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Need to replace the windshield washer reservoir but the air filter housing is in the way. I don't see an obvious way to remove it.
I changed my fuel pump n ignition cuz I had lost my keys both spare n original , does my truck need a locksmith to start my truck or wat could be wrong.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? ??same
How long have you had this problem? Since I changed everything fuel pump n ignition
lite goes off when you start vehicle comes on when you start to drive
I can pump it but it wont stay for long. No leaks on master or slave cylinder
How do I find the fuse for the wipers?
Truck runs great I travel a distance and get out go to store or so0mething and find the truck will not start, will not take a jump, will not push start. Give about 20 to 45 min and engine will start
no light is on, electrical system is new, give a little gas and its ok, when i press on the gas it gets worse. happened two days ago and is consistent.
My truck exhilarates when I put it in gear and it stay exhilarated when I take it out of gear
It cranks fine in the morning and then a long crank after I kill it for about 10-15 minutes but starts. Normally it won't start after I kill it for about 45 minutes. It eventually starts after waiting a random amount of time like 30 minutes to an hour. Would a leaking catalytic convertor or bad coil pack cause? Its not the starter relay, battery or alternator. They are all new. I'm at a loss.
Put it into gear before I start engine then it will drive like a champ
Put truck in gear before I start engine then in will take off like nothing wrong
When it gets hot I got spray starter fluid in the carburetor
looked everywhere under dash/steering column/near fuse box
What is the connector x309 for? What does it connect?
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