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Still shows knock sensor code engine light on any advice
My 95 chevy s 10 4.3 Z Started running really bad sometimes to the point it will shut off. The transmission stops shifting like it should when this is going on. I was told that the temp control sensor was bad. I repla...
add a bigger cam and put some 350 head on it is that possible?
What are some signs of a leaking head gasket or a blown gasket? I'm trying to fix my 08 Malibu and I need some answers.. The oil looks like chocolate on the dipstick..
Battery : Good (replaced 2 days ago) Alternator : Good Starter: Good (replaced 3 weeks ago) The car also slips 30mph-45 mph and the car does not move a inch even when in drive gear.
problem does not occur often, once a month, I do notice when I start it, it sounds like its not gonna start, but it always dashboard shows no kinda warning signs.
Leak terminates at bottom of oil filter adapter. But all mounting surfaces are flat and new gaskets. Possible leak originates in intake manifold or valve cover?
Dash gauges and radio have acted up about 5 times in last year but vehicle drove and always started fine. Last time this happened vehicle would not start back up. Had a 3 different shop including GM dealership and no ...
Looking to get inspection sticker but check engine light is on for this code P0446 as well as code P0411 secondary air injection system incorrect flow detected..would like an idea of how much to fix both of these code...
Usually when I have taken off from the lights, I accelerate and the car rev to about 4000rpm though takes really long to gain speed
When I turn the ignition off and open the door the radio and lights and dome stay on like key was in acc position tes.
i was told it was located under the motor by the starter, nope
I believe its the shift solenoid but am not getting any codes from comp. Should i replace it anyway. Thanks.
I have 183000 miles on the car. It is strong with a good engine but when I takeoff or pick up speed it jumps a little .What to do?
It has air bag suspension it sat for like 6 months,now it doesnt have the ac because it all was removed lines are still open,but the truck starts right up everytime then shuts right back off 3 seconds later
I hear the lock unlocking but gate will not open