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Slow to start after fillup, smell emission and has a little "jerkiness" . Already had a diagnostic test done.
What is it going to cost me to replace the XM antenna on my vehicle? It is failing and I really like my XM radio
Noise and clicking when turned on but it stops engine to
Temperature gauge keeps going up and down
Shudder seems to correspond to acceleration but also seems to occur right before car shifts into 2nd and 3rd gear. Doesn't seem to shudder at higher speeds (>50 mph) when accelerating.
I have a 1997 gmc suburban 5.7L. It runs rough when I start it and almost dies when I put it in gear. But it seems to run ok as long as I’m giving it gas but as soon as I let off it starts running rough again
Hi! Recently, the warning sounds on my 2015 GMC Yukon XL started disappearing. By warning sounds I mean the sounds that chime when the car is started or when the turn signal is on. This happened once before, but then everything came back to normal. Then in the last week, this started occurring very frequently and now appears to be consistent. The radio can be played no problem. I also know that these warnings sounds are played through the left front speaker located under the dashboard. Just now I tested that speaker and while I can hear the radio through it, the warning sounds were very faint at first and then disappeared completely. I would greatly appreciate any help on this problem! Thank you very much!
Rough idle and constant vibration after replacing coil and plugs
headlight burned out in a 2000 GMC Sierra, how do I replace it?
Idle speed relay mounted on drivers side valve cover ...has four wire connects new on order at auto parts store has five wires not sure how to wire it in. To the old original four wire pattern
My wipers works when every they want and do what they want.. my power windows buttons won't work except on the driver's side ( it then can control all windows). My heater only works at certain settings and if I change it it won't work. How do I figure out where the electrical issue is? Or what's causing it?
Replaced fuel pump and sock,inline filter,spider assy and regulator.Will run on ether sprayed in intake and accelerate.After 20 min sitting,runs slightly longer,then back to start and die..HELP1111
2006 envoy xl abs and brake lights stay on. No difference noticed in braking. Traction c9ntrol lights were also on but new fuse seems to have kept them lights off but don't know for how long. Had scanner hooked up and would not communicate with scanner so no idea what problem is and where to begin. Suggestions?
My o2 is not seting and I have a evap problem.
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