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What does it mean when the four-wheel-drive light flashes on the dash and I change the Cora pack and I still have no power it runs and idols fine what can I do
does not blow out cold air, sounds like its on but only blowing out hot air
My first attempt to leave for breakfast my car wouldn't turn over but had power to lights radio and car charger so I got a neighbor to jump me off with the supermegacharger the started when I accidentally turned my car off from there once again it would never turn over again I gave it long jumps from jumper cables as well as put a new battery and gas and car still wouldn't turn over
When I’m playing Pandora in my car it keeps skipping songs for no reason at all why does it do this
i have 157.000 miles not untl i heard the not whining but scratchy noise only when turning wheel that i was told the boots on rack n pinion are completely dry Ford told me i needed a whole new stearing gear The ford place in idabel are well known to lie and over charge ive replaced struts almost all underneath but there is a loud clunky sound comes when i hit pot holes Ilive in rural dist. roads are not good my question is does the stearing gear box also include the rack n pinion they want 1990.00 for stearing gear box im not sure if thats what i need a rack n pinion yes for sure thank you
I put my car In s on Accident and it shut off then I put it in park now it wont turn on it says to take it out of s but it's in park
Coolant light comes on and off, i add a little to the reservoir, then coolant is ejected from the overfill. This is starting to happen everyday, why?
Lach of power gears slow to change hard to accelerate.there is crescent wrench icon lit up in dashboard
Frequently need multiple attempts to get car to turn over & start. battery =12.65V. When it starts it usually starts normally but I have noticed on occasion there is a very short delay before engine turns. Also, on occasion, when it does not start, I have heard a short (one second or less) electrical hum, then nothing. I think sometimes it sounds stronger or weaker & I don't always notice it. Auto electric shop has seen it twice but can't find answer.
After getting brake job done on escape, the brake pedal went to the floor.
It just came on today on way to work
My car is a Ford Escape 2010 model. It just started making screeching noise when I engage the gear. The noise stops if on Neutral or Parking position.
Please what is the problem?
Trying to find out how do I keep the center dome light off when the doors open up.
I have taken the car to a mechanic shop to check the issue but they could not find it. They checked the alternator voltage battery voltage and all wiring associated with the alternator and everything is reading between 14.2-14.4 volts with anything that would lower voltage on max. Yesterday i found out that there is a recall on my car for the EPS. Is it possible that this is the issue for the battery light coming on and off? While i was driving the battery light came on and immediately i lost power steering and when the battery light went off the power steering worked fine. i had installed a brand new battery when i first saw the battery light and have not seen it come on since i took it to the mechanic
When my escape is parked and off, every light on the dash stays on except odometer
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