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I think its my oil pressure control valve

When I push the call button I can't hear the voice commands,or the navigation voice.

Controller knob will select through all functions but every time I select a function the Control Display defaults to a navigational screen. The satellite radio stays on only one channel. Is there some trick to reset this system without having to take it to a dealer, or is this a component failure?

I have 95K miles on my recently purchased 550i. The car is very sound & no problems. High mileage will result in future repairs. I already had to change daylight lamps with corroded cables.

Just preparing for upcoming repairs that may be covered by the x warranty.

Valve seals reported as bad and needing replacement by local dealership. Told $6000 to repair. Alternative costs and repair Locations?

master cylinder and booster were replaced and brakes bled, car drives about 3-4 miles and then the brakes start to slowly apply until they lock up, turn car off for 2 minutes and brakes reset/let go and car can drive for 3-4 miles until same problem occurs.

I bought a 2006 bmw 550i and its saying (tranny malfunction) and its in safe mode. for me to put the car in drive I have to use the shift lock method and when I do that the car jerks forward if in drive and jerks back if its put in reverse. will that be the reason why ? or is it just the tranny is going ?

the common response is the valve guides, a known problem. However, it does not burn upon starting, even when revved, it does not burn when accelerating, even when really pushing it. It will, start burning when the engine is warm and when it has been idling for at least 3 minutes. Then, big plume of blue smoke, which goes away after accelerating. And yes, the car has 101,000 miles. Oh, just got the oil changed and only added a half a quart between changes....about 8000 miles. Any ideas?

Have received two messages and are being told it is due to sun shining directly into front windshield camera. 1st time it was apx 95 degrees out. Took it in for inspection. Next time it was apx 72 degrees and received 2nd message was at 6:55pm and followed the collision message with "Daytime Pedestrian Warning limited." ???? Check visibility. See Owner's Manual. Purchased the car with less than 700 miles on it from the dealer. Was assured it has never been in an accident. It is beyond what I can imagine, that this should be accepted as normal. How would I know if there really was a problem with a front collision failure? Or pedestrians? Or?

i just found out that my valve guides seals are leaking on my 2007 bmw 550i, will cost $11000 to fix. help!!

We fix a small pin hole in water resevoir tank. The person broke the stem of inside resevoir. Will that make the info. light stay on. All we did was fix hole and filled it back up with water. Please help!

Smoke from exhaust pipe can be quite large, have to step away from vehicle. It happens at random times, not just at start up, but even after been driving for hours or while sitting at stop signs. I've spent hundreds $$. Can't seem to find problem. Where to take in Santa Barbara area? Thanks for suggestions.

left front parking lamp malfunction. How do i replace?

The problem

why does my transmission seem to shift gears fast


BMW 550 2007 62000miles. transmission can't choose the gear between first and second when i try smooth start. it's either like a senior driver or super sports- imposible to start moving in mid range rpm's

from time to time when driving up a hill, right after starting the car, it will make a noise that is a rough sound. it has always stopped but now I learn I have a minor oil leak. can this be serious?

Car bought new in dec 2006....2006 automatic bmw 550i.
From the beginning the car made a grinding noise when driven from a cold start when speed was 35 to 40 km per hour. The transmission settles into fourth gear at this speed. The grinding noise disappears after 20 minutes of driving. The sound is much worse when driving up an incline at the same speed...namely 35 to 40 km per hour. If I switch to manual mode of transmission the car cannot be shifted manually into fourth gear at the above speed. The transmission merely reverts to third gear.
This problem has stayed stable since I bought the worsening nor improving.
I was told by employees at the dealer(who were not supposed to divulge any information)that recalls were issued for this problem and that only some of the 550i's built between Jan and Mar 2006 had this transmission problem....the first 550i's were built in the above three month period which is when the 550i's were first introduced for sale to the general public. Allegedly the cars on the recall list were fitted with new transmissions.
Is there any way that I can find out if my car's serial number was on this list? My dealer refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, merely replying that this noise is normal for 550i's built in this three month period!
I am awfully frustrated.

Irwin Rodier

l lost the lock to replace the tire and l need what's the size or number of the lock

Does the Service Computer automatically reset when a service is done?