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I have the SRS light on permanently when I start the car. IT is Mercedes S500 2004 model. Diagnosis with icarsofti980 gives the above error
no noises. message comes up in panel indicating add oil, usually at least a quart. Have not seen any areas on ground/concrete when vehicle parked indicating a leak.
the reverse gear works without a problem. while driving(after getting the car to stay in drive) car will switch to neutral when I slow down and sometimes won't shift back to drive.
Just looking for a ballpark range. I have been quoted and want to get other opinions.
Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your kind reply yesterday,
Please guide me on following;
The supply voltage of the control unit is too low. (Battery Voltage 14.41V)
Control unit N10/2 (Rear SAM control unit with fuse and relay module) is not transmitting data on the CAN bus.
Control Unit A1 (Instrument cluster is not transmitting data on the CAN bus.
Does i have to have to change mission sensor?for this purpose have to dismantling the whole mission?
Please guide me it is serious problem or minor?
How often does this problem occurs...P0444 OBD
When i drive it seems like the car is lagging at times and when i drive it after awhile its normal again.
It stayed up for one day the other side had the same work done had no problems
Yesterday when i floored it. It stayed in one gear.. Then i had it in drive but it wouldnt go jus rev is my tranny bad or needs fluid?
I have three lights on my esp light abs and break light and my power steering is out what could be the problem
Car is hard to stear with the light on
Car warning flashed, "Stop Car low." car looks tilted and I can fit my entire hand b/t the top of the tire and car on back left passenger side. On driver's side, can barely get hand between tire/top of car.
I was told regardless of amount of wear on the pads (ie even if there is 40% remaining), one should always replace routers when brake pads are replaced. True or scam?
the washer fluid odes not spray on either side. I have checked the fluid levels.
repaired, if i leave my car parked for more than a couple of hours the rear driver side deflates, but will rise once the car is turned on, what could be the problem
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