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Planning to purchase a pre owned brake actuator for my 2006 Toyota Highlander. I missed the extended warranty on car. Does this part need to be reprogrammed by the computer? My mechanic said he can get job done but does not have equipment if it has to be reprogrammed. Thanks. Jeff Glaser
2006 Highlander now at 195,000 miles. Belt was change at 100,000 miles
Turned odometer display all the way up and it still happens. Turn off headlights or daytime running lights, they go back on.
I got a check engine light a couple of months back. I took it to the dealer and was told all they had to do was reconnect the Purge Valve line. I just go the same check engine indicator and thought I would save $150 and see if the line is off again.
I am planning to keep my Highlander for another 5+ years. I do need to replace the Struts. Should I also replace the coils at the same time. I have about 170K on the SUV. I do not have a hitch or go offroad.

where is the integration relay located on my 2001 highlander
My 2004 Toyota Highlander ac temp switch stuck on 85 what do I do
periodically when braking or accelerating from a stop the ABS engages temporarily. what could it be?
I loaded some golf clubs in the rear of my Toyota Highlander, then pushed the button to close the deck lid, which appeared to close. When I started to drive off a warning engaged telling me the deck lid wasn't closed. I stopped to check it and the deck lid appeared to be closed, but I opened it and closed it again. I started to drive off again and for a second time the warning engaged and I decided that I had a bad sensor - the warning eventually stopped. However, the next time I stopped and tried to open the deck lid, it would only open about half way, and it has stayed that way. I had to force it open once, but after closing and attempting to open the deck lid again, it returned to the half open position. I'm wondering if there is some adjustment.
I took my car to the dealer several time to fix the check tire pressure light, which keeps coming on the dashboard.
The problem is Cold startup Grinding Rattle Noise....And how much will it cost the work
How long have you had this problem? one year
I hear an noise in engine area at right side , it start loudly and be lower after while.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It is worse when the engine is started and be lower after a while
How long have you had this problem? one week, I complain many time about this problem and after you fixed it comes back
How can I turn off the check engine light and cure the rough engine noise
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
The oil service light comes every 5000 miles. How do I reset the maintenance light after a oil & filter change?
I heard a "small motor like noise" coming from under the back passenger side. I felt all fuses the large 80A Fan felt warm? The vehicle was off and sitting in the garage all night. No indicator lights came on when I turned on and started the car. 2016 Highlander
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