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Engine light came on, air conditioning stopped working
this has happened 2 times before and shop plugged a divice in under my steering wheel and reset the Trans code. What was the dive called and how much are they?????????????
I had my fuel pump and tank replaced last week due to recall now its saying the EVAP canister is bad. Does this have to do with what was replaced last week
everything from the frame back is new Hoses,calipers,brackets,and and pads
Have 2000 s 10car stalls and has a difficult crank will drive perfect for maybe thirty mines then car seems not be getting any gas.sometimes it will crank right up other times it starts after 8 tries but will putter out put feet on gas and break charges out the gate runs fine for a while then does the same thing all over again
Sometimes when I'm driving my truck down the highway it'll sometimes smother itself out like it's not getting either enough fuel or its getting to much air idk and every time I try to crank the engine I have to loosen the fuel injector I need some help
I've had the car looked at by three people they say it's fine I'm burning gas like crazy and the car drives slower then my sisters caviler the car just doesn't have the take off anymore it feels like something is clogged idk what's going on it's very frustrating
What does my slave cylinder look like in a 2004 chevy cavalier Ls. sport 2.2l and is there a video that shows the replacement of it also
the taillights work in blinker and hazard and back up lights work but no taillights when the headlights are turned kept blowing fuses so the relay was removed and put back in and when the car was not running, the taillights came on when the headlights came on....but when the car got started the taillights blew and so did the dashboard???????????/....
Won't engage at all. Just had transmission rebuilt. Worked fine until now. Transmission Mechanic said wiring connections was taped underneath. They cleaned it up and retaped?
No cold air when idling
Smelled gas seen there was a spot under car looked seems to be leaking out of a plug on bottom of gas tank
Want to know how to repair it could I weld it or
Salesman never told me Premium gas was recommended. Can I use 87 Octane ?
I'm very upset he never mention this.

I just purchased a 2017 Malibu.
I was told that a 1999 Chevy Tracker doesn't need a catalytic converter. Is this true?
Goes from normal to H and then settles back to Normal range when shift to 5th.

It does not last more than a few seconds.
noise starts around 20 miles a hr and rotates wop wop wop faster as I do. turnto left it quits. both cv axles and hub bearing in drivers side replaced. sound directly under floor board as it sounds
my navigation system would go out when I was driving and after a while it would come back on, now is on a blank screen I checked the wiring on the back of the screen and the wiring on the back of the HMI and everything seems to be on place. I was told that it might be the battery or a fuse. some times the screen goes black and then it comes back on a blank screen. I touch the screen and I can hear the beeps when you press a number or a letter.
Power windows don't work
I hear water sloshing from the mid to rear area of the truck. Not wet inside. Sounds like it's trapped in the chassis. I saw posts recommending drilling drain holes. These holes, I read, were added to later year models. I'd like to know exactly where to add them. Thank you.
Just need to know how to put the seals on a transmission cooling line 2000 chevy malibu
Driving it runs fine, until u decrease acceleration, then it stalls. Have to shut it off,and start it back up. That's when the white and blue smoke come out of the Exhaust.
I have a 09 traverse one day while driving i smelt a burning smell like melting rubber found out it was a badly burned coil replaced all coils and spark plugs still wont start diagnostic said ecm so replaced ecm at dealer they said starter did starter and crankshaft position senser tries to start but doesnt anyone know what this could be
Car will go forward just wont go in reverse
cooling fan does not come on until temperature gauge hits 240 degrees, or if I turn AC on it will cool the running temperature to 210/220 Have had radiator replaced and dealer says this is normal.
Im having the same problem now
Before this started happening. It acctually got stuck in reverse. And they changed the rubber gromitt,on the transmission ca ble on the end that connects to thge trans mission. Then within 2 weeks it now is got gear shift problems. Or it would seem..... please help. Have spent over$3500.00 on repairs
Ordered key fob is it ok to drive my 2011 Malibu without tmps not learned is there a way to do it without key fob?
My heater is on. You can hear it. But no Air is being blown out. Also. It isn't responding to the the different vents when switching from defrost to floor or face.. Like you can't hear the changing of vent positions. Any idea??
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