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The check tire pressure sensor has been on for several months, but every time I checked the tire pressure on the tires, they were fine. Recently, I developed a slow leak in my LF tire, so I went to get it replaced. The tire shop said that the Tire Pressure Sensor was "leaking", which I have never heard of. I wanted to have it checked by the dealer because I have a service contract that might cover it. Can a sensor "leak"? If so, can it cause the tire to wear faster, because they said that there wasn't a leak in the tire, it was worn and I bought it as a CPO from a dealer. Lastly, they said I should replace both front tires so I have the same kind of tire on the axel, I've never heard that before either, but I'm also not very knowledgeable about cars, is that accurate?
I'm looking at a salvaged 2016 Acura ILX sedan with some front damage. Ad says it needs new pins to ecu and the car will work but currently doesnt start because of it. Should I purchase? Is it an easy fix? What type of repair man can fix the car? How much would it cost?
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Im looking for something really really fast that i can street race (on legal tracks). I also want it to be a smooth ride and comfortably fit 4 people in it with a good amount of backseat room. Are there any cars out there like this that would be around $12k or less?
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