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There is a repetitive snapping sound when I turn right or left. Started only when making a sharp turn but progressed to any turn
AC on passenger side blows cold air while driver side blows warm air. Worked perfectly fine last summer.
Why is only one side blowing cold air?
If I shut it off and try to start again within a short time period it takes a few times before it will go. And then a lot of times ( getting more and more frequent) when I stop at a light it kills and then won’t start again sometimes for several minutes and to get it to start from that point I have to push on the gas a bit. We just changed the fuel pump, not the filter though, but we don’t have a lot of money to put into this car. Can you please help me with some advice so we don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars before the problem is actually fixed?
I had my 2001 olds intrique taken in for a recall for ignition then I lost one key. How do I replace the key and how much will it cost?
Reservoir leaks but pump is fine, see they are sold in tandem.....looks like two clips hold res on to pump, is there any way to disassemble and replace res. without pulling the pump?
no signal lights. have hazzard lights. replaced fuse, bulbs, dimmer switch,flasher,repaired broken wires ( didnot replaced)
Back turn signals just blink super fast, but in front it lights up but stays solid.
I can get it to bleed an run right for a couple days then i have steam vapers in my radiator. Changed thermostat flushed heater core checked for leaks cant find any.dont have a clue where to start next
has dual adjustments for driver and passenger
My car has a tough idle and has very slow acceleration
my power windows were working fine then all of a sudden they will not work/shut??
The car won't start but the panel lights turn on when the key is turned to start. If I fuss with it ( move it out of park to neutral and back again or turn the key off and then on again).a little then wait for a short period of time, 15 to 20 minutes the car then starts and is fine for another extended period of time, 6 months to a year. There have been several occurrences of this annoying failure. Perhaps 6 to 8 occurrences. The service shop has set the car up to diagnose the problem but it never fails when they have the car. They are reluctant to change anything as they don't what is failing. Perhaps it is the starter is on a dead spot??
It has happenes 3 times, i don't hear nothing. I know sometimes it acts funny when i accelerate
It's a grinding noise from brakes and the steering column has felt stiff plus it's been idling low
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