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cruise don't work has 4 volts in brake wire
What can i do to temp fix it till to keep from loosing fluid from the rear driveshaft that fell out? If i can drive it still just using front wheel drive of the 4wheel drive or will it mess up my transmition when doing so?
Second repair and new axle still leaking
Car will go in reverse but not in drive.
JUst want to know if my fuel pump is able to be removed through my back seat?
2005 Equinox - all I see is the odometer reading, how do I find trip readings? Bought car used....
Is it thermostat OR ??? 2012 95,000 miles
My sons Equinox just staring this. When you turn the key off the tail lights and dash lights stay on. All day, all night.
When my car gets too cold I can't turn it on. Which stinks when you live in Michigan. Sometimes if I slam the drivers door just right it will turn back on. Other times nothing will turn on but usually I can still charge my phone. It's always when it's cold and I have to let it warm up and it'll start on it's own if I leave it in the ignition. Please help. I use my car for work and this has gotten ridiculous
Outside temp 30 degrees. Vehicle garage kept. Leaving for work I have my defroster and floor heat on. I notice that my air condition button shows an amber light. When i press the button it turns green. A 2nd press turns it off. What is the amber light and should I just leave it alone?
I fixed a problem and my check engine light went off. I drove my truck for approximately 30 miles and it cleared all errors from the ECM. I took it to a star station for smog and everything passed except my cat conv B1 failed due to it being the wrong part for my engine family. I drove it home and parked it. I then made an appointment with the smog referee.

11 days later I started it right up and drove it to get checked out by the referee and they authorized the cat conv B1 due to it being a valid part at time it was replaced. This part was rescinded after the replacement thus why it failed but the referee authorized it for use. yet.................

my suburban failed due to the OB computer system has not completed the emission's self checks.
Result: OBD II not ready

How can this be possible?
OBD II passed the first smog on November 9, 2017 and then failed on November 20, 2017.
I drive my car and my rpm gas, and mph want tell me anything its basically just not moving ao whats the problem it started today.
My Colorado has an evaporation cannister it was a fuel filter there..Is there another one
It will eventually turn over, after about 3-4 attempts. It makes a horrible clanking noise on the failed attempts.
It rattles pretty bad even over small bumps but as soon as I apply the slightest pressure on he brakes it stops
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