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engine light has been coming on and off. Took to repair shop, but the light was no longer on. They did say it was "slam shifting" Especially fro Reverse to drive. Not all of the time. and they also said when stopped on a hill, it is shimmying. My Volvo 2012 XC60 only has 66,000 miles.
Change the current speed from km/h to mph
Check engine light comes ... I go right to the dealer and computer error points to the #6 cylinder injector which I replace. All good - 2 weeks later the same issue. Dealer replaces #5 injector. A few weeks later the same issue - Dealer has NO idea whats happening and the error keeps pointing to the #6 cylinder injector. Car runs great otherwise and when it starts up rough in the morning - or gradually starts get rougher over a few mornings I know its gonna happen again... I really dont want to keep replacing these injectors (4 to go) as its expensive unless for sure I know that's the issue... Would you have any thoughts? I have 135k miles - all highway driving as I put on about 100 highway miles a day. As I said car seems to run great otherwise.
19k miles.....ALL 4 pirelli tires are worn on the 10k service, no visible wear was recorded......Now tires may not pass inspection ......mechanic said " no camber adjustment on this volvo.....I can not believe a $42k suv would not have adjustments for camber......
My "check engine" light was on for several days and took it to the dealership to have it checked. There were no performance problems noted. The dealership said that I needed my catalytic converter replaced and it would cost around $4000. They are checking to see if I still have a valid extended warranty. The "check engine" light remained on when I drove home but since then the "check engine" light is no longer on. Does this raise a doubt about the need for a new catalytic converter?
How do i see what my vehicle message is? I already clicked on the left tip of the blinkers. Still won't tell me what the message is. It just scrolls then goes back to the same message
You have one vehicle message. Help! This happened once before. Took it in , can't remember what they said or did.
My volvo XC60 has a remote key (keyless lock/unlock). Would it be possible to
lock the key inside of the car? (If the key is inside the car, would the remote
unlock occur when you try to open the door?
Sometimes when I turn on the infotainment screen (in the passenger headrest) the screen is pink. I have off turn it off and turn it back on. Is it going bad?
Not all the time, but sometimes the hatch makes a horrible noise when it opens, never when it closes.
My battery died. After I jumped it and got it started, the rear passenger window won't go up or down. I don' think its the regulator arm because I don't here the motor trying to turn when I hit the button. Its like there is just no power going to that one window.
What could problem be due to. This happens every time while driving especially when first getting going. Sounds like two thin metal pieces hitting each other
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