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My car is hard to start after refueling. Doesn't matter if I fill it up or just a few gallons.

It will take a few tries for me to get it fully started. I do hear a few seconds of rr rrr rrr and then the car just dies(?) I will have to re-do this several times or like today, I pushed the key to the max and made the rr rrr rrr noise lasted a few seconds longer and the car finally started.

No check engine light is on. Though there's a PENDING P0455 Gross leak code.

The mechanic changed the purge valve and the problem still persists

They also said they have a brick underneath the tire so it doesn't move what could be wrong with it and roughly how much would it be to get fixed

When i'm driving it down the road it doesn't do that.It sounds like its coming from the drivers side of the car

also when driving at slow speeds when i take my foot off the gas to coast the truck feels like it wants to completely slow down, its loosing power.

I was driving up a hill one day and my car was startling almost kind of like jumping. I pulled over turned my car off then back on. Next thing I know I'm pushing on the gas pedal to keep moving up the hill but it wouldn't go and my car started to roll back down the hill. I had to have triple A come and tow back to my house. Could this be an issue with the transmission?

I have this Endeavor, its a fantastic vehicle and now experiencing some road noise. How do you check the wheel assemblies or what could the problem be ?

what is the price for a tune up

my service engine soon light came on while sitting idle in a parking lot. Took it to have the codes ran and the obd has no power to it to be able to get the codes checked. Is there a fuse for the obd or what can i do to fix it?

Transmissions only shit if you give it a little gas While holding the brake and aiming it into drive or reverse

It is an automatic and I can not take the key out of the ingenion?

The check engine soon light would turn on and off on its own. I changed spark plugs and air filter. Now the check engine and tlc lights turn on and stay on. What happened?

The only way to drive it is to I apply the break and gas at the same time I'm thinking is stuck tour converter Torque

It seems that when I shift into gear and into any gear it will not catch to go in drive reverse it seems to stay neutral and every once in a while before it got to this point I would shift into gear and it would take a second to catch but it runs great the transmission fluid looks fine any ideas what that could be is it the transmission going bad could it be something else??????

no lights ,no horn . nothing. gauges flicker a lil bittried changing out ignition switch. nada. at a loss have power but no distrubition of it????. started happening a lil at a time locks wouldnt work lights wierd...gauges flickering. all this after timing belt change. should have nothing to do with tgis. at a total loss

changed the battery and the starter and when u turn the key nothing there is power inside the car but it don't do anything just a click and nothing

I have just ordered a new car stereo that hasn't arrived yet. I'm curious of what a few outlets on the back do though. The video outputs, left and right audio outputs, and the CVBS input. I want to ensure when i do hook up my new stereo that i do so correctly the first time so some assistance in understanding these parts would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you

My endeavor stalled while driving. I replaced the battery, fuel pump system and crank sensor. It turns on but won't start or turn over. What else could it be? Spark plugs are good. There is nothing firing.

it starts up fine idles fine but when you go to shift into gear it kicks a little bit and dies out again does the same when you shift into any gear any suggestions as to what it might be?


Car was wrecked on left fender.busted computer box and air breather.Replaced but won't start.

The problem is on the dashboard next to the digital clock a "red key" warning light can you tell us what it means and how to correct it.

it will go in other drive, n, and reverse
but not park

And cleaned my gas tank but it still wont start

3 weeks ago check engine on. when to auto zone, and they had very hard time pulling the codes--machine read error. when to another place same thing occured and after trying three different scanners Oreailysgive me one code. It was oxygen sensor.. took to my mechanic and i guess he read his own test and informed me that it was another sensor as well. both replaced were replaced. one on 12/11/15 and the other on 12/14/15, took emission test on 12/17/2015.


unable to shift into park from reverse. this happens on most visible linkage problem