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Car shuts down after it gets warmed up won't start until cooled
coil pack not working
car was running and all of an sudden I lose spark plug fire
I added about a 1/2 bottle of new stuff and it worked fine But Ive never seen that in a car before I am going to flush it out Where is the plug Im assuming right underneath it?
New spark plugs and battery only and gas. Ordered a fuel pump although
Goes up and down. Car has 239k and is ready to go in for 3k oil change.
It has 165000 miles on it, it was sitting for a couple of years before I purchased it. After driving for a month it started making loud noise and stalling. took it to a local mechanic shop and they said engine is gone, has to be replaced. is it possible to trouble shoot all vital parts like transmission, water tank and everything else and restore the car so it will run without giving trouble? How much that kind of work can cost??
started right up and ran fine. now all of a sudden it just turns over and wont start. please help
It just started doing this. Earlier today it would not start in either. After about 15 minutes it started in neutral.
cruise control wont maintain speed
there is no engine noise at all, 275000 miles. the hudraulic actuator has been replaced but now it seems worse.
Car runs great but when I just let it run in garage to keep battery up, engine will run normal then reave up and go back down. Was told possible need new valve stem seals. How much would that be and at this age I would like to keep car as I only drive 1,000 miles yearly and can't afford new car. Smog guy recommended I add "Engine Repair to new oil change. Any advice? How much $$ to fix Valve stem replace. What else could it be?Seems to need radiator fluid added more often than usual and hood is very hot after short trips. Am I looking at needing new engine? am I ? What cou
Starts with some delay initially and has stalled on highway when traffic ls moving slowly or at a stop and go condition
The deferential censer is flat on the bottom or it suppost to look like the wheel censer with the little bar that go into the sprocket down inside and set on the bottom of the censer?
Would it make the abs light stay on?
when it is turn on it comes on but goes off after it reaches the set speed like seconds.
After I took my car to this Benz shop in Mesquite, TX for transmission serving, a few days later when I start the car in the cold months, it shakes vigorously and sometimes I have to start it 3 or 4 times then let it sit for about 15 minutes before I can drive it otherwise it shakes a lot then dies. However, it always easily starts up. Does the AirFlow sensor has anything to do with the temperature? I installed a new Air Flow Sensor and it seems a little better, but it still shakes and I have to still let it idle for a few minutes before driving. In the summer months it starts and run fine. Can anyone help? I dont drive it much in the winter months because it takes too long to idle up. I may just sell it.
The power steering pump or could that be a belt that is to loose,or tight?
My car only has 132,000 miles on it. I'm servicing the transmission. How many quarts of fluid do I need and what is the best fluid to use? I will also be draining the torque converter.
my 91 300E seems to run good. I am concerned about the smell of gas . I am due for smog before Mar 8 this year. I am thinking maybe a clogged fuel filter or maybe a new one? I am not to keen when it comes to anything under the hood. I am female and just turned sixty so I could sure use a little help. Thee only other problem I had with this car is the small black rubber square that holds the muffler in place was broken and had to be replaced . I do go for reg oil changes on scheduled dates. So .. any advise on the fuel smell problem
I have los the only key to my 1990 Mercedes benz 300E gas. The instructions to replace cylinder required a key. how can I replace cylinder without a key
The cruise control has also quit working. The speedometer and tachometer work just fine. any ideas as to what I can do to remedy this problem, any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
I have a good batt good charging 14.5 volts when car running.
When I start car I get a cleck With a jump car starts . Turn car off try to start just a cleck Chech batt.and it still holding 14.3.
Can you help

Thanks Ron

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