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AVOID! Mercedes vehicles are nice when they work, but they spend most of their time getting piggie-back rides from tow-trucks. Just under 120K miles and total engine failure. Advised to replace cam magnets, replaced plugs also, codes went away - then suddenly blown engine! Balance shaft jumped timing, total engine loss. Before this, converted troublesome air suspension to conventional springs. Problems with climate control panel. Panoramic work stopped working, big $$$ to fix. Intake manifold arm broke on the outside, no replacement parts - $1000 just for the intake manifold, let alone labor to replace. Cost of repairs at dealership more than value of vehicle. If you aren't a DIY avoid, avoid, avoid! Even if you are, it is not worth the trouble. Mercedes has clearly made it a priority to keep non-dealer mechanics away. More that 50% of the average Mercedes dealerships income is in service! Took in my rock solid BMW X5 for this junk R350 because the middle row was roomy for baby seats and toddle seats - huge mistake! Want to be stuck on the side of the road with young children? Then buy a Mercedes. What you can get from an OBD II scanner and what the dealer Star tool provides is different. OBD II under reports. Star tool is thousands and thousands to buy and not for sale to private perople so a handy person can't properly diagnose. They go to the trouble of making the intake manifold out of magnesium, but fill it with cheap plastic! PCV valve dumps huge amounts of oil into the intake. All the flaps internally broke off in the intake! Bushings fell out so massive vacuum leak. Electrical system is total junk! Average vehicle these days had 4-5 CPUs - Mercedes has over 40 modules. You disconnect the battery wrong and one of the "smart" modules fries. Even the fuse box is a "smart" fuse box, which actually means it's idiotic. Embarrassing how so many solid-state components fail in these cars. Then there's the transmission - 6 speed "7g tronic" - just look it up - early failures, requires thin fluid and was proclaimed as "sealed for life" by Mercedes. They quickly backed out of that one a couple years in due to failures. But you can't just drain and fill like other cars - there is no ATF dipstick! You have to drop the pan, replace the filter, and pump fluid in. Then with the car running, you have to watch the fluid coming out change from gushing to more of a drip. Is this what German engineering means these days? Oh and the transmissions shift module fails. Look at how many Mercedes with awd have to be dragged onto a flat bed. The shifter is a servo, so if the module goes bad, your battery dies etc, you are totally SOL - you can't shift into neutral!!! Power steering leaked because the hose clamps were cheap crimp, not screw clamp, coil packs fail. It's hard to recall what doesn't break honestly. I've owned and worked on Audi, BMW and Japanese cars and Mercedes is now the worst in my opinion. I will not buy another Mercedes again!!!!!
I bought this car new in '09, and with my trade in I got it for $8050 with 1.8 miles on it. Being a "boy" and knowing manual transmissions are generally cheaper to repair, I got the 5 speed. To me the CVT trans was too new and not well tested yet. (I've been reading a lot of problems with the CVT in the past couple days.) My car now has 243,000 (yes I drive a ton, lol) miles on it and all i've done is regular maintenance; air filter, trans fluid changes, oil changes, coolant flushes, brakes, and tire replacements (just got onto the 4th set) and rotors once. Keep in mind i just drive it up and down the highway, and at 73 mph, I steadily get 38-39 mpg with fresh oil and air filter. I got the base model as I didn't want any problems with electric locks/windows/seat EVER! I used to be a Honda man, but maintenance is way cheaper than Honda in my experience (I've owed 3 civics, an accord and a prelude). My only complaint is that the AC compressor is small, and if your not moving you don't get the coldest air. The interior is economically built, but I expected that. back seats have some sun fade, but to me I just beat it up and down the highway anyway. I have had this car the longest of all of them, but I suspect that is because I got a new one and it wasn't beat on already and I take pretty good care of it. "Base" is the way to go for me, fewer components, fewer far the best car I have owned for the money spent!! Over seven years with this car and average monthly cost for me to date (without gas) with maintenance is right at $96/month. I just started getting some timing chain noise (chain rubbing the guides) and will be replacing that in the next week or 2.
