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the lights start to flash and alarm sounds sometimes when I lock the car with the keys??
I am able to turn off and restart the car and it runs fine until it happens again.
Everything works on the car but when I turn the key to start it, it will do nothing at all. It has done this before and I would take the battery cables off for a few minutes and then it would start just fine. Now it won't do anything. Can anyone give me advice?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Seems to get louder when accelerating
Took in for service on May 17 2017 and dealer is saying I need to replace transmission mount not knowing I did in 10/2012. My car is in excellent condition.
When I let up on gas pedal & go to push it back down its has about a 2 second hesitation then very slow & smoothly increases acceleration until I let up on gas. Seem to always start up & take off ok after being turned off, but then within a couple/few minutes starts acting up again. What would cause that?
When switching car off after driving a long distance and temp gauge is higher than 80 degrees car won't start until temperature is below 80 degrees. What can cause it? Engine turns but won't start when temp is above 80 degrees
I need to add fluid
other things like wipers slowing from 111 speed to 11 speed at stop and 3 blink signal function doesn't work either. Nor does the interior light (on with door open) and (slow fade off when door shuts) work. if you move sw. to auto, it just stays on "all the time".
I have the new switch and don't know how to remove the console or switch panel to replace it without damaging the console . The red cover broke on the switch .
All of a sudden the engine would not start.
1. Turns over maybe 1 second then stops.
2. I retry to start, same thing turns over maybe 1 second and stops.
3. On the 3rd restart this time does not turn over at all.
4. Disconnect the battery & retry all 3 steps and the same results.

The battery is good.

Did not give a sign of any issues till last night.

Has 130K miles.

Thank You!!!
Glen (
Drained with parking lights left on.
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