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I own a 2005 Toyota Highlander and have a really strange issue. Sometimes, when I turn on the AC, it's as if the air in the cabin of the car pressurizes and rattles your ear drums. I can turn off the A/C and it still happens but will go away when I roll down the down windows. If it is a noise, it appears to be so low pitch that I can not hear it.
My highlander has been fluttering for months now and some days it’s not so bad and other days it’s terrible. I’ve had the spark plugs, coils, fuel injectors, fuel pump, catalytic converter and my gas tanks cleaned and it is still happening. I’ve had it to my mechanic and to Toyota for a week and no one has solved the issue. I have 294k on it. Could it be the ECM? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Every time I turn on blinke r
problem just started but my son said my right rear taillight was off but I started the car and the outside lights are fine
Check engine light code P0753 tells me there is an issue with a shift solenoid A electrical. I am finding that when driving it will shift from 1st to 2nd, but no further even if go 40 to 70 miles an hour. How do I track down the open circuit or if it is a computer issue with the ECM or if the solenoid is bad?
Do I need to change the transmission at 200000 miles or do I have another year to do so.
I wanna know the name and maybe part number. Cause it has suffered water damage. Not the srs one.
It occurs when car is moving. Gets louder as you go faster
The airbag on light doesn’t come on with someone in the seat. The shop tested the air bag and said it showed it was working. They thought it was the seat belt buckle. Is it connected to the air bag sensor?
I had the ABS, track and brake lights on also. The dealer said my ABS assembly needed replaced. I had it replaced but the tire pressure light is still on. The mechanic said I need to take it to a tire shop and have them check my sensor. I read there is no sensor on a 2006. How can I get my tire pressure light to go off.
It happens when I take off or have to pull out on the highway I have no power
I am trying this so I can put on the seat covers easier as for it is nearly impossible with the strips you have to tie underneath the seat, as I cannot fit my hand underneath to tie the strips together.
It is not running non stop but short drives (10 min) and when stopped
Passenger side blows hot air only when air is on. Is it usually blend door or how can I narrow the problem down? Do I have to take entire dash apart? 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited. Thank you
VSC lit, Track Off lit, with Check Engine lit. came on before and replaced the spark plugs and then about 2 weeks later the lights came on again and was saying it was a bad coil for #4 and replaced it. Went about another 2 days and then P0430 came on saying low efficiency in bank #2, replaced the O2 censors and catalytic convertor and now have the code p0430 that came back on and it says the #4 is misfiring. not sure what is going on and what might need to be done. Have 166,000 miles on the vehicle.
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