Bought this car new in Sept 1999. Just love it.
It has great power and a nice quiet and smooth ride.
Love the auto adjusting seats and steering wheel with two separate settings.
The Bose Audio system is amazing.
The paint has held up so nice it looks like new.

The only issue I ever have had was an intermittent misfire when idling. Replaced the Spark plug coils and it is now perfect again. Car now has over 134K miles looks new!

BTW, I like another reviewer was not happy putting Hi test Gas in it which I did for years. But then I tried mid grade. No noticeable difference in Performance. And now I use regular and still no issue. NO Ping no knock and that is because this cars computer adjusts the timing for whatever gas is in it. Not like an old Carburetor that will cause knocking if the timing is off with low test gas. So save money and use regular.

Now if I want the car to look totally new I will replace the Driver seat with a brand new leather cover to factory spec. yep. I am keeping this car until it dies.... and why not its probably worth about $3K now.
My biggest worry is that I get hit and the damage is above the book value and they refuse to fix it. Now THAT will be sad. Cause this car is fantastic. I have checked out Mercedes and BMW's and nothing compares. And I hate all that digital stuff on cars these days. I love the ease of analog controls.

And Infiniti has nothing that compares in Size to this Q. Everything is based on the G chassis which is like a sports car compared to this Luxury car.

I leased a 2015 Ford F150 in February 2016. At this moment, it has 6164 miles on it. Last week, I left my house to run errands and got about 5 minutes from home. I stopped at a stop light and when I accelerated to go, the truck started shimmying and I lost acceleration. Thankfully, I was at a place that I could pull over and get off the street. I turned off the truck, sat for about 5 minutes to see if the error would reset but it didn't. I tried to again put it into drive but still no acceleration frontward or backward. Called Ford roadside assistance and waited an hour and half to be towed. Called Northgate Ford, Cincinnati, OH to let them know my vehicle was on its way there to be looked at. I explained the problem and the service writer stopped me in my description and told me to call roadside assistance and have it towed. REALLY? I told him it should be pulling into his lot any minute. I asked for a rental or a loaner but was told they didn't supply them. This was in a Fri afternoon and I had a ton of things to do over the weekend. I had to argue with the service attendance, the service manager and went all the way up to the GM of the dealership. Reluctantly, he approved a rental for the weekend.....I am a single woman and being told that I was going to be without transportation being that my 6 month old truck was in the shop for repairs did NOT set well. All three men that I spoke with were rude and very disrespectful. Today is Wednesday and they called this a.m. to tell me my truck was ready. I drove to the dealership to get it and asked what the final diagnosis was. The attendant handed me the paperwork and told me to read it for myself. The paperwork said it was the throttle body and motor assembly. I wanted and needed an explanation about what this was but he called to have my truck brought to me and I left. I made it home in the 45 minute drive but I am scared to death to drive it very far from home. The sad thing is I have another two and half years on the lease and I can just about predict that this won't be my last repair.....ugh!!!
Brought the 2006 Santa Fe 2.7L on 11/19/2015 with 98k from original owner, she did most of the regular scheduled maintenance on the car and was in good shape. This is one of the best cars I ever owned! Now with 107K miles on it, of course it's starting to need things like: front axles, brakes and rotors, spark plugs and wires, struts and shocks, wheel bearings, fuel pressure regulator, radiator and hoses. No big deal, between rock auto and eBay most of these parts are fairly inexpensive, that's one of the best features of this car. All of the above have been replaced and most have lifetime warranties with the parts, I save the boxes. Car is over 10 years old, what would you need if you were a car and drove day after day, especially on hard pavement with bumps and potholes and some people who don't know how to drive? Hey Hyundai, great job putting a good Suv together and for the affordable price. Just a suggestion peeps, they call this scheduled maintenance for a reason! Rock On America and remember, DO MORE TO HELP OTHERS...
Hi, I got my geo prizm 1995 with 120,120 milles. That was back in 2012, the previous owner had abused the car. But I put some love and care too it. Currently it has 2017,120miles run strong but consume oil too. I put a lot of new staff on this car and I am find it hard to let go. It has plenty of rust but trusty. With this car, it has made me mechanic inclined. Most of time I do all the work on my geo prizm and it makes me happy.
