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i have a 2010 chevy cobalt 2.2L & the codes i got r P0700(TCM) P0751 & P0752 Shift solenoid A. what should i get fixed? when driving on the istate my rpms stay at 2800-3500? it feels like it doesnt shift into 4th gear. i do think 1 & 2 work, (maybe 3/maybe not 3) but def not 4th gear,

how to replace
I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe that is making loud popping noise when I start it up it sound like it coming from the passenger side of the truck up front
I went over a bump yesterday and now my fuel gauge won't work.
During recent bitter cold snap, wind chills of -25 degrees, noticed frozen puddle under right front side. Checked overflow and it was empty. Called
shop - told to add coolant/water and bring in. They repaired a hose leading to the overflow that had frozen and blown. At approx. 60,000 miles (now 123,000) we repaired a leak at the intake manifold. No problems since. However, they thought that this could also be a blown head gasket. Have had no overheating, no computer messages. Coolant/water level O.K. since hose replacement, driving it a little, 6-10 miles round trip. Took to recommended garage; they say blown head gasket estimated repair at 1400-1500. Kelly's value on this vehicle is $1,650.00 in "good" shape. Soooooooo. Are there any symptoms specific to this engine? Are there any "band aids" to keep it on the road for a few more months?

the squeaking noises doesn't seem to be coming from the belts, and it stops after the car has ran for a few mins
In a trade I received a 91 chevy Astro van that had been sitting for about a year. I don't know anything about them. The battery was no good so I replaced it and it cranked right up and ran. After a handful of starts it's stopped holding an idea. It will crank and kick over after a few long turns of the key. But it only lasts for 2 seconds before it stalls out. I've tried popping it into gear to move it a but but dies as soon as I put it into any. I can keep it running if I tap the gas every few seconds. I checked the ODB and it pulls no codes. I looked at what I guess you would consider the fuel injection and both are spray fuel into the engine. Maybe I'm about to replace the fuel filter then pump if it doesn't work. I'm trying to not put a lot of money it since I wat to get rid of it. Any thoughts are appreciated. If im going down the wrong cheak list please let me know.
Just got this car last week. 3 or 4 times turn key won't do anything. Then it'll start. Turn key on. lights come on. Dash lights. But won't turn over. Last two days been raining. So hasn't started in 2 days. Seen on another forum lots other people had same problem. But no one seem to have the answer.
number 5 cylinder have a misfire and sometime the engine service like blink the misfire is mostly at idle speed i change number 5 spark plug i put it in number 1 cylinder and i put number 1 spark plug in number 5 cylinder and the misfire is still in number 5 cylinder that didn't stop the miss when i take number 5 spark plug out it is real white on the electrode is that a sign the plug is to hot what cause the plug to look like that? this engine dose have a throttle body.
The CD player in my 2011 Chevy Impala thinks that there is a disk in the player. There was, but I ejected it. It tries to eject this ghost disk when I switch back to the CD player. Then it reads DISK ERROR.
All locks on my 2005 use to lock or unlock by driver lock switch now none work by button only by putting or taking out of gear
i am a new car enthusiast. i want to clean under the hood. i am going to clean the throttle body. i purchased corroborator cleaner. but i want to clean the whole engine under the hood... what parts need to be protected.can i rinse with water.ty
We have a 2007 Chevy Impala. When we are driving down the road the doors will relock, the lights in the dash go off and come back on and the head lights go off and come back on. It will do sometimes 2-3 times while we are driving
Now I'm not sure if it's a situation but my check engine light does not come on although it does work because I've seen it on before. But that was a different problem which has already been taken care of. The truck drives fine so it seems to me but as I was reading it says that the truck could run fine and seem like you was nothing wrong with it but the code number 12 came up which is to me odd because for some reason I thought it was going to be 13 being the O2 sensor. Anyways I was just wondering
problem with the horn on my 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 3.8 ? I have replaced the clock spring, relay, and checked the fuses .horn works when i unlock the car door locks with the key fobit will not blow when i mash the horn area on the steering wheel
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