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I have a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. One owner, me. It has 97,551 miles on it. When driving, and there's stop and go traffic, it violently jerks so badly while also revving all the way up to nearly 80, then seems as though it will cut the engine off! In the meantime, making a sound as if someone has banded into the back of me. Also, when filling up the car, the gas pin either doesn't move, or it moves to full only to go back to down as if there's no gas in the tank at all! What gives? Other then these two problems, the car is in good condition. Any answers you can share with me, as well as, the approximate cost I'm looking at to make repairs, will be greatly appreciated.
Mrs. K
P.S. There's no engine light on.
noticed my fuel door will not release with switch, driver door window opens but not going full down when switch is pressed, passenger side window not working from driver window control. All problems happened at the same time
The brake light is flashing and there is a loud, extended beep when I start the car. My mechanic says it will cost $1000 to replace the ABS module. But then he also says that I don't really have to replace it if I don't mind the light and the beep. I would normally just get the problem fixed but the only thing that makes me pause is the price. What should I do?
the obdII secondary air system
just what is the secondary problems with the code not ready I drove all the drive test required but it wont set there is no error codes for this problem on board the vehicle what needs to be fixed for the secondary air problems?
My car battery was replaced in 2014, but my car battery was dead a couple of weeks ago. I took it to the dealership and they recommended to replace the battery. Yesterday, the car battery was dead again even with the new battery. I would like to get some advice about the problem as well as estimate for diagnostics costs.
Rear hatch door doesn't unlock from remote or drivers side lower door switch. Trunk light is out--bulb is good-- & rear wiper not working. All fuses in both boxes are good.
Thank You,
Does anyone know what might be wrong and the cost
Is there any way I can trouble shoot this myself? Spark plugs and ignition coil replacement seems easy, but how would I go about trying to figure out the problem?
wheneever i fill up my tank with gas or a i turn on my car the fuel gauge says the correct reading but other than that its always on empty
happens when car is idling longer that 10 minutes but no tapping noise when driving
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