Mazda B2300 Questions

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Show me how I replace and parts and tools needed, for brake Master cylinder
Air flow will switch from cabin to defrost and back to cabin as I have to apply gapedal while driving and taking off, might it be a vacuum deal. A mechanic said something about bad diaphragms, upwards of 4 of them,2001 Mazda B2300.And during winter I have to keep switching vent selector back and forth while cutting fan off and on ,while driving or parked, to get the heat to kick on from cold air, hope this makes since, it's confusing to me and I have to deal with it all the time.
Fuel gauge stuck on E after I put gas in it
how to disable b2300 2008 mazda truck from starting...dont want son to drive when drunk
seems like the fuel cut off switch is not resetting
you can put it into gear but will not move feels like no clutch and there is fluid after a couple of hours like after it cools down it will work again
runs fine just need to know if it needs to be replaced
I have a Mazda B2300, runs and drives fine, starts up no problem. But recently, I was driving and my radio shut off (aftermarket radio/speakers/ the whole nine yards). I tried turning it back on and the display turns on then turns back off, after about 3 seconds. I decided to give up and try to fix it later in the day. I try to roll the windows up and neither of them budged or made noise. I tried both switches on the drivers door and the switch on the passenger. Nothing worked. But the truck still starts, puts into gear and drives no problem.
After starting the engine in my 2005 B2300 truck, I hear a series of chimes. About 5 chimes in a series of 5 times. Once it's over it doesn't happen again until I restart the truck. The miles on the truck are at 144,000. Could these chimes be an indicator that something needs attention due to mileage? I don't have a manual to the truck or I'm sure the answer could be in it.
Need to replace the windshield washer reservoir but the air filter housing is in the way. I don't see an obvious way to remove it.
I changed my fuel pump n ignition cuz I had lost my keys both spare n original , does my truck need a locksmith to start my truck or wat could be wrong.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? ??same
How long have you had this problem? Since I changed everything fuel pump n ignition
lite goes off when you start vehicle comes on when you start to drive
I can pump it but it wont stay for long. No leaks on master or slave cylinder
How do I find the fuse for the wipers?
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