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I UNFORTUNATLY PURCHASED A FORD FUSION LEMON. Not only has it had to get a new fuel pump at less than 60k miles, I had to replace the transmission at a cost of $3000.00, at only 80,000 miles. Of course my warranty expired at 60k The Ford Dealership in WHEATLAND, WY quoted me $6,500.00. When I talked to my local mechanic he asked if the Ford garage was plating it in GOLD. Yes, and they didn't offer to kiss me either. The Dealer was going to charge me $350.00 just to tow the car. I protested and he said we are "charging you what we get charged." When I complained the tow price miraculously decreased by $110.00 I had to rent a truck and trailer to tow the car back to Colorado so I wouldn't be held hostage by the Hiway ROBBER Gar=FORD GARAGE in WHEATLAND, WY Previously I had scheduled my car to have one of the many recalls installed a week prior to my trip. Only to be called a few days before the appointment to have someone call and say they don't have the parts. The ARAPAHOE FORD DEALERSHIP IN CO had previously ordered parts for a vehicle that we didn't even own anymore, for another recall before this instance You can't get an appointment to have the recalls installed because there are SO MANY Recalls, and they don't have the parts. REALLy ??? This car currently has 3 outstanding recalls in addition to the 2 previous ones, This car has been nothing but trouble since we drove it off the lot. I can't even trade it in for half of what I owe because of all the recalls. First I will NEVER EVER PURCHASE A FORD AGAIN. Second I want everyone to know what a POS this Year fusion is. I highly doubt anyone from ford even cars as all they have tried to do is rip me off

As soon as I start the car it chimes. Locked seat belts and all. It goes off after another five seconds. This has just started.

Why is my Power steering leaking at the pressure control valve and don't know why

Could the fuel filter be stopped up? I have had the surge valve replaced and the throttle replaced. Car surges or jumps while driving

The brakes are fine. The bolts fell off of the brake caliper. The brake caliper & fluid was replaced. The Brakes still do not work.

What could be the problem. Had enough the bolts fell off while caliper and I lost my brakes. What could be the problem.

had new brakes and rotors put on a week ago. Have not had any of the symptoms that it has gone bad, just the word of ford dealership two days after buying brakes and rotors- ususal?

what would make the new alt. and battery fail

You go to turn your car on whether you turn the key all the way or not there is a repetitive quiet beeping sound under the hood near the battery fuse area the car still runs fine just wondering if it's a warning something's going bad or if something is bad

Ford Fusion 2013, have new part, coolant temp sensor. When removing bad sensor, clip fell thru, I thought thru motor area​ to ground. Can't find it anywhere. Is there some generic or compatible part can be used. Sensor had to be special order. HELP!

Dashboard. Light looks like a wrench

Why wouldn't car drive with over heating light on? Is engine ruined? Was going to just drive very short distance.

i am willing to buy a car ford fusion 2008 130k miles ?

How to switch to a digital speed display?

A couple days ago the car radio display won't work. You can see the time and date but it won't play music at all well a few days later the car is saying it's overheating and does not want to turn on.

I have been told that the transmission has a bolt that you remove on the drivers side of the transmission when filling to add the proper amount. I see three bolts that fit the description all in that same area. Help!

2017 fusion has recommended air pressure . Light comes on. Replaced senor but the light was still on and where the psi number should be there is still 2 dashes there. What's the problem please help

The problem occurs when i accelerate fast and it's also making a constant squeaking noise from the front passenger side.

It just turned on this morning

This has never happened before

Always. Note 250,000+ miles

My 2006 Ford Fusion has a big jerk in it when I am accelerating it makes loud noise when backing up. I got a oil change today and replaced my air injection system really need help.

The only thing that will work is the trunk lid, locks and lights.

My entire radio panel is dead and nothing works, however, fuses all appear fine. The unusual thing is "FORD FUSION" is illuminated on radio display. I can't make anything work. What can I do?

So when I put my car in gear to drive I hear a harsh sounding noise. What could be wrong?

Don't go into drive makes a very loud noise

For the last few weeks randomly my car when I put in the key and turn it the battery seems to work because the lights and radio turn on but the engine won't crank on it's been slowly getting worse and I plan to get it fixed today but now when I was trying to leave for the mechanic it won't start

And when I start the car that wheel locks up and will not release please help me. I put the machine on it and it says nothing is wrong with it but yet my car after 7 weeks is still sitting in the yard not able to roll down the road. HELP

Car become so hard to drive because of traction control. My car is ford ranger and I couldn't get the option.

checked fluid and resding full