When I am driving my car has a humming noise coming from under the hood and also when I stop for a light I can can still hear the noise

Sunroof was open for a period of time, could the wiring gone bad

Will it damage the car if I drive it?

Had to get a tranmisson pump and oil pump also.


It like the car is going dead ...

sometimes when I start it up it idles rough and if given gas it acts as if it is getting way to much fuel or not enough, and continues to happen when I put it in gear; then engine light starts to blink, and can smell gas. It stops, but I am concerned and want to fix it. I like to work on my own stuff. please respond.

It putts and back fires and then dies

Can't figure out what it is. It appears to be an air hose or vacuum hose. But can't find a helpful diagram. Thanks.

The bar in the front recently broke and popped.

Happened once before in a rain storm

The motor is fried but I can't afford to replace right now. I just need to raise up.

I have to keep my foot on the brake and gas at stop lights to keep the car running.

I have replaced the partner side head light bulb with 2 New ones and still the light won't turn on, when same bulbs are tried on the driver side they work, what can I do? My a/c all of a sudden started blowing nothing but hot air. The change was one day to the next, can someone help me please?

Pouring fuel into the engine

the cleaner and got a new gas cap. my miles per gallon on gas has lowereed since i have done all that

I know the ac control panel will catch fire. My ex has had that happen,same truck except the controls were on steering wheel. I've got a toggle switch and wired it direct so I'd have some air/heat & defroster.

trying to find a header panel for a 2007 impala. not SS. but only coming up with radiator support part. Is it the same thing as I need the part that can hold the headlights in place.

I cannot fully turn off the traction control and stabilitrac on my truck. I have push the button and then pushed it and held it till the dash says they are off but still they are engaged. Is this something i need to take it in for?

Could it be tccm ? 2000 blazer

The left turn signal was no longer resolving after turns.

You have to hold signal arm in a certain position to keep the signal on.

My 1999 Metro just quit running one day. It is a 1.3L, manual trans. It has a distributorless ignition system. There is no spark. Engine turns normally, there is gas, there is compression. With the key in the on position it blows a 15A fuse. I'm pretty sure this fuse is the IG Coil fuse which powers the instrument cluster among other things. None of the lower indicator lights will work such as "Air Bag", "Brake", "Check Engine". Accessories such as radio work fine, starter engages with key in the start position. Alternator tests good, ignition switch seems fine, fuses and relays under the hood are fine, Wire from fuse to instrument cluster shows almost no resistance. Anyone have any ideas?

Where the dip stick is?

Battery is 7 years old.

What iam I doing wrong

it just got a tune up. It did it before and after tune up. temp is normal. It seems that when I let it sit for awhile. It goes back to normal until 40 miles again.

fan speed increases and it blows cold

I heard that speakers are bad but when all of them play they sound good

it happens on the express way as I am accelerating to cursing speed