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Stalled then cut off at light replace fuel pump fuel filter 1week prior and replaced crankshaft position sensor 2weeks prior when problem first occurred was working fine until yesterday stalled and cut off at the light again it was hot outside answers anyone?
ac working well; 15 yo car never had recharge refrigerant; now tunr on ac-cold however condensation liquid outside drip is black and eventually evaporates; what is it? why not just clear liquid h2o
Does low transmission fluid level cause issues engaging gears and changing gears ?
My driver seat won't recline, is it possible the motor is gone in the seat because the controls don't work?
car rides smoothly when going forward or backing up strait. Have new tires,brakes look fine, replaced CV axle both sides front, check for play in drive shaft and rear wheels. They seem ok
Lately has cut off on me when stopped at a light.
For instance using a part from w 204 on a w203 chassis, steering Knuckle passenger side, are they interchangeable?
If car is in hi temp outside it will not start until late in evening when temp has cooled off,I have spoken with local merc dealer and he has never come across this prob
I sprayed the switch and it will work for awhile then quit or spay the key fob and it might work for awhile
Happens all the time
My radio has very poor reception and my remote door locks don't operate. I saw a posting on a Mercedes forum that the communication bar needs to be replaced.
Never happen
Since my car would not pass state inspection dealer told me I needed a new computer,as my computer will not read,as I had company trying to fix windshield leak got water inside of my car flooded carpet and dripping down from up under dash
Sometime it works sometimes it doesn't but the car starts and runs fine its just no ac, signal light, power windows, speedometer, gas gauge, sun roof and etc.
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
my rpm goes to 45-50 even tou my car speed is only between 35-40
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