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This happens on and off. Doesn't happen when driving over 40 MPH Has new trans oil and was totally flushed recently but still happens.
The car is an Impreza 2006 Automatic.Humming increases with speeds every time you drive the car. As mentioned all wheel hubs were changed but problem wasn't fixed. The car is a front drive with no rear diff and very sluggish on hills or poor in picking up speed.What could be the cause?The car doesnt have leaks and is periodically serviced for engine and gear.
As stated above, the fan switch is malfunctioning. AC works as 2 lower fan speeds but not in the 2 highest speeds. Blows cold when working and lights come on the AC button.
Stock engine internals current
91 fuel
Goal is 500-600hp
Want to know everything from how much to bore
What pistons
What rods
What crank
Any advice and on what parts should be upgraded
I am not sure if i have to do anything for the timing belt replacement. I have 120K miles now bought around 110K. Carfax shows drive belt(s) were replaced at 99K miles at a subaru location. Is this same as timing belt ?
It just happened suddenly. I didn't smell anything and the car seems to be driving fine otherwise
Engine light comes on cruise light flashes
Exhaust loud at take off through the gears
I have heard mixed things and would love to do this swap.

I have no headlights. The running lights stay on until the battery is disconnected.
Brakes were done at 58000 miles, tires replaced at 57000 miles, just had car re balanced again and it HELPED, but it is still going on. Car is at 62000 miles currently.
My front passanger axel is not connected to the tire hub at all its just banging around. I just looked today? what can happen?? Is it expensive to fix? Will the tire fall off its been a week of everydayfor a week driving about 20-25 miles
My Impreza has twice now needed to be topped off on oil about 1-2 thousand miles before the next scheduled oil change. There are no obvious leaks I can see. Is this normal?
I was told the head gaskets, timing belt, pulleys where are changed before i got my car. I have a major hydrocarbon leak in my coolant and get random overheating. I was also told that they replaced the radiator but when the connector for the upper radiator hose broke off from the radiator i question it was done since to was supposed to be not even 6 months old. I am looking to see if there is any help out there for any of this?
anybody knows where this sensor is? computer comes up with an error. thanks. DCT code 26
The noise sounds like some kind of pump.when I restart the car and shut it off the pump seems to shut off.
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