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When I try to start it all the lights come on correctly but all I get is a click. Then I keep turning it off and on without turning the key completely. After I do that several times real slow it eventually starts. It didn't use to do it as much when I St bought it. Now it's gotten worse. I'm not a mechanic and don't know most of the talk when it gets pass the basic parts. I would like to know if I should go straight for the starter or the ignition switch? Thanks in advance

The emergency brakes go down to the floor. How do I adjust them? I pushed on the emergency brakes 6 times and it didn't readjust them.

When i do get it out of park i have to use both hands to push the button in. It did not give no signs my engine light is not on my service light is not on and i have brake lights and it just started happening

The starter hangs up after its running ?

there is a high pitch squealing sound coming from under hood

Used to have a schematic/diagram I found on line - can't find it anymore - of 2002 Old Intrigue Smog Pump - numbered parts - detailed diagram - can anyone find it and help ? Would be grateful - do not have manual, etc.

Theirs blockage by the trunk wall.

It didn't start running bad til I ran out of gas in it bout a month ago

My car a 2000 oldsmoble intrige is over heating after i replaced the termoustate what do i do now

a couple months ago I started to notice the front was making noise, like a loud rumbling/humming.
Any ideas??

A few days ago my serpentine belt was all shredded and it popped off all of the pulleys while driving in the rain, but three days after I replaced it, it became shredded again and popped off, in the rain. + Whenever I use my air conditioner or heating, a weird noise comes from the front of the car. (I've checked the oil, the power steering fluid, they're all full). I want to know if it's the rain, or it's one of the pulleys (+ which pulley) that make it happen

3.5 w/ 200k. Can't see any other leaks but don't know

Also if I hit a bump, it REALLY fishtales.

My back blinkers work fine but my front blinkers do not, it is not the front light bulbs because I have changed them a couple times.
Could it be a burned out fuse or what??
Please help, Thank you

No air is coming from my Defrost,or A.C. I hear it click on but no air

I'm on disabled and on disability.PLEASE , PLEASE,HELP ME ..

It worked going to the store when I came out and turned it on it wouldn't come on

OK I've replaced ,my spark plugs my spark plug wires cleaned the mass air flow sensor & all the connections. After driving home and my car loss power on the freeway and shut down when I coasted into the gas station the front of my engine was on fire temp gauge got to half way and my radiator was dry all other fluid was fine though. I checked everything and replaced everything that was damaged. After it won't start I replaced the crank shaft sensor which was a pain, and had to replace my serpentine belt tensioner I've poured a little bit of gas down the air filter still nothing it getting fuel I've checked and spark to every plug. Any ideal I have less the two weeks to be out of my home and need my car I'm low income and have no where to go and have a nine yes old son

He showed me by placing a metal ball on motor and it rolled. Said right mount was out. It shakes a little but not much in stop and go traffic but great on highway.

It's a 3.8 liter 3800 series engine I took an hour-and-a-half trip away from home and on the way back it started lasting power on the freeway and I noticed the temperature gauge got up to about halfway it shut down and I coasted into a gas station where I open the hood and the front of the engine was on fire and torched my spark plug wires and that's it no other type of wires or anything else I replaced my wires and I pulled all my plugs and all my plugs are fouled besides one I replaced all those I try to start my car again and it still won't start and it doesn't sound the same as it used to I've had cooling problems with the cooling system in the past and my thermostat bleed valve was left a tiny bit open so somehow and rather my radiator completely drained in that process any ideas on why it won't start

i put a new key ignition switch in now the security light flashing

Spent over 800 dollars in shop repairs they say computer not working

I sent and wrote my problem at least 5 times

I had the manafoil gasket replaced but they let the sealer dry then the next time they just put on more gasket sealer' now it leaks more and the oil is a milky color. is my engine gone? or is there anything I can do?