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Recently bought this car used, noticed the front end of the car and steering wheel start to shake when accelerating up to 50mph, soI immediately replaced all 4 tires. Car still shakes. What's the deal??
How much cost fix when they put sugar in tank Saturn ion 2005
have had car ln shop all day they cannot clear code
As I drive my car the steering wheel squeaks as I turn the wheel to the left of the right. You only hear it inside the car not outside?
While driving the steering wheel gets stiff
Every time I start car battery light is on on my Saturn 2007 aura I see battery the light alternator replaced now what do I do???
The light blinks 6-7 times when i push the button. But no a/c comes on. Just blows hot air. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions? ?
Just wondering what would be a reasonable price for repairs. Deciding if it's worth repairing.
Just installed new battery checked relays and fuses but no crank.
2007 Saturn aura hybrid
Just need to change my spark plug
2008 Saturn Astra. Replacing the radio with another used factory original radio. What is the proper procedure and sequence for marrying the replacement radio with my car?
My air conditioning isn’t working. The A/C select button flashes three times and then shuts off. Does the sensor need to be replaced or is It going out?
Saturn Ion 2006 no warning light flashing just loud sounding. Electric power steering.
Neither key will turn completely to open my driver-side door and the trunk.
I am insert the key but it turns only slightly.
Ignition and passenger-door works ok.
I bought the car used from a non-profit and the locks were always an issue.
IDK if it is my imagination, but after I Power wash the car there may be more problems unlocking the doors. Could water get in there and cause problems? Thank you; I’m trying to avoid a big expense from a dealership.
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