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I have had a recent oil change all of my fluid levels are good. The light will not go off. How do I reset it?
I just installed a used transmission. I put it in drive, and it seemed to work, but when it shifted out of first it was like it went into neutral. I shut it off, and tried again, same thing happened.
Just replaced water pump and alternator. Oil light on but full of oil. Grey smoke from hood. Help! I spent $650 for fixing the above.
Light comes on after driving, pull into driveway coming to a stop. Light comes on then goes right off. It's happened last two times driving. This is new. Thank you for your help
Company called Henderson glasses windshield and driver side window is not leaking yet water on floor
I have looked up and found that my van has a manufacturer problem with the instrument cluster circuit board ( cold solder joints ) This should have been found by the .. Quality control department and never placed into all of the vehicles that I have seen reporting the same problems that I am having . We should not now nor in the future have to pay for repairs . furthermore these problems are very dangerous and may become life threatening . Therefore I feel this item should be put on your recall list . I need mine replaced .. Thank you very much
Sounds like an aluminum bat rolling around in the trunk whenever I take off from stop signs or go around curves. Coming from rear drivers side. Shocks have been changed.
The problem doesnt occur at all when cold but once it warms up it does! And the other day I had check engine light for evap leak but then check engine light went away. Plz help. 1997 plymouth breeze. 2.0 liter. 5 speed
Tail lights and dash lights went out fuse is intact I can't find a solution to this problem
is there a separate relay for each signal? can the bulb sockets go bad?
Backfiring and no power at the pedal through the intake
1997 plymouth breeze want go over 30 mph
When I replace crankshaft sensor with replacement it fails after a short time, I then put the original back in which works for a time then fails again,I then switch it with the previous one and so on and so on
It cranks over but will not start.
while driving and the gas light comes on and goes off
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