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I replaced my battery and my starter in a matter of 2 days apart. Since then my gauges [ecept oil & Water pressure] none work. No speed clock, no fuel gauge and no radio or AC blower .are working. It all came up deffective the day I put the battery on. What went wrong? Thanks.
how often oil change for work truck
Stopped to put gas thought I heard a noise when I turned off. Put gas started it noise started on start so I shut off
This is on my 92 Safari, not a 91 Safari! I have flushed my coolant system as well as flushed the heater core. I disconnected the hose from the "Y" connector on top of the water pump and found that there is no water flowing out of the water pump.
when tank is between 3 quarters and full the gauge goes back and forth alot while sitting still at idle
Rattle appears to be in valve train and misfire is on number 3 cylinder
could it be the vale in dash or the temp control
I replaced the alternator on my wife's 2003 GMC Sonoma 2.2L 2wd truck a month ago and the pigtail wire harness a couple days ago. Now every time the engine goes over 3000 rpm's the voltmeter drops and all the lights dim... Any idea's? Thanks.
Happens as soon as I start the car
The stability system disabled came on after my truck came to a complete stop and now it doesn't drive forward in any gear, the brakes go all the way to the floor, and the vehicle will only drive in reverse. Even after replacing the calipers, the brakes, and the rotors, why is it still not driving?
need to know what model numder actuator fixs 2002 envoy
No warring about problem. Just would not start one morning. Can't get anything to work with key in start position.
1987 I have replaced the tank switch. Still does not work What next
lot of gas both tanks
turn signals work fine but flasher is active all the time even though no lights are blinking.
is OK except annoying
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