I have had this car since 70,000 miles one other owner well taken care of brake booster went out around 90,000 at a 100,000 I have since replaced a melted coil on primary a all the spark plugs both catylitic converter replaced the car has cost me over $3000 already only to find out the the ecm or pcm is faulty which has no recall yet definitely not bad due to wear and tear the car has almost been in the shop ever since I got it and am currently still having it worked on I am very disappointed in this car falls short of being at American made vehicle standards it looks pretty but parts are cheaply made
240,000 still running strong. Replaced auto transmission due to bad input shaft seal leak, but wouldn't drive anything else! The luxuries of this car for a '98 are so amazing! Recommend this car to everyone!
So far the only issue i have is the passingerside air bag light is on & the break pedal making a groaning sound when stepped on....had a break job done but did not fix the problem & a little bump when wheels are turned to deep. It has a lift kit on it.
I love my Jeep!
First off I love this car !!! It is a huge improvement over my 2009 Corolla S . I was in the market for another car in 2015 and came across this sharp grey Corolla S 6speed manual with every option you can get on a manual. I was told by the saleman that the car was ordered by original buyers who wanted it with a manual transmission and within 2400 mile he traded it in . I made out on the sale price and am so glad I picked this thing up. My only issue with the car has been the navigation randomly cutting off . The only complaints I've have with it is the power , or lack there of . It needs like another 40-50 hp to make it a bit more fun to row through the gearbox. I have just under 30k on it and still am happy with my purchase.
I have. 2005 mercury montego premier. I did scheduled services and treated her well. She gas 87000 miles on her. The gear shift is beginning to stick in park but i hear its just a computer upgrade. I love this car. Paint fades in the hot desert sun but have taken care of that too. She has never let me down and i plan on being happy with her for years to come
Purchased this 2004 Chevy trailblazer used with 108300 miles on it biggest piece of junk I have ever owned I regret purchasing with in 3500 miles replaced All brakes rear rotors, front Hub assemblies,ac compressor,ac cutoff switch,clutch fan ,tstat and gasket, the steering rack started leaking. today the blower fan stopped working . having owned over 70 vechicles in my lifetime to date don't waste your time or money and buy 1 of these pieces of garbage.honestly folks what a pos
I bought a 2001 5.3 4x4 tahoe 2 years ago with 92k. Have 111k on it now. Bought from original owner with extensive maintenence records. Northeast truck so it has some rust underneath but nothing crazy. Paint shines like new and the interior held up and looks new also. Has no oil leaks anywhere....knock on wood. Shifts perfectly. Has a little clunking noise when shifting into reverse but it is normal for these trucks. Although mine is fine the transmissions are a weak spot on these trucks but if you don't abuse it, keep up with transmission fluid changes and tow with the tow/haul option you will probably have little to no problems. A few hundred dollars a year in maintenence is better than several hundred a month on car payment for a new one. It is also the most comfortable driving car I have owned. Relatives borrow it to move things around and pull a trailer or boat now and then. Moves the kids back and forth to college no problem and eats up the snow during the norteast winters. Feel like I'm driving in the living room sofa. If the truck has solid maintence records and the price is good you can't go wrong.
Everyone always knocking Dodge cars and trucks. I'm a total and loyal Dodge Mopar buyer,driver and fan! I have never had any major problems with anything I've owned! Except the paint issues! But I take care of my vehicles! Service them when needed! I've owned many in my 50 years. And I have a 2000 intrepid now with 247000 miles and the only thing I've replaced is battery,shocks and wipers! And tires and brakes! Great car! I love it! And it has the 2.7 in it. But was made in Canada. Bought it new. Oh and I've recharged the air conditioning. I also have a 97 Dodge RAM four by four with a 360 in it . Bought it three years ago.only thing I've done to it is brakes,radiator, and tires! Never had tranny problems with any Dodge product to be honest! You have to service them when needed! I have two sons,one a Ford driver and one a Chevy fan. They seem to have alot more problems than I've ever had! But in end....Intrepid is an awesome car! Looks,drives,runs,and performs great for me!!! Dodge till I die!
