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Gave me a little trouble starting the first time yesterday. Car is a 2013 Ford Fusion. Has given me some trouble in the past with a possible power drainage of the battery (replaced battery twice). Whirring has been going on for the last week or so.
Started car 35 minutes before leaving. Only cold air coming out of blowers. Drive 45 minutes. Still blowing cold air. Stop turn car off. Restart car and then it's blowing heat out.
When I turn the car on the radio comes on, lights etc but when I go to put defrost or heat on it doesn't come on.
How do I change the dome lights
I am having trouble chasing down the cause of a warning light in the shape of a wrench on a 2007 Ford Fusion S I4. First time it happened, car when into limp mode. Restarting returned it to normal for a short while. Error code P2104. Replaced throttle body (Auto Zone brand) and cleared codes. Drove again and light comes back on, no codes. Took car to Ford dealership and they diagnose faulty accelerator pedal position sensor. Since over $750 to replace, I denied repair and drove car home. It went into limp mode three times on the way, restarting temporarily fixed it until light came on. Replaced accelerator pedal (Auto Zone brand). Reset PCM (I think). Now light always comes back on after driving a block or so, no codes. Both throttle body and pedal are new. Running out of ideas, please advise.
I have a 2010 Ford Fusion 2.5L SE and, can you swap out that engine for an engine on a Ford Taurus or if not that can you swap the engine for the Ford Fusion Sport V6 engine instead.
I have a 06 Fusion SE Auto with 233k miles. I had to pull over and have it towed home because I it suddenly just stopped turning the wheels (like in neutral). I can move the shifter but whenever shift into park it makes a creaking/grinding sound for a second on the left side.

I know the left (driver side) CV is bad, about a month ago I took it to a shop for tire change and they told me the left axle shaft seal is leaking and the whole shaft needs replaced. It was not noticeable so I kept driving it. Check engine was on before but it's engine related.

Everything else including engine work just fine.

My question is, could a bad CV axle on just one side cause this? Would fixing replacing the left CV axle fix it?

My car acted as if it was going to stop while in motion when it driving! I asked about recalls on the ford site. There was one about a throttle, however, I can't seem to find it now. I entered my VIN number and all and it showed up that I needed that replacement could you please help me with this. I need to show the dealership what needs to be fixed tomorrow. Also, my brake fluid is leaking do you know of any recalls that could be causing this? Thanks
I try to start it its crank but wont start I try to jump start it but didn't work what should I do?
88K miles. when going 20 mps, it starts to shudder , then seems to even out until 50 mph and does again. Now I can feel steering wheel "shake" when sitting at a light. Have had a trans. flush done, & alignment. Motormount is good. Does seem to take a little longer to change gears. One place says transmission, other says no. Thank you.
I got in my car this morning and my rearview mirror was dark as if I was driving at night. I have the auto dim feature. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion.
06 fusion I replaced the master cylinder the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder but still have no clutch. The pedal will go to floor and stay. I think I have bled the system correctly. Have no idea what to do now.
Turn Signal Light stays on
Have a 2013 Ford Fusion. Tried to open it today and the doors wouldn’t unlock. Changed the fob battery n still the same. Tried the touch passcode lock and it’s not working. Removed the cover and tried the manual key. It’s turns but doesn’t unlock. Is there anyway to get it unlocked so I can change the battery?
I really don't want to tow my car to a dealership, was wondering if there was any other way to get it fixed?
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