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The passengers front tire wears evenly but gets slick with no tread very fast
05 Ford Escape anti theft lock comes on while driving and it starts jumping. It jumps and acts like its going to die. Then the anti theft lock goes off and when i get up past 45mph it starts jumping bad and the light comes back on and starts jumping again and almost shuts off. It makes no sense i have tried both keys and the battery and nothing has worked,it continues doing the same thing over and over again...Please Help!!
had a check engine light when I took it in. etest came up Evaporative Emission System Vent ControlCircuit. They replaced a corroaded wire to selinoid told me to 50 -75 miles drove 200 and 3 monitors not ready (Evaporative System,Oxygen Sensor,and Oxygen Sensor Heater) They then reset all monitors to not ready drove 100 mileswent back and the same 3 remained Not Ready They can only shrug theier shoulders and tell me to drive more (edit)
Even after driving 200 miles then shop reset all (figuring they may have froze like a computer} Then after driving another 100 miles after reset the same 3 are still not ready any suggestions ?
When i start my 2005 ford escape and its cold outside my OD (overdrive) light flashes and the car wont go in reverse but when the car warms up the OD light goes off and it goes on reverse fine with no problem
millage is 972,000. I won't get this smell inside in my car again during my drive. Whether my windows are open or shut.
The windows are up and the the fan for the heat is on when I initially start my car. Why all of the sudden is this happening ?
I put my SUV in park one day and tried to put it in drive and it wouldn't go. I turned it off and then cut it back on it would only drive in D2. I parked it over night and tried to leave the next day the same thing happened and this time it was accelerating really slow until it stopped going in the middle of the street. I tried to put it in reverse to and it still would not go. Ok it needs a spark plugs and wires and from asking around no one thinks it's the transmission. Idk what to do.
No sounds, no lights with key on, is on going
Can I put a 2005 Ford Escape engine in a 2007 Ford Escape?
i removed the battery without switch off my car after done i replaced the battery but my radio isnt responding anymore i misplaced my manual thats all help my get the code
Just happened all of the sudden.
I have had it diagnosed at 3 shops who all just replaced the coils and plugs and sent me on my way.At each shop it showed a misfire at different plugs (1 and 3...2 and 4.etc)I took it also to Auto Zone a month ago and nothing showed up on their diagnostic...but the car is getting worse again...about a half hour into driving on the highway it starts to hesitate once every few miles.The car does not excelerate with much power from a stop
2005 ford escape has a new starter go battery(12.4volts) just turns over very slow like the battery is rundown.
I got out of the car and was waiting for my inside lights to go off but they didn't
I have a 2004 Ford Escape xlt v6 engine the problem just occurred a day ago when I was leaving the doctor office i backed out but when I put it in drive it would not move forward so I check the dip stick and there was no fluid on the stick and there was transmission fluid on the ground
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