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I replace a part that the code said driver 3 line five but check engine light is still on
It starts sometimes but other times it won't turn over
I put it in thermostat and I replaced a new thermostat and a new temperature control and my car is still overheating in the thermostat is not opening
Still over heating
The car is creating a creaking metal sound which is the sub-frame mount is completely rotted away and there are no specific video of explanation for the Chevy Lumina. The front is what needs to be replaced and I'm not sure how many bushing mounts I should buy. I've done a bit of research so I understand the basics but every car is different. Any tips or something specific I need to know?
I think it overheated because I was doing a lot of driving that day it was slipping on hills an when I would make a turn it felt like the axles weren't grabbing sort of shuddering the fluid is burnt and brownish when I checked it sounded like pressure in the thermostat idk if that would affect it if it was stuck open or closed. The fluid also seemed a little high I added a quart after I did an axle swap
When I turn on my car and the AC is turned to off it will blow like it is on the first strength. I have control over tempature and what vents it blows through but no matter what I try it won’t stop blowing.
It looks like you have to take half the motor off to take the battery out. Is there an easy way that I am not seeing?
Had some moisture in sockets and outer surface. Original bulbs appeared ok but replaced them anyway and removed all moisture.
Any suggestions?
The transmission hasn't slipped at all. It just stopped all at once. But after it sits for a few it will drive.
Has good spark, plenty of fuel, fuel pump is working. When it does start after grounding the injector it runs like a top. I ground #6 because it is accessable.
what is the approximate labor cost to replace 1999 6cyl lumina engine?
end of vacuum tubing opposite of pcv valve was removed. where does the opposite end belong?
idle fluctuates cold or warm, car stalls but starts again.replaced the IAC,TPS,plugs fuel regulator,egr found a vacuum leak on the fuel regulator vacuum line...fixed that and still stalls.but idle fluctuates..checked the diagnostic connector and only found 2 wires..A and M..i am at a loss right now...
(1998 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Liter V6) I want to purchase a new beam for underneath my radiator but i'm not sure what the beam is called. it sits below my radiator and and the radiator and AC condenser rests on it.
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