Transmission leak seems to be common. 200,000 hits on YouTube
I purchased a 2007 GMC Acadia.. BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life... 70,000 miles transmission went on it... 75,000 miles timing chain went on it.. 80,000 miles censors went on it... Now timing chain just went again 2 days before I have to go back to work.. I'm a single father raising 2 kids and can't afford this shit.. I am totally screwed...
Great, tough, car! Have wrecked it twice once in back and once in front and you can hardly tell if at all. Great gas mileage, about 25-30 mpg. Cheap to work on, rarely ever has problems and when and if it does it's usually minor, or just a little kink. Very reliable transportation. Fun to drive, great for learning stick shift if you're a beginner (car I learned on, had no idea how to drive 5 speed and learned within 1-2 weeks) Great for a first car, basic but nice interior. Only complaint I have is there's no storage at all (no cup holders, no door holders, small glovebox) other than that it's a great, fun, nice, comfortable, peppy little car. Drives nice, accecelorates nice and fast, and is great for customizing or changing stock to aftermarket. I absolutely love my 91 Civic and look forward to having it for a very long time, if you take proper care and maintanence it will last forever. I've known people close to 300,000 miles whose still drove like new. *based off of 1991 Honda Civic Dx Sedan 5 Speed Manual
____ + I own a 1997 Toyota corolla CE (Classic Edition) with 147,000miles. I am the Second Owner of this vehicle. Color is Beige. It runs with a 1.6L
(4A-FE) Engine and transfers the power to the wheels on a 5 speed manual (C50) transmission with synchronizers.
____ + The Drivetrain is awesome on this vehicle, but the cv joints are leaking grease which makes me believe they can fail soon that's why I rate drivetrain 4 stars.
_____ + The body has no rust because Toyota did an excellent job on rust proofing this 7th generation vehicle, but the cup holder is too small and sensitive which ends up breaking every time that's why I rate body, interior 4 stars.
_____ + Bulbs stop working on the taillights, so far the driver taillight brake light bulb on the right side is a pain in the neck I ended up just ignoring it, and the speedometer assembly has had two light bulbs go out, I ended up ignoring those too and one day they decided to wake up that's why I rate electrical 3 stars.
_____+ Engine is in great shape it purrs but I think one valve might be a tiny bit out of adjustment because if I put my ear on the valve cover I hear something on one side of the engine, other than that the engine consumes a tiny bit of oil on 4000 mile oil change intervals- quite normal. And runs strong without any problem that's why I rate engine 5 stars.
_____ + It does NOT smoke I have had someone follow me while I accelerate quickly and no smoke, it is clear of engine lights and has passed two inspections with me that's why I rate exhaust and emissions 5 stars.
____+Heating works great and A/C was not cold but the car is so old that I added half a can of R-134 refrigerant to the A/C system and works better, but is not as cold as other cars ive been in that is why I rate A/C & Heating 4 stars.
____ + Front suspension is not so good as my car does not have the front stabilizer bar, when I go into turns at 8mph with a road hump like in an apartment complex parking lot, either tire right or left jumps and slams the inner fender side as the strut assembly fails to do a good job. I pulled a stabilizer bar from another corolla vehicle at the junk yard and plan on installing when I replace the control arms which show a little wear on the rubber. I have replaced two front struts and one rear strut assembly. I know I am supposed to change both sides together but the back struts require the removal of a brake hose therefore requiring a long brake procedure, this is why I rate suspension and steering 3 stars.
_____ + ALL IN ALL this car is awesome altogether.. in my opinion it is the most reliable car out there.. why? because it lasts long before something breaks compared to others and when something breaks no worries, this car was the highest selling car in the world in 1997 therefore more cars out there leading to cheaper parts because there is more demand for them.. a lot of people don't know the Idea of this car but it is quality that's what the designer wanted and he made it.. 1998 corollas and up focused on economy, they are horrible they burn so much oil and have cheap internal parts, I had a 1998 corolla before.. if you want a corolla get a 1997 or earlier year.. don't get too old and inspect the specific vehicle to be in good condition.. also automatic transmissions for these vehicles 1997 and older where badly made :(..
