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It starts easily in the morning.

No acelleration + noise in gear "2", ATF drained out 2 days later after sitting. Was on a 100 mile drive& 10 miles from home, I lost power in 2nd gear &wasn't able to accelerate. limped it home, parked it, & 3 days later, the transmission completely leaked out/drained onto my driveway .

Just the fan comes on until key is in ignition. Pointless to have remote start if the air doesn't come on.

Transmission is slipping not going into 3rd gear right. Can't hardly go past 40 mph or be out on highway.

The power seems to not be constant when I press on the gas. Usually happens at 2 to 3k rpms but doesn't seem to do it over 35 to 40 mph. The tac will not increase smoothly, it moves up and down as I'm trying to accelerate.

and find the right spots to push to make it stop blowing? Any ideas?

just started, parked car afterwards till solution found.

I noticed my exhaust line was be one right in front of the catalytic converter

When you turn on heat an air

Dinging, ie, earning sound...brakes are good. When I stopped, it stopped, but parking brake light still on. Was flashing when incident occurred.

no start when hot , clicks , lights but no power to starter good ignition, then starts after a few minutes, but key is not pass lock, and lately I use rmote key running to get out and get in,, click unlock after a few mins will not open with remote have to use key thinkng the security light issues will not open door at idle

Never had a problem before i was told it needs to be coded

One click not the battery

a light oil sprays out about every 10min.
under great pressure

what is it code PO105

It looks like the mechanism to open the door does not respond.

My truck seemed to drive a little funny the past few days...I drive to work ac worked fine, go to lunch nothing but hot air. Thanks in advance.

Driving down the road and I heard a loud noise then ac quit. I opened the hood and it smelled like a burnt clutch. Just wondering how many problems are out there at such low miles

This happened in a day
The car has plenty of transmission fluid
The manual gear shifts work perfectly fine
It's just when it's on Dribe (D) when the car will not move forward

It doesn't do it all the time but when it does it is really hard to push, no brakes and the it will go back to working normal again for a day or so.

Traction control light and stability light are on. Now it just up and stopped. Wife came out of work and it wouldn't start, even had someone come with a jumperbox and it still wouldn't start. Charged the battery back up to 14.3 Volts and still won't start. Loses power to the ignition when you try to start it.

was told that i had to buy the whole compressor. is this true, why cant i just replace the clutch and pulley?

Can't use key fob to open trunk cause it reads lift gate turn off

Every once in a while, engine turns over, but won't start. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine.

Will continue to start with no problem for a while, then won't start again. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine again.

No other problems.

Moves very slow to the half way mark. I filled it up and still only reads half

When this happens all the lights inside the car are on but car want start. If I turn the switch to on position and leave it a while it will start. It use to happen about once every four to five months, recently its happen four times in two weeks. The longest wait period before it would start was thirty minutes.

Runs fine on flat ground changes out but has no power going up hill won't change gears rpm keep going up used 1/4 tank of gas just to pull hill changed Cadillac converter and all map sensors and plugs

Can the Stableizer Track Sytem be disengaged

This car has been a lemon since it was purchased new but this is a new one. At low speeds where the transmission is pulling the car forward or breaking to a stop it sounds like someone is jumping on a old wooden floor. I did some looking around online and they said it sounds it could be tie rods, which would not be good. It just started recently, probably the last 4-5 days but it is consistently happening. The car also bounces much more often as well so I was thinking it would be maybe my brakes or suspension.

charged on my bill. Wondered what it serviced.