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The vehicle is a 2012 Lexus RX450h with 35,000 miles.
According to the the Warranty and Service booklet an oil change should be done on the front and rear differentials. The technician states that this vehicle does not have differentials, yet the booklet lists the differential oil change as a task to be done on this vehicle. The technician thinks the booklet is incorrect and this oil change is a typo. Is the booklet wrong?
i push the menu button for navigation and answer calls change radio to cd it stopped working my addresses doesn't come up or my i phone
my start push button has a hard time starting my car it takes a couple of time or 10-15 mins of trying, it's like my break pedal gets hard to push down to start, i have full power but does not say start, it just started happening it will also say key not detected, i just replaced the battery in the remote

my menu button stopped working as well at the same time i can not pull up navigation at all or answer calls when i hit the button
The noise is not predictable but occurs more on light braking. It sounds like a solenoid chattering from underneath the car. Could it be the ABS modulator? Last year the dealer bled the brakes and the noise disapeared for 6 months, but now the cold weather is here it has re-appeared. Some days it occurs a number of times and other days it doesn't occur at all. It seems to occur more during cold weather.
2011 Lexus R450h
just cap missing. How can I fix?
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