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Sounds like a fan was running in engine all night. Now it will not start

My car is really loud on the inside when starting until later when you gets warmed up after I let clutch out or driving it quiets down

My radiator fan no longer comes on automatically, but works, as I have hotwired it for now. Fuses and relay is good, and I bought a new sensor, but can not find where it goes. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

It seems to be loose. If the headlights don't come on when I turn them on, if I push in on the end of the lever they'll come on. How do i change it out?

Car was running, started to sputter. Tach only went up to 2000, car stalled. Car started one last time but, now cranks over and no start.

changed my bulbs to led now i have a fast blink.

Mechanic said it was an external filter or pump? And wont require a rebuild but wants to charge $700+

what will it cost to replace my Ac compressor

AC compressor is shot

I changed the throttle body , exhaust manifold, Knox sensor, nd spark plugs

The warning chime in my Saturn will not shut off the whole time I am driving. Seatbelts are fastened, doors are closed, etc...the really odd thing is it doesn't seem to happen if it under 65 degrees outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Replaced the map sensor and both 02 sensors which were coding. It starts and runs great for 30 miles then it starts running rough like the mixture is too rich. Once I let it sit for an hour or more and cool off, it starts and runs great again. What is wrong?

The fans don't come on until you turn the heat or AC on

What seal did you replace on the 2005 Saturn for the oil leak

My Saturn SL 2002 was running perfectly, shot down to do an errand & when I tried to start it the key turned but it wouldn't start. Dashboard light won't on either. Tried push starting but didn't work. What can possibly be the problem?

I purchased a cabin air filter at Autozone that is supposed to be for a 2008 Saturn XR AWD, but when I looked behind the glove box, there is no cover that releases with latches. Instead, the "cover" is held in place with screws. Before I go to the effort of trying to pull this apart (the screws are very unhandy to take out), is there anything behind this cover?

My car always have a hard start but eventually starts and the engine vibrates when is on and on brake,

The top brake light works fine but the bottom lights don't work

I have changed my starter already and its still doing the same thing what could be wrong now

the fuel has probably varnished and won't start or run properly

Half the lights on one side of your dash went out it seems weird only half of half could it be the LE bulb??or fuse?or what!

bumped into a curb hard enough for the air bag indicator to come on but not deploy and lock the passenger seat and seat belt. The ole girl may not be worth a $1500 repair would like to free seat and belt if possible

Yellow check engine light is always on. Have taken it to the dealer a couple of times, taken it to two other places. No one seems to know what is causing it. This is my inspection month; this mystery needs to be solved ASAP.

Some troubleshooting codes generated:

Replaced the MAF sensor, that didn;t seem to help. Thanks for any help.

I brought my car in to a repair shop, told them it was making a knocking noise, also had some new tires put on. They gave the car back with the new tires on it but still making the knocking noise. The car is now back at the shop for the knocking noise and suddenly they were able to identify whats causing the knocking noise. NOw I have to pay for another alignment because the struts are being replced. Im thinking they need to eat the cost of this second alignment for not finding this issue the first time. I paid for an alignment when the tires were changed. I need to know if this a get-over. Please advise.

Replaced gas cap OEM, suggested to replace Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor. Difficulty and cost?

would a fluid flush be worth it from the bottom plug

I need to charge ac gas on it

does not make the noise when taking curves. always happens as described above.

I have a five speed automatic and when I switch into gears it seems like it doesn't want to give a lot of power

feels like vue rides against the wind, like the brakes r on constantly. tons of power just lousy gas milage