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Several times in the last year, my van started having issues with the VSS. I have changed my battery within this same time. Now I have no speedometer. The break light warning signal stays on. If I go over say 45 mph the check light comes on. When I have none of the problems everything is fine. But, my A/C/blower is not as well. I replaced the VSS and this has not corrected my problem. I did id go thru the local auto parts, but they never heard of it it due the part being obsolete.

I would like to know what the green and grey 12gaw wires go to in the battery area. Located around the battery area. I cant find where those wires may go. If there is some other area that I should be looking into, like behind the dash, I've been behind that as well, for speaker replacement, but that was 5 yrs ago. The dealership doesn't have info on this because it is obsolete to them now.

rear air stabilizer failing to stay inflated if vehicle sits idle for a day or more. once vehicle is started the air compressor inflates to proper level. what kind of estimated cost of repair should I expect and how urgent is it to get this fixed.
Checked all the fuses in the wires connected to the lights still no power going to the lights
how long should the engine mount last how many mounts are on this car ?
once started and the key is inserted and the car is turned to the on position,the engine shut off.
Losing oil ptesser oik leaking down top of transmission bellhousing when running leak is severe
PO-455-evaporative emission system leak. Also PO496-evaporative emission system high purge flow .What does this mean as far as parts and price to repair.
I cannot get my third row seating left side seat to lock into upright position
the driver preset "settings" change all the time. Mirrors, seat, radio. I'm not sure if it's the window controller in the left door panel or not. I heard GMC had an issue with water getting in and causing some issues. I lost one key fob and went to the GMC dealer and they gave me a new set and programmed them for me, not sure if this is when the problems started or not. next thing, the original radio came with am/fm, cd player and cassette. I got a new one with a 6 cd disc option, but the security lock must have been set and the GMC dealer said he couldn't install it. I got the radio from Ebay. I would think the unit should be able to be "unlocked". Hope you can give me some fixes. thanks. Dennis Q
I bought a 2005 Yukon xl and under the hood there is a green sticker saying the rear a.c. has been blocked off. What are some things to check to get it working again?
No signals on my controls (original & remote starter
The one on driver seat is badly faded
very poor and sluggish performance, sounds like it is chugging or misfiring on one or more cylinders. have just replaced plugs and fuel filter
Unable to turn on the ac or heat. Fuses are good. Power to module. Blower is kicking on, but does not blow hot or cold to front or back. Can not change where air blows (unable to adjust). Module DOES light up when the headlight turn on.
Do I need to replace a switch or the entire module?
Thank you,

Air condition blows home notice online this is a common problem
This is preventative. I am trying to avoid problems.
The truck is running good but suddenly will not shift from 2nd to 3rd.
i have a 2011 gmc yukon . the rear hatch will not open. the glass open atomatcally like it should . i have checked the fuses they are good. i have the interior plastic removed what do to open so i can work on it
What does this mean
fairly new radiator, new thermostat, full of antifreeze
ok when my abs comes on the dash I have no power windows or no heating or blower and the back wipers don"t go on ether but when the abs goes off everything comes back on and I can still drive the jimmy 1997 4wdr the fuses are fine
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it does not matter
92,000 miles six years old and 1,300.00 to replace?
I have replaced cap,rotor button, plugs,wires,coil,ignition module, computer and nothing fixes it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot dry days
How long have you had this problem? Long time
the air cond line leaks on the drivers side along the frame rail just before it crosses to the other side.
it turn over but want start
My transmission (automatic) started slipping in and out at about 35 mph. Once I hit about 45-50, it was fine. Had transmission rebuilt, and it kept doing the same after about two days. Replaced a barrel in transmission, after 24 hours, back to slipping. Completely replaced transmission with another rebuilt, drove about 360 miles (on a road trip... mostly interstate driving) and it started again. Not nearly as bad. Coming back home, in the middle of a nasty rainstorm that slowed interstate traffic to a crawl, it started slipping worse than ever. When the storm was over, and the truck seemed to dry out, it stopped for the most part. Back in town, it started slipping at around the same speeds (in and out). Now, when I come to a complete stop, it doesn't want to engage and I have to pull over and tap the gas until it engages and I can drive. Then it starts slipping in and out at the same speeds.
Seeing as how this is a completely different transmission, I feel that the issue isn't in the transmission itself, but something causing the transmission to start slipping gears. Also, It seems to be better when it is warm and dry. If it is moist outside, or cold, or hot, it starts slipping. Cooling temperatures, morning dew on the ground, and a couple of days of rain happened before it stopped engaging after a complete stop. This is why I believe that there is a moisture issue somewhere.
I really cannot afford a new transmission again, nor can I really afford to take it to a mechanic this time, so I'm hoping someone can give me some answers that won't be terribly expensive.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Damp weather, cold, or hot (above 85)
How long have you had this problem? over a year
I turn on ignition , no noise from the back seat. fuel gauge reads 1/2 full. start engine, no start sound like its out of gas
What seems to make the problem better or worse? neither,
How long have you had this problem? today
My 2003 envoy is having the service engine soon light come on and off we already did the oil change replaced the oil and air filter and also changed the spark plugs I don't know what's wrong with it. It could it be the spark plug cable?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? its worse when I'm on the freeway
How long have you had this problem? It's been happening for about a week
engine quiet when cold but loud ticking when the engine is warm, was told it sounds like a bad lower bearing. trying to get a cost estimate
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse as the engine gets warm
How long have you had this problem? a little over a week
I tried to add freon in the a/c and the dial shot all the way up to the red... how can I lower the pressure on the cylinder?
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
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