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I have replaced the ecu, maf, tos, plugs, wires, coil, cap. It idles just fine as soon as I hit the accelerator the damn thing stalls out. It's idling just fine at 800 rpms.

1994 dodge stealth 3.0 sohc
I drove my car home and shut it off. I went to start it in the morning and it acted like it was out of gas I put gas in it and it still don't start. I go to turn the key and the starter engages. It tries to start and spudders like it's gonna but I let off the starter button and it back fires. What's going on??
no grining, just wont go into 5 th gear.
middle coil is the one that works. any ideas on what else it could be?
Light came up so hard that I have to take a screwdriver and pry the plastic in the front and left side to get it there adjustments somewhere?ty
Three different dash warning lights all came on at the same time, the battery is slowly draining, and the AC suddenly stopped blowing cold air. It all happened at the same time
the car blown head gasket i used a product to fix it and it did but when driving about 30 miles it over heats do you recoment another product or do i need to change the head gasket and water pumb etc.
worked fine until put it into 4wheel drive high it went in fine .then i went to put it in 2wheel high but stayed in 4wd high finally got it to get out of 4wdhigh . now it is in neutral with 4wd high light still on . and wont wont go back too 4wheel drive or 2wheeldrive
How much does the harmonic balancer pulley need to be torqued back to after replaced?
I drive it just fine until 5th gear it will stay for a second or ttwoand pop into neutral I look under hood and it seems like the lingage is loose .

I want to hear/see what they have done to their stealths to remodel it.
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