Deep sleep mode activated" showed up on My Ford Pass. Last time car was driven was two days ago! (I drive it regularly.) Ford said it would need to be towed in. Two nights ago when I started the car it was making a beeping sound I've never heard (this is my 3rd Escape.) Could this have anything to do with the anti-theft system? I can't find anything on Ford sites about this!

navigation is not working

Door lock is jamed

My 2004 won't shift out of Park unless you use the override switch

Replaced the starter n alltinater tried a different battery not still not

I replace Spark Plug two coil put still it code or a misfire clear error code keep back try move coil to different cylinder put misfire is still check all connect point , wire remove pcm open it up one or block has plastic like there exploring do I need to replace pcm .

Engine not changing to EV Green mode when stationary of moving at low speed?

I can hear the transmission shift to reverse when i pull it in gear and shift to neutral when pulled to neutral but when it shift to drive the car does nothing and is powerless as isnit is still in neutral gear. Please help

engine functioning in gas mode, but hybrid cut on/off not kicking in at low using more gas than usual?

Took my car in they are charging me $100.00 a hose. Am I being overcharged?

The key turns but doesnt catch, I need to have the ignition changed

2002 engine work in 2007 escape

Vehicle has 107,400 mi .. What is this and what can be done? I know what the code says but not how to check or fix it.

significant jostling.

My Escape runs poorly after it rains (lack of power and misses). I've taken it to my mechanic and no codes come up on the scanner. It is only running on 2 converters. It doesn't happen every time. If we put the car in the garage to dry it out it's fine but as soon as it gets moisture from rain or snow it starts all over again. It just had a complete tune up about a month ago. Any ideas?

Changed battery now battery light is on how do I clear it.

Coming from rear view mirror but flashesethe whole time. What do I need to do?

The cooling fan runs unless fan is unplugged or battery is disconnected.