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idle fluctuates cold or warm, car stalls but starts again.replaced the IAC,TPS,plugs fuel regulator,egr found a vacuum leak on the fuel regulator vacuum line...fixed that and still stalls.but idle fluctuates..checked the diagnostic connector and only found 2 wires..A and M..i am at a loss right now...
(1998 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Liter V6) I want to purchase a new beam for underneath my radiator but i'm not sure what the beam is called. it sits below my radiator and and the radiator and AC condenser rests on it.
How to fix an axillary port in a 2001 Chevy Lumina
Specifically the one behind the serpentine belt and can I replace it without the $500 mechanic time? Can I put some JB weld in there if it's rusted through? Or some other fix?
I'm very curious exactly where it is. Because it's quite hard to see
The handle to turn on the wipers is in a lock status & the signal lights do not turn off automatically shut off after completing a left or right turn
Next time cranks and runs good. If security light is on and fuel guage on full will not run. Once it clicks off full and light goes off cranks and runs good.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing I've noticed
How long have you had this problem? Months and months started out only tool a minute for it guage/light to go off. Now it can take hours.
I changed the fuse last night and they are blown again, i know my light on the left was blinking alot faster the day of and be for. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?
Replaced the fuel pressure regulator and now the car is still hard to start and won't stay running. Need to do a idol ecu ready learn
A few weeks ago while climbing a steep hill @~50-55 mph under a heavy rainstorm a sudden train of pushes were felt & speed came down to ~35 mph. The symptoms repeated at a second hill right after the first one. It has also happened in flat roads after that. After checking the codes it says: P0507. Have tried at the internet but the code-vehicle combination has elluded me; all I find is another problem in the vehicle or the problem at another vehicle.
How to proceed from here would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I'm not a mechanic but have worked as an Electronic Tech., also many years ago repaired my 20R engine from a Celica-1978.
Okay I was driving and I notice that my van didn't have oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a real sign of damage? Or can I put oil in it and still be able to drive it after the fact.
Okay I was driving and I notice that I didn't have any oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a sign of real damage? Or can I put oil in it and be able to drive it after the fact.what can I do.
Just did head gasket and cleaned absolutely everything spotless. Now car runs crappy and bogs out when the heater motor is turned off. Yes off. And throws a cam sensor code. What would cause this? Bad pcm??
It Idles little high and while sitting at a stoplight the Idle goes low and lower and then engine turns off.
My turn signals don't work unless I hold the lever up or passenger side and down and push forward or drivers side, The mechanic wants to chage $120 or labor to put the new switch in, is that an appropriate amount to charge?
It was making a rattling noise. I added tranny fluid. Noise disappeared, now car wont shift out of 1st gear or into reverse.
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