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I can hear a grinding/ scraping noise in steering wheel when I turn it either way. You can't hear it from outside car and the steering pump is electric. 2012 Ford fusion
then it starts blowing cold air, is this something to check out
Just recently the service advancetrac light came on in my 2011 ford fusion se. Right after that all of the other lights on my dash came on as well and all of my gauges stopped working. Can the advancetrac light make that happen? Also I'm hearing scraping noises coming from one of the tires. I just changed the brakes 2 weeks ago but none of this started until it got really hot outside. What could this be?
My 2016 Fusion left me stranded yesterday. I initially thought it was a transmission problem...relieved it was just the throttle body. Why is this not yet a recall issue?
makes a constant beeping noise when backing up
Widows or a.c. don't work at all, radio cuts itself off
I heard a click click click
Started tuesday leaving for work and car sputtered wouldnt go and engine coolant light came on. Put antifreeze in all ok
4 days later started to leave light came on checked antifreeze low again.....i just had the last recall done 5 weeks ago which dealt with a part for engine overheating but never had no problem til now.
There are novisible leaks. The oil looks like oil should. There is no white smoke coming from car.
Got all the screws off but one, can’t find one. Is it behind the drive shaft
I have been hearing this weird creaking noise on the front end of my car. At first I thought it was the strut because it sometimes happens upon getting in and out of the vehicle. But I can kinda feel the "creak" in the steering wheel while driving. The tie rods and ball joints seem to be fine as they were inspected at the local shop. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?
Drove home, car stuck in neutral and window won't go up.60,000 miles.
I have four codes that came up where do I start to find out what the problem is codes p0320 , p344, p061c and p0344 ??
on a 2010 Ford Fusion what are the signs for thermostat failure and also what are the signs for a water pump failure and also what is that holds right up under the radiator hose and could a AC hose leak make the fan run without the temperature gauge going up
Took to a repair shop and they say it’s not taking freon into the system they think it’s a blocked filter? Want a second opinion. Composer comes on they took all Freon out tried to put in and wasn’t taking it.

Driver side door won't open from in or out. Can't get the door panel off. What can be done?
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