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I have a jeep Comanche v6 4 wheel drive automatic it has a button to change from comfort to power could it be bad and cause truck to change gears funny? It won't maintain speed without shifting. At 55 you can't barely hit gas to maintain speed but will change fine if you give it more gas or a little less. Doesn't slip or hesitate just seems to downshift even when you try to maintain a certain speed.
It starts after several tries but sometimes it doesn't even make a sound like it will turn-on. Could it be electrical and if so how much would a repair like that be?
seems like overload of fuel, hesitates but then catches up. Now is starting to back fire occationally on acceleration. Vehicle has a 4L inline 6 with 200k miles. Not driven very far but driven on a daily basis. New tuneup(plugs, wires, cap, rotor) about 2k ago, which equals about 6mo. of driving.
Affected turn signal is sluggish and labored.
New pump, no power to pump after initial prime. no electric to pump after it starts. What/where is ?trigger? to power the fuel pump after the engine starts.
Jeep is actually an 89, Starts just fine, runs till the fuel rail is empty then dies. But then starts right back up. Fuel pump primes, but won't run otherwise.

Any ideas what's wrong?
Recall 90V177000 describes the problem with my 1988 model. Engine reaces at start up. Not always but more frequently lately. Sometimes takes several attempts at re-start to get idle speed down to normal. Is dealer obligated to fix? The Recall says it's for 1990 models? How difficult is replacing the TPS sensor(s)?
I would like a fair price to repair or repace this part.
Can the fuel pump assembly be removed from the tank without removing the tank?
Seems to happen most at slow speeds under 30 going straight
Head gasket changed, water pump, 2 thermostats, now still getting hot? Cracked Head? How much for new one? Valve cover was leaking oil, do not know if this could cause the heating up, after overheat again antifreeze still looks clean and the right color no oil in antifreeze or vise versa. Lost only got hot once to boiling, fixed everything, don''t want to loose truck.
Fan will not work at any speed. Swiwch has been replaced
Rolled window down on my 89 comanche and would not roll back up, just get a clicking noise. Took door panel off but can't see how to get to the problem...behind sheet metal.Need advise,Mike
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