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The car goes down on the passenger side and wouldn’t come up
Ruff idle and run, no particular code revealed except an O2 sensor code. Timing appears to have jumped in the past but was reset. Plugs and coils all replaced OEM. Valve coverages replaced.
Cause of the auxiliary water pump failing
Every time I’m driving the car
The engine does nothing. The towing guy had to manually put the transmission in DRIVE to tow it on his truck. I had a local repair shop to change some hoses and when I tried to drive it home , it just cut off. I had enough momentum to pull on the side of the rode. It has not crank since.
When i back up my sensors dont work
I think its my oil pressure control valve
When I push the call button I can't hear the voice commands,or the navigation voice.
Controller knob will select through all functions but every time I select a function the Control Display defaults to a navigational screen. The satellite radio stays on only one channel. Is there some trick to reset this system without having to take it to a dealer, or is this a component failure?
I have 95K miles on my recently purchased 550i. The car is very sound & no problems. High mileage will result in future repairs. I already had to change daylight lamps with corroded cables.

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