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My power steering seems to stop working at low speeds and there is no leak the problem is getting more frequent and I don't want to ruin the pump I looked at some other posts and it maybe just the screen needs to be cleaned but sometimes when I manually unlock the car the drivers window rolls down and the locks unlock and lock sometimes too so I'm wondering if it's an electronic issue? Thanks for the help

This is the 1st time to happen, where could the short or connection problem come from?

first time this has occured

It takes 3 turns of the key to start, afterwards car revs fast and snatches while going into gear.

car snatches when going in gear, and accelerates in low gear

If I start the engine, it cuts as soon as it started... If I start the engine and step on the gas to pic up the refs slightly, then it idels.. But if I leave the gas it cuts or it idels but so soft you don't even hear the engine running but the engine is shaking....
Can it be the plugs..? Or what would you suggest

There's no check engine light at all with key on and no spark

was driving, car shut off and wont start again

in the trunk or behind the back seat where passengers sit in back of the car?

Check engine light came on. Diagnostic code P0420

The car does not idle it dies out you let off the gas? I don't know what the issue is with it it is also blowing black smoke can you tell me what could be the problem

no check engine light. trac light come on at times an goes out for awhile when i turn the engine off and back on.

While it's in drive as if it wants to go? When I put it in neutral the rpm goes back up to normal idle? What could be the problem? How much for repair? I need help...Please God bless...

I changed the pressure line but now my brakes won't catch I bleed them and added fluid but still no brakes

I tried to start my car and the steering wheel, won't turn, it's not stuck, I can move it left to right, but only2 inches, for both sides, and my emergency brake light and battery light, are not turning off after ignition.

What is the cost for a 92 Lexus ls 400 climate control? I need this information as soon as possible.

After stopping at a red light or stop sign the car seems like the transmission is slipping. If you turn the car off and back on again it works fine until you stop again. It doesn't happen every time.

I keep recharging my battery because it keeps running down after 2 days of full charge. All switches are off but this still happens

When i put my car in to drive and give it gas it cuts out and and berly moves

Wy dos my car seems like it running out of gas when u give it gas

What makes my car not shift .when my head lights are on but when i turn the head lights off the car will shift and run fine.

Sometimes fairly loud.

just aquired vihicle was told "don't start, won't run don't know why"

what other things would cause the ceramics to melt in the converter

i have replace the fuel filter i checked the fuel pump i have replaced the fuel pump relay it acts like it wants to start but it wont