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This started after I heard a loud pop noise and the fuel indicator moved past the full mark..and has not moved since. Also a clear but oily substance is leaking from the front of the motor..hope you can help..Thank you for your time

Guage in dash stuck on max temp. indication.

4wd will not engage

Smelled burning electrical. Windows stopped working, wipers stopped working, speedometer stopped working. Still starts, hesitating, and lights work

I replaced all plugs because it was running sluggish put on computer said #4 misfire how can I fix and what should it cost

There is a cigarette lighter and two 12v accessory sockets all fed by purple/blk wire with no power at any time, regardless of ignition switch position. Wiring diagram in Chilton and Haynes has no reference to fuse 17 (fuse tests good on ohmmeter).

Dash lights show the 4x4 is working but still in 2 wheel May be a fuse or selector switch Need to know more info

When I plug the wiring harness to the temperature sensor in the engine, the temperature gauge goes hard over right.

I lock the hubs into 4x4 push the Clutch and Brake and shift to neutral and push the buttons nothing lights up nothing happens

It will not start because it wont start

Put in new computer and bezel per mazda dealer. bought truck in December 15 with passed inspection. all bulbs replaced.

It slippes everyday, when accelerating. I have changed the filter and fluid.

leading up to the wheel locking up there was a sound like tennis shoes on a basketball court, only louder. it came constantly. now it rolls but at times slows almost to a stop

replaced radiator and it over heats

Sounds like I have run over a pot hole or hit something. Continue driving and it does it again. Is it slipping in and out of 4WD?

Hood release won't pop the hood. Pulling on the cable from under the steering column won't pop the hood. Hood is springy when pressed down, not frozen.

What's the best way to manually pop the latch?

My a/c bearing is bad. I want to by pass the a/c compressor pully. I will replace the a/c in a few months. The truck is a manual and it is stalling and making a loud noice.

Once I start in 2nd and go to drive or overdrive it shifts great but will not start off in drive and have no 1st gear

Drove truck over heating,loss of power truck stopped running ,but off I let cool off then added water truck won't start back

I have a 96 mazda b4000 i want to put a mass air sensor off a 3.0 LITER MUSTANG WILL IT WORK

Truck was going 30 in 3rd gear. Shifting into 4th the clutch "locked up" loud knock / dropping sound. engine started revving high rpm, then truck died. Does not turn over and clutch pedal is completely "limp" does not engage or have any tension to it.

Was told this by reputable service tech who did recent service. Am noticing a little dripping from steering, but nothing from pan. Steering functions well & engine oil doesn't get low (yet). Should I trust service folks or do they commonly bs on such things? Suggestions? Thx!!

I have a Mazda b4000 and it doesn't drive other then in four Low and you have to rev it real high. It can move in for high but while it's revved really high. Does this problem happen a lot with Mazda B4000s. Also it is a full world drive manual hubs and a 1996.

can drive awhile get out and try to start and wont sounds like not getting fuel.runs good but does not idle right and abs light is on when try to start door locks go up and down what awhile and it starts

can drive for a while then when you turn off and try to restart want start acts like not getting fuel let set for awhile and will start also want idle right