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It'll act like the battery is completely dead but when you put jumper cables on it immediately starts and I can run it a mile and a half before it shuts off while I'm driving
If I don't let my car warm up long enough and I begin to drive it wants to quit between 40 and 55 miles per hour, also during the day when I start driving right away it idles at 500 to 1000 rpms back and forth as I'm driving for a short time like the governing idle is messed up. What do you think is happening? Thanks for any advice
I have a power chair and was wondering if I can attach a hitch to hold the chair.
While driving on a hill at 60 mph and 2000 RPM my car stops accelerating and the gas peddle stops working. Same at lower speeds if I try to punch it. Timing belt replaced 25,000 miles ago. No other issues. Runs great. Tried putting fuel addatitive to clean injectors. Didn't help. Don't think its the fuel pump since it only happens when there is s load on the engine. Maybe timing belt? However it was changed more than two years ago at 105,000 miles. I don't have a trusted mechanic in the area. Hopefully you can help.
Car runs fine otherwise. However, check engine and airbag lights stay on constantly. Does not cut off driving locally. HAve new spark plugs/wires. And yes speedometer needle come on after abt 20 mins on highway. Sometimes, between 35-45mph after starting out there is a slight engine buck.
Recently got a used Lexus, the coolant reservoir drains dry, temp gage is functional but never indicates temperature past halfway mark. I'm getting the little birdcage dash light indicating the coolant system isn't properly functioning. Would it be safe to just top off with water until the problem can properly be addressed?
Got vehicle used replaced battery going down road and it just stopped. No noises. Towed in turning over very slowly and won't crank
I have to jump start the car every day. It has a new battery and a new alternator.
The fan initially started running intermittently, then totally stopped. Now--NOTHING!! No sound, no smell, no NOTHING!!
My car will start sometimes but it will only stay on for 20 seconds and then it will shut down I thought it could be the computer I change the crankshaft sensors and a camshaft sensor they all new my car is a Lexus LS400 in 1996
My heater suddenly started blowing cold air, I turned up the temperature and it was ok for a while then it went cold again. I have just recently had the car resprayed could the sensor be dirty?
I have taken it to 3 different mechanic shops/ brake shops. 1 said they couldn’t get a code & the other 2 had no clue.
I have a 1995 Lexus LS400 that will start in park and in neutral which is normal, However, when i try to shift into reverse the starter re-energizes and will not stop unless you shift out of reverse. Any ideas what could be happening here and if you know can you point me to a drawing showing where I need to go to get started fixing this.

I have been told to find the Neutral Safety Switch and 12V brake line because they may be shorting out...I do keep blowing rear brake lights.

I have been told to check the starter relay and the starter solenoid but I can't locate either to check.

Any pictures, schematics, 1st grade instructions for repairs(Im a Mustang GT chic and know very little about Toyotas and Lexus'), etc. I am trying to get this car ready to sell and I don't want to sell it like this so any little piece of info will be appreciated!!!
fuel system problem quickly stalls
I am a light footed driver. I would think that the computer would adjust the timing. Thanks for your input. John Larson - Auburn, Washington
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