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Sierra 1500

water on driver side floorpan, where's the leak?

Problem just started and car was shutting off

Only happens when filling tank.

had to replace a purge valve solenoid
code P0496

The van will start and run but than shuts off and wont start back, then it will start after it sits for a while.

Car shakes when stopped, in gear and is worse when the AC is on. Have replaced multiple parts, had throttle cleaned, done tune up, etc

Check engine light on

I have a 2005 Envoy Denali with 5.3. After filling with fuel the other night it would not restart. After sitting for about 2 hours it restarted and died again 15 minutes later. It keeps doing this. Once it warms up it will shut back off then you have to wait a couple hours and it will restart for a minute then die out again. We have replaced the spark plugs, air filter, canister vent, evap purge valve, and ignition switch. The battery, alternator, and starter were all tested good. Is it possible the fuel pump is over heating?

Just got car and seat did not work

Everytime I stop tachion control liggt comes on

Just started after my tire pressure indicator appears It chimes for a few seconds and then stops

I can put it in neutral and start it. But when I force it close to park I can shut it off. It will start rolling away when on a incline.

I had the battery tested it is fine. I thought it might be a bad fuel pump but but when I hook the battery to a charger it starts the first time every time once the charger is removed the van cranks but wont start.

Have a misfire on No.2 cylinder

Every time last couple days

I'm not sure has to snap them on the rim

SUV runs for a few min at idle then dies if you put it into gear it dies

Battery Checked OK needed new alternator installed. next day went out to start and no nothing. Shop took it back and checked everything said no problems. Brought it home next day not start.
I have had problems with the seat heaters just come on and off for about 20 minutes. does not happen all the time.

what can be done to fix this , how do you go about reprogramming the problem

on safari 95

When it acts up it starts off in 3rd gear engine light comes on codes are for the electrical sensors but if you reset the codes it drives and shifts fine, and if the engine light is on going though the gears manually works fine, electrical I know but where to start?

I was surprised to hear about a 170 dollar normal maintenance issue Head Cleaning? What is this?

My husband pulled up to assist me when he went to put it in park he couldn't it was in neutral and would not budge. I have no idea how it got onto neutral. This is the first time this has happened.

It usually happens after its been driven awhile then shut it off. It won't start.

I replaced my transfercase but still says service 4X4, my push button indicator Lite's don't come on and it's like it's stuck in low gear. How do I fix this?

Already checked the fuse and it's good can't find the manual bottom to try that

My ignition was drilled out and so I replaced lock cylinder,ignition switch and the key will unlock steering,but my acc. Don't come on. It's like not getting power the lock cylinder just free spins it spring help me

R 12 or 134a

I was told tranny was only used on that model year