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my tire pressure are in the right pressure and still showing on my dashboard that my tire is at fault?
the rear seat belt is stuck inside the seat on the roll up mechanism. The seat was put down and now I cannot raise it back up due to the mechanism being locked. How do I release the inside roll of seat belt.
Only happens intermittently, and then it’s fine for a few days. Car runs great otherwise. This happened two days after a 10 hr drive.
Yesterday (for the 2nd time) I replaced the Blend Door Actuator & the HVAC Control Module. The evap temp sensor cannot be the culprit as it controls the compressor which is working perfectly. This vehicle is a 2012 Ford Fusion.
After the blend door actuator was replaced the first time, it worked for about a month, then it failed again, and then the HVAC control module and the blend door actuator were both replaced, but after about 3 weeks it failed again, so I rigged up a coat hanger to manually open and close the blend door. It stayed that way for about 18 months. Yesterday I decided to replace both the HVAC control module and the blend door actuator again, and now when the vehicle is started up, it cycles cold, then warm, then cold and then goes hot and stays hot. Is there another control for the blend door actuator in the system that I am overlooking. I cannot believe that three HVAC controls and 2 blend doors have failed.
Stepped lightly on gas pedal and gar accelerated quickly out of control
Smells vumes carbon monoxide fumes
They said it was the computer cause it turned off runing now they said timing belt fixed it n still nothing now they say its the relays
We have replaced the secondary air injection pump om my 2008 Ford Fusion three times and the code is on again saying I need to replace it again. How to I bypass the pump completely since I had mechanics say I don't really need it and if I don't want to fix it I don't need to. I really want to get it fixed but my husband is getting really tired of changing the pump:(
The power steering assist fault alarm comes on occasionally and I read about a recall on them.. I purchased the car about 10 months ago and I am wondering if I can get this fixed on my car with the recall notice since I am sure the previous owners did not have this fixed.. The steering wheel is very hard to turn when this happens and if I turn the car off and restart it, the problem goes away, buy I know this is only a matter of time before it will stop working completely..
Please help me.. Thanks
Sandra Hudson
This happens on cold mornings but not on mornings when temperature is above 45 degrees
2008 Ford Fusion heard a frying noise in dash all dash lights went out and car will not pick up enough speed for trans to shift. If I apply the brakes all dash lights come on again. I think its a ground issue with something. Help!
Tried three new bulbs an low beam will not go on.
Went to start car and wouldn't crank. Lights, dash and radio turned on fine. Tried jump starting car and nothing. Unable to take car out of park. Several alerts on dash including: park brake malfunction, steering assist fault, service advance trac, engine coolant over temperature, low engine oil pressure.
The car has dual exhaust, but only one is working. If I cover the working exhaust, the other one begins to work, but only when the working one is covered. Ever since this problem started, I feel as if the car has lost power and is using more gas.
After removing the front cv axle nut, does the nut need to be replaced or can it be reused
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