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Idiot light says that my battery is locked.
How do I unlock it, so it will charge up..
I went in the suv with out turning the alarm off.
Stereo is not locked.
Car only takes a second to jumpstart.
It keeps saying BATTERY LOCKED..
The dealer we bought it from told us now, that the calibers in the turbo are not right. This is only in the Encore and they have said there's nothing they can do and that using higher octane gas might, might solve the problem. We did not buy a new car to have this and not be told about it. Were told by the Asst. Manage in the service dept. that the Engineers don't know how to fix this either(as far as he knows) We feel that we were lied to from day one because of this. we like the car, but when it's hot and you press on the gas and nothing really happens, and the only way to "get going" is to punch it, and use more gas is not a good thing. Plus the AC has a mind of it's own, it will lower the fan speed from high to mid range on it's own or just cut off altogether. Suggestions?
I have had to add air to my tires several times since i leased my car.
For the straining wheel
34,000 miles on the clock
the report from buick said there was a leak at the seal but never noticed oil on my driveway. I want to know what causes it to make that sound?
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