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1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westie camper. My boss had it for 5yrs and it has been sitting for the whole time. He had tried tracking down the problem to no avail for a year before the owner decided to give it up and go buy a MBenz sprinter van.
I have recently bought it from him and being as I am in California and I need to smog it to register it. We can not set the basic settings properly with the idle set where it will run(40* advanced from TDC). We are a small specialty shop and only work on 80-91 Volkswagen vans. In hopes of keeping it alive,we have spent 2 weeks off and on testing everything short of disassembly of the motor. ~I.E.~all tests in the Bentley manual on spark, timing, ECU, harness, we are baffled.The only way it will run is to feather the throttle, and after starting runs a little rough in the idle.
"Please help"....OBI~ONE.... Your our only hope....:p
When i release the clutch, at idle, after i drove a bit, there is rattling noise happening. It is not happening first start in the morning, nor after short distances. Its happening after a 15 minutes drive though and more and more. It goes from subtle to clear rattling. Its almost scary at some point. The transmission has been rebuilt by AA transaxle 2 month ago. I talked about it to theme but those guy seams to be so confident in there job that they don't hear me. they tell me its all about other places like muffler or else. Many people and a mechanic says the noise comes from the transaxle though. Its relatively easy to spot. Any insight would be welcome. Thank you very much.
The clutch pedal is stuck in the up position and does not budge. First I am trying to find out if the vanagon has a mechanical or a hydraulic clutch.
We had a rebuilt engine installed in our vanagon last December. On our first road trip of more than 100 miles we saw our gas mileage drop from 16 on old engine to 10-11 on rebuilt. Possible reasons?
there is noise only when the clutch pedal is pressed.
Cant find part listed anywhere, what is it,can I replace it& where do I find it? It acts like a valve seat. Threaded post with a cap screw which tightens to seat. im guessing... HELP!
next to the spark plug.w/cap screw. What is it? how do I fix it? Is it a valve seat mechanism of some kind?
next to the spark plug.w/cap screw. What is it? how do I fix it? Is it a valve seat mechanism of some kind?
next to the spark plug.w/cap screw. What is it? how do I fix it? Is it a valve seat mechanism of some kind?
next to the spark plug.w/cap screw. What is it? how do I fix it?
This is very intermittant, but I have been stranded numerous times while driving. the car feels odd, and begins to lurch like it is choking then eventually stalls. If I park and wait about 25 min it will usually start up. I have to really crank the ignition when that happens. Most of the time it starts right up, but then out of the blue it won't start and I have to wait 20 min and crank it. it sounds like i am running down the battery, but at the crucial moment it catches. my mechanic will only deal with it if he gets it acting out... so I'm on my own praying not to stall on the road.
Vehicle had been sitting for a few weeks. Started it up, put it in reverse, gave it some gas - felt like something was bound up - vehicle not moving??? check e-brake - off. Gradually/slowly gave it more gas - BOOM! It broke loose and now no brakes! Checked under the vehicle - no fluid on the driveway. Suspect master cylnder failed but would like some feedback from someone with more experience.
I am chasing a possible vaccum leak/air flow or fuel problem on my 1985 VW Vanagon. The problem started with some uphill sputters in second/third gear. Now when I give throttle the problem exists at certain RPM? The engine idles then seems to get to much air or a gas flow issues. I am not familiar with the digi-jet fuel injection, I realize there are a lot of sensors and lines. I have not run fuel injector cleaner through the gas, yet. I have replaced air flow meter box and S shaped boot from the throttle. There is a whistle coming from somewhere when I engage the throttle; hard to tell where but seems to come from around the throttle?? Or even somewhere on top of transaxle??? With engine noise it is difficult to tell...wish I had a doctors stethoscope. Any and all assistance is highly appreciated...thank you for your time and consideration. Mateo
I went to start it 10 minutes later & it will start but dies when I give it gas and is idling very rough. I pulled fuel line & have plenty of fuel pressure at other side of filter. I let it sit overnight with battery unhooked & it started & ran fine until I turned it off. Now it is doing it again. We love the van it is the camper special and want to get it fixed soon.
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