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I can see the locking mechanism moving constantly. At the same time the sunroof stopped working, the rear wiper moves constantly, and finally the brake lights stay on even when the car is off.
Overheating when I drive. I was told previously when I got an oil change that I needed a coolant flush
I know carplay was introduced on 2017 models of porsche, but I done know whether it was standard on all porsche cayenne s's.

It shows that porsche connect plus in standard on all new porsche cayenne s's... and connect plus includes carplay.
It works for a short time and then stops. If I leave it for a while it works again for a short time
Has been like this for a few weeks
I heard that the steering rack has to be replaced if the tie rod is bent.
Airbag deployed while driving. Left driver and passenger door. 2004 cayenne
Cylinder 2 has low compression pressure. Rework cylinder head to change valve seals and install new cylinder head gaskets. Timing chain was set using marker. Engine will not run and failure code is crankshaft position sensor. Replace sensor and still engine will not run.
Trying to figure out if I can replace the door or would need to repaint the entire car?
I have tried to remove the housing but I cannot seem to be able to get to it. How in the world do you remove the thermostat housing?
It has 97k miles and I just changed the spark plugs but it is still shaking a bit at idle. Rpms don't fluctuate. It also shakes a little at speeds over 80 mph but that could be the wheel balance?
It ran fine for four months after purchasing it from the original owner, then it just suddenly sat down. Any ideas from this meager amount of info what the problem might be?
Exclamation Yellow mark.

Pls Advise
Trans has a problem coming out of low start-up range. Takes a long time to accelerate in the lower gears. When trying to get to highway cruising speeds, it slowly accelerates to 55 MPH and locks into that speed, not going any higher. Almost like cruise control is controlling the throttle. The RPM does NOT go over 2200 and when placed in neutral the RPM's slowly climbs to 5000 and tops out there. On rare occasions (1 out of 50 times) the engine RPMs seems to break out and I can go to higher speeds. New tranny needed or servicing?
Also radio will not power off, draining the battery
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