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I have a 2001 Chevrolet Prizm that seems to be having some sort of electrical issue. The car clock stays on even when the car is off - it also flips thru the time uncontrollably like I were trying to set the time. Any button on the dashboard stops it and causes the clock to go black but once the button is let go - there is a clicking sound and the clock comes back on and continues malfunctioning. I would be fine with removing the radio circuit and going without it if it means my car battery won't keep dying.
My dashboard lights stopped working on my Chevy Prizm what could be the problem and how easy a fix?
How long have you had this problem? A week
Battery good
Starter good
10 amp fuse under dash good
Ignition switch good.
When turning the ignition to start, radio shuts off, but nothing gets to the starter.
How long have you had this problem? Just now
Car is started, running and dash ligthts and tailights come on without turning on ligth switcch for running lights/head-lights. It is raining today so darker outside.
....and wasn't able to check the big square like fuses
Check engine light
Idles fine when started then on takeoff acts like it wants to stop. Sputtering then it's like it catches and goes. Runs ok driving down the road but then shuts off when I come to a stop unless I hold break and keep foot on gas Erving engine
If car is sitting.still shove down hard.and it makes squeak
I take off & it struggles to get power. I'll go bout 30 mph n the check engine light starts blinking.?
has a P0125 code insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop
just replaced the head gasket on my sons 2001 prizm. it will start and idle smoothly for 3-4 sec and then die. I have sprayed a bit of starting fluid through the intake and it will stay running while I do. also ;have checked fuel pressure on the rail and seems sto be more than adequate to continue to run. any thoughts. put a code reader on it and there are no codes. any thoughts?
Pouring fuel into the engine
Makes just a slight clicking sound
None of my head lights or back lights or gauges in dash works
I want to know if anyone can tell me for sure what the problem is. I've heard many it might be such and such, or if no one knows, how I can check to see what the problem is without taking it to a shop. It sounds like rocks hitting each other when I shift into drive, there is also a grinding noise as well.
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