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Acts like its going to start (sometimes does but misses terrible). I have 57psi fuel pressure. The only code is P0300 and battery is fully charged, with all terminals clean.
When I put the key in I hear a beeping sound... One turn and still beeps... Turn all the way to start and beep stops but I get no lights or clicks or crank... Nothing at all... I hooked a jump pack to it but that didn't help
I've had a Engine replacement back in February 2018. Ac was working fine at that time now it's not all of a sudden. Do i need more freon or the compressor is bad; really don't know.
When truck is first started the a/c works fine. After about an hour you can feel a slow decline in the air coming out of the vents to the point that there is no air flow thru any vent with the blower running on high. Shut down a/c and restart does not change condition. Shut engine off for a while and a/c works and starts the decline in air flow all over again. I have tried resyncing, checking freon level, and a new control head with no change. The system is a dual contol auto climate control system. When air flow is gone the mode switch does not work either. After resyncing everything works as it should for about the hour stated then air flow decreases as described. HELP PLEASE
I have a 96 chev pickup and when I start it up the like goes out then when I put the brake pedal it comes back on and stays on ?
I need to know were the evap purge ctrl valve ckt located on a 1999 chevrolet venture meney van
when i back up put in drive make a left it grinds an hesatites or when im at a stop an make a left turn it grinds followed by a seveier hesitation witch makes a very dangerous situation. i had both wheel hubs replaced.
When I turn the key on my Chevy Aveo it doesn't even click the battery is fully charged and I can put started because of the clutch. I clean the terminals I checked the fuses
Aftermarket Key with built in key fob was caught on shifter while moving shifter into drive.
Key with built in key fob bent in the ignition after moving shifter back to park. Removed key w/ built in key fob from ignition and inserted oem key. Key would not move from ignition off position to on or crank position. Shifter would not move from park. Shift linkage was manually disconected to put truck in neutral. Truck was moved to safety.
*All proper repair steps were taken to remove key AND ignition lock cylinder without success.*
Ignition was rotated free of ignition cover and removed with visegrips.
**New ignition lock cylinder and new ignition cover with passkey sensor were installed in accordance with GM repair procedures.**
Key would not turn to any position correctly with park lock cable installed.
Removed park lock cable from ignition cover assembly and key rotated to every position as it should under normal operation.
When in on and crank position all dash works no crank tho
I have noticed chipping of paint to my 2013 Chevy Equinox! I had taken out an extended warranty called an Auto Armour Package for an additional 1,500-2,000 dollars which specifically states will not cover chipping or peeling of paint. I have witnessed from friends having the same issue with there vehicle as well. I don't know if this is a factory default but know that I need to have it taken care of sooner than later to prevent from getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this and the process of getting it addressed? I realize that it'll be a fight but after just a few years owning the vehicle should not happen this quick. I did have a quote done at a GM dealership which totaled almost $800 which I don't feel that I should have to pay. If someone could direct me in the right direction of who to contact would be great! Thanks for your time..
front seat back is broken. I have a replacement. how do I unbolt it from the floor?
I was told a need a replacement transmission and this one is different than most
Equinox transmissions
It has only done this once and someone released a valve or something under the hood
It started off blinking off and on, now it’s completely off. Can’t see mileage, gas gauge, nothing. It’s been about 3 months now.
How do I take off take out the Ignition switch in the in in my car
And what do I do about the anti theft I dont understand how it turns itself off and on killing my car while driving
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