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2006 endeavor won't crank or turn over. It has a new battery and new fuel pump
I want to change all bulbs on the center console map light dome on my 2004 Mitsubishi endeavor how do I do that
take it down highway 75 mph and fine snow and dry or wet pavement great but when icy it's very scary to drive. have to hold steering wheel hard its so hard to control
endeavor built 10/04 that has fuel but no spark
It has no immobilizer system on it (do to build date), all fuses are good , have good reading from crank & cam sensors . it just turns over does not fire at all even if you give it a bit of gas. It has no spark . It had a hard start some times here and there but I kind of blamed it on water in the gas because it was so cold out and it went a way . after I did vale cover gaskets & intake gaskets it stared right up and then died 3 sec. later and now it does not even try to fire . I have fuel but no spark
This is my sons car I won’t be able to get to see him for 3 days. He needs to drive the car but someone tried to break into it and messed the door up where you put in the key. I want to tell him how to unhook the horn that blows when the alarm is set off so he can get to work this week he will be home sat I assume I could just cut the line that goes to the horn
timing belt got replaced. you have to press the gas pedal to get it started, then car will not stay at idle it dies out. Do you think if its couple of tooth off, it will cause this, also oil got into the spark plug on the front side. I did not check the back side.
It looks to be back behind the timeing belt. IAM having a hard time getting to it.
I took the keys out of the door and opened the car door, my headlights started flashing off and on. They eventually time out and go off. It just randomly started happening today. The battery is brand new, so he has been unpluging the battery everytime we leave it for long. Could it be a relay switch? I think is has something to do with his car alarm, because thats what alarms do when it goes off the only difference is, the car isn't making the beeping noise it normally would if the alarm was going off.
2006 mitsubishi endeavor transmission fluid is low
The steering was shaky at 60 mph now at 20 and 40 and the rear of the suv fish tails when I hit a bump or turn a curve .
I removed the fuel line from the fuel rail to check fuel supply, no fuel. I also tested the electrical connection at the fuel pump and their is no power getting to the fuel pump. I checked all fuses and they seem to be good. Any suggestions ?

I got the codes and there all p.o. code and car shacks and I replaces plugs
I had my battery charged it hold charge I installed it in my car turned my car on worked 2 times when I went to turn it on again nothing no crank not clicking sound no lights everything dead what may be the cause of that?
Can't get starter off.
this has never happen before. Will not shift into park and cannot take the key out.
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