2003 Durango since 2004 , with 8,000 miles on it. Still have same 13 year old Truck , with 112,000 miles and have never had any major engine issues, all repairs have been normal ware & tear . this baby has been driven cross. Country twice & numerous times from Virginia to Pennsylvania. I would definitely recommend 2003 model. I had all recall parts replaced free of charge at dodge dealer. I love this truck. I think dodge Should have stuck with the 2003 model, verses any of there New Dodge Durango
Bought 2009 Volvo s40 2.4i 5cyl in summer of 2009 Houston TX... Full time driver, 40 hrs, personal vehicle...

Next month will be 7 year mark. I have had 0 "brake downs" to this day. 240,000 miles

-Major issues with AC clutch,
-Major problems with catalytic converters, holes in flexpipe before cat
-lower ball joints, control arms front suspension have also had many replacements.

I did not put money into maintenance, in fact, timing belt once at 140k and fuel pump at 210k are the only 2 repairs that have been completed (excluding 3 issues mentioned above)


Amazing machine. Absolutely recommended. Volvo for life.
Purchased used in 2005 with 60k. Currently at 218,000, splitting mileage with a 2006 Tundra. The car has been a solid performer with the exception one major issue (more later). The brakes issue is real. I have not upgrades and intend to check with the dealer after earlier posts mentioned some sort of recall. Interior quality is good to excellent, and had not given any problems. Minor irritation mentioned in earlier posts are the loss of some indicator lights, in particular the "D" and some of the instrumentation that would be helpful when looking for knobs in the dark. My major issue is a gremlin, I think. Somewhere around 150k I upsized the tires to Pirelli Scorpions, P265/75-16 plus added Bilsteins. Not a big deal, right. shortly thereafter I started having serious issues with a shaking in the fron end, so bad I thought I was losing the front end. Toyota said it was the tires. This made no sense but I put the Pirellis on the Tundra and went to a stock size Michellin. No change. after what seemed like half-a-dozen trips to Longo Toyota I finally got one of the Japanese techs to agree it was the electronic traction control sensor. Replaced (my dime, big bucks), no problem. Fast forward 6 years, new tires, same upsized Pirelli's. Starting to get a rattling sound that my research seems to indicate may be the ATC(?) traction control. Point is, I think there is some issue with the electronic traction control. It is inconceivable to me that you cannot make a slight size change on this vehicle without creating these issues. Not sure what I will be dong next.
Hi all. Bought my first 2000 BMW 323i w/ the sports package back in November. Great car for a 3 series. After doing a ton of research on them, I found repairs can get costly.
I bought a brand new cooling system over hull kit for under $500. Comes with everything you need.
Upgraded brakes. Bought stainless steel braided brake line hoses and loaded calipers.
Cost around $1000
Wheel bearing, so far only one. Getting the kit from the dealership is the best thing to do. Under $80 and comes w/ everything needed to do a proper replacement.
Window regulator. Common part to go w/o earning. Cost around $115.
I upgraded the air filter to a K&N to help get better fuel economy. Cost around $45
The car is fun, but I feel the steering is over sensitive. Having the sports package is nice, but expect certain parts to average anywhere from 2 - 4x more then the base package. Over all, looking forward to getting a 5 series or M series next.
I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer from my brother. He recycles vehicles. I drove this one, I thought it ran too good to just be cut in peices and recycled. Boy was I right!!!.. Don't even know how many miles this thing actually have. But I know it has lots more to go!!! Took it for a 3000 mile road trip!! Up the Rocky Mountains.. No problems!! Noticed it climed hills better with midgrade or premium gas.. I gotta fix the 4x4.. But I still take it camping in the mountains.. Hasn't got stuck yet!! Looking to replace the clutch and water pump pretty soon.. She is such a good car for so little money.. So capable of doing so much.. So roomy on the inside.. My 6'1 son rode in the back seat on the road trip.. He said it was very comfortable.. I've basically done routine maintenance.. Replaced tires.. And made it legal to drive again.. I use the Good stuff on an oil change, and some 50 weight.. She is such a good vehicle!!!
