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the check engine light come on sometime and go back off the engine is running cool like 174%F i check for live data it show 174F the engine code is PO128.
everything else works like defroster.
The heat in my car works fine but the blower for it keeps not working. I can put it on 1,2,3,or 4 and it won’t blow but then the next day it was working again. Sometimes while it’s working it will sound like I turned it down to a 1 for about 3seconds then it will blow high again. Not sure if I need a new blower or if it’s a wire problem or what.
My transmission will only pull in first and reverse. It makes a loud clunking noise when switching from forward to first. The fluid is clean and full. It worked great until today.
My transmission will only pull in first and reverse. It makes a loud clunk when switching back and forth. When I say it pulls only in first, that is with the shifter in first, nothing happens when in second, third or drive, even if I remember the motor It worked great until this morning. It is full if fluid and the fluid looks good.
the check engine light come on sometime while driving and then it go back off the engine code is PO128 the temperture get up to about 174 when driving is that the correct number? can you send me pictures showing how to replace the thermostat?
Hearing such unusual sound from engine I got as well on screen service hybrid system with check engine light

Hope some one tell what is problem
Car model : GMC staurn 2009 hybrid
Where is the shift solenoid valve c located ? I have a p0970. Which solenoid is c and where is it located on the trans I haven’t check wiring yet is there a diagram for the harnes that plugs into the trans ? Thank you.
I sent a prior email regarding my 1997 Saturn SL1 that only has 34,000 miles on it & i am in Vancouver, Wa. & bought a home in Rio Rancho & will be down by the end of the month. I am trying to make a decision on selling the car here before moving as i know getting parts for it will get harder. I really want to keep it as it's in mint condition & very low mileage but would like to know if you can keep it serviced just beyond general maintenance????
Please respond as soon as you can....
Beverly Pine
13306 SE McGillivray Blvd.
Vancouver, Wa. 98683

I need to replace my fuse box, how can I assure that the replacement part(the fuse box that I purchase); is not damaged inside ?
Had both things done at repair shop. Still not shifting right to lower rpms. I feel I was overcharged. $4550.00 total bill. I have to take it back in, not being happy the way it runs. Vehicle has 207,000 miles.
Live in mn. Checked battery and starter which are fine. However, it takes a couple times to get car to start. Have to hold down key to turn car on. Its been cold..
i running really good went to go some where woundnt start.that night thre fan went on 1 hr stopped tried starting weird smell and check engine light/reducededlite onsart drove out of carport ok and died wont start now
It will turn over and won't run. The security light is flashing
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