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What is wrong w car?
My buick doesn't defrost or have any fans for that matter. Sometimes you kick it and she'll go. However she doesn't squeal or make weird noises when trying to. Just does nothing at all!
motor speed goes up or down by itself from time to time I need to bring speed up to keep down temp. we average 80 deg. temp. in miami, motor will have a humming noise on high speed
My car got a bunch of service soon messages on it for my blind side detection, tire pressure, air bag and then speedometer and all dash board games did not work or my radio. Not sure what could be causing all this at one time all of the sudden.
Can I get car back started or is the head gasket blown or engine is locked up???
Start up car when put gear to reverse it shuts off even if I put the gear to drive. Then the engine light turns on and the start button stays green
its a light on the dash showing TS with a slash through it
Car will not start with the remote or by being in the car.
Then it start later.
It came on last week and went off after two days and now has come back on after 3 days
Fuses appear to be good. What should i check next?
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