Purchased my 2005 Chevrolet Colorado new and have had very few problems with the overall vehicle. Had any items corrected that had a recall on it and I am still using it as a daily driver today with roughly 241,000 miles on it. One of the best vehicles I have owned and will continue to drive it until its ready to retire. Only issue I have dealt with on a routine basis is the higher than normal engine temperature but it has never gone pass the 3/4 mark on the temperature gauge. They definitely don't make radiators like they use too. These have a 1 row radiator with plastic tanks which I am not a big fan of but hopefully by adding a secondary electric cooling fan I can get the cooling system to work alot better than it has been. Overall a very good vehicle and love the gas mileage!
Purchased this car brand new and have had nothing but problems. I have had an issue with every part of the car. Each time I bring it in for repair i am back in a couple of days for another issue. I will never buy another Chevy and would not recommend to anybody else.
I have been having trouble with my dashlights and radio staying on. I put my brake on and all the dashboard lights and radio goes off. Sounds like to me it's either my ignition switch, or electrical problem.someone plz tell me what you all think.
MY 1995 buick lesabre has been sitting for 7 years. does anyone know what I should replace other than belts and hoses? would be greatly appreciated.
I bought this 1997 Mercury Villager a year ago and overall I love it I drove in from work and from Little Rock to Pine Bluff and back from North Little Rock to Alexander Benton and Bryant all the time I put the miles on them about her at a hundred and twenty five thousand miles and so far she is sitting at 200500 miles not too bad she is really really good there's always some issues but that's just an overtime thing for how many miles that she had and as old as the vehicle is even better yet just come to find out the vg30 motor that's built into it is also the same motor that they used in the 300ZX from Nissan I said I never had a problem out of it other than the fuel pump but I replace the fuel pump replaced knock sensor and she was like a mofo I'm a delivery driver for Domino's down and so far I believe I put at least 50,000 miles on it what says I've been driving for Domino's and that was like almost here I can give it 5 Stars overall for reliability durability and easy and cheap to replace Parts I end up punching my transmission pan on the delivery one day and we got all my tranny fluid I went to the junkyard and I could not find his name anywhere other than the one that was wrecked that part was already gone so I looked around and I look at a Nissan Sentra looks like probably 99 to 2002 same type of transmission pan fits right on no problem about 25 bucks that's and there's a few other things I had to replace light brakes brakes up front cost me $13 and I did it myself it was quick and easy but despite the star-studded but I had to take out and I was kind of expensive but that's okay am 6 foot 4 about 300 pounds now it is a little cramps on my legs I mean with wives hey I got all the woman in the world but my knees are like seriously injured that has it's kinda quiet for a premium vehicle but other than that it's stable on the road it's quick and I did some tinkering and I managed to Max it out over 125 an hour and yes to point out I deliver pizza in this thing and yes I do that well all funny Parkside bad the durability this man is remarkable they don't make them like this anymore the parts that I can find from multiple year vehicles from the D12 Hardbody to the Nissan Sentra this thing is fairly easy to get parts from I even started looking for parts from the 300ZX 1984 just give her a little bit more power bill is 5 and 4004 pounds she is quick and easy to maneuver even though it's slightly top-heavy I love this man to death and I actually do show Much appreciation to the design and work has been put into it Nissan and Ford in a bang-up job I don't know why they got rid of partnership but they did a good job issues like fuel line issues in fairly easy to do yourself he doesn't even know how you can get the part fairly easy from from the distributor to the fuel pump is easy and quick to replace there's a little bit of Banner set socket what are you can do this yourself
I brought this car with 100.000 miles for $18.000 the car was in unbelievable condition fast comfortable perfect ,if experienced a couple of minor problems but I have a very good mechanic , I'm very happy with this car