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Had 2013 Venetian Red auto Elantra, which is such a fine performer, we also bought a 2016 Venetian Red manual Elantra. Both cars love 100% ethanol-free gasoline(E0), averaging 35-39mpg with 25%-15% city driving, with highs of 43 & 46mpg. The 2016 unadvertised improvements include better paint, better electric steering, quieter interior, smoother, much quieter engine, better lights, & better suspension. Altho fairly noisy driving on regular pavements, both cars are very quiet on the new quiet pavements(hope your new pavements are quiet, too). The standard Hankook tires wore out quickly on the 2013(changed to Goodyear at 31,000 miles), altho alignment & balance was good & with careful featherfooting(as the mpg attest). Sure hope the Goodyears will last, at least twice as long. The Goodyears act like the Hankooks, with good stability ON-CENTER. During off-center steering, the Goodyears have better tracking. Bought the Elantra so 3 adults could sit in the back without being jammed like sardines. However, its best with smaller adults & the center rear seat is an abomination!!! The exterior design of the Elantra makes for rear seat head bumping for taller people. I'm only 5feet 9 inches, but with a longer torso, I bump my head often, specially in that center position. Both cars have the 1.8 liter engine & only 130-131 lbs-feet of torque. The 2016 manual tranny accelerates better than the 2013 auto tranny, but glad both have 6-speed transmissions. The manual is good climbing steep hills.... if you gear down BEFORE ascending hills. Don't get caught in too high a gear, specially on high altitude mountain slopes, for sure! Use some of the small torque BEFORE you need it.... so you won't need more torque, that the engine doesn't have.
After 2 years driving elantra, in early 2015, the airbag light started to lit on even after the engine was running. Checked at the service centre, they detected that the airbag at the driver's seat was malfunctioning. Since the car is still under warranty,Hyundai has done a good job by replacing a new one.

Zin, KL, Malaysia
I also have a 2009 Elantra Touring in Red and the clear coat is peeling off the door handles. Intend to take it in to the Dealer and see if they can do anything about it.
The car has been very reliable and the design works so well that we don't have any incentive or plans to get a new one. The newer models just don't seem to have the same usable interior space as the 2009 Touring.
I did my transmission filter change, was easy and save $ 300 from the Dealer.
--- Car run smooth and quite, the noise people talking about when driving is the road , cause I tested on new road and it feel wonderful.
--- brake switch after replace it 3 times has been working fine, I guess was my wife fault cause women don't care at all about their car, I've seen them how they start the car and fly away with out warming the car first.
Tip for all of you : Temperature door actuator is under glove box, at the left side of the passenger left food, easy to replace; don't pay to Dealer.
--- Transistor or resistor is just next to the blower motor, against the back wall, very easy to replace, maybe you need to push a little the carper to see it; don't pay to Dealer, is what give different speed to your A/C fan or blower.
-- and the last : Actuator mode door, is the responsible of change air flow to different place and turn your fan or A/C, its just under wheel, driver side, close to your right foot, don't pay to Dealer this things are easy to replace, just a little twist your body, screw driver and flashlight and of course patience.
I hope I can help some one with this. Remember help others when you have the oportunity
installed new purge valve sensor. Check engine light is still on. will it reset its self?
Bought a 2011 Elantra limited with Nav . Has had a shimmy between 30-45 mph was told exhaust was the cause, after new tires and alignment shimmy still there , no fault found. At 30,000 the radio and nav decided it no longer wanted to work, replaced ,never worked proper since - no fault found. 50,000 the engine needs to be replaced - was told this engine has a problem and the new engine would have the same problem because Hyundai has not figured out the problem. Long story short its a POS and it is now traded in on a civic. Should have bought the civic 3 years ago
I wish I had never bought this car. It pulled to the left really bad at about 250 miles, they had to switch around the tires, repair some things and switch out others. Now I can never rotate the tires. Also for the price I paid very poor options. I hate this car.
Love my Elantra Touring but an having issues with the clear coat on exterior handles and now the mirror peeling. Hyundai has covered the handles but are now not covering the mirrors. Very disappointed in how I am being treated. I do not take it to be washed often. They stated that they have never seen anything like it before. Where else is the paint going to start peeling on my red car? Anyone else having this problem?
I have the car since 1/29/2009, so far 51.000 miles only brake light switch replace it 3 times and no charge under warranty and actuator mode A/C replace it.
I'm doing 38.5 MPG hwy and I got 40.8 once in long trip. I'm very happy and don't plan to trade it for 2011,12,13,or even 14. The new Elantra was made with a lot of mistake, wrong interior design, under hood, and trunk door.
I still have 60 % of brake pad.
I'm planning to do my own transmission fluid change and replace the filter, cause Dealer don't do it unless you paid a lot to them and its very simple.
My car is very steady, feel good, I turn slow, brake before to turn so I don't hurt the suspension parts.
Never hard start and hard stop. Allow the transmission change gear slow and easy and mine is automatic.
---- driver seat are comfortable, radio wonderful, I like all inside, under hood space and the under hood foam that was eliminated in the new model.
---- I'm planning to keep my Elantra Se 2008 for long time and I will starting putting my hands on it, cause you never know how and what all those mechanic do in your car.
The car was ok for the first few years, was getting good gas mileage avg 35 on the highway until the 60,000 mile check up and then it dropped to less than 20. I asked the dealer service dept. about it and he blamed it on the winter weather and the additives they put in the gas although it has warmed up and still is not any better and it never did that any other winter. I've had to had the brakes done 3 times, new tires every 2nd year, 2 tie rods. Don't know if the dealer is just milking me now or what, I'm a little skeptical at this point. The door handle has broken twice - the first time it was covered under the warranty, but this second time it will cost $50.00 even though I still have same warrenty coverage. Was told at the time of buying that the 30,000 and 60,000 mile required check-ups would be $500 - the first one was, but the second was more like $800 and that's when things seemed to start going downhill. When it's time for a new one will not buy this make again.
This has been the best car that I have ever owned. Other than routine maintenance, a battery, and occasionally bulbs for headlights, I have really had no problems with this car. I have had to replace tires twice, but that could have just been a bad set that I got the second time. I have only recently had to replace the front brake pads, and I have more than 105,000 miles on this car. It has never left me stranded, gets great gas mileage, and has required no more than normal maintenance. I highly recommend this car if you're in the market for a small car.
Front brake rotors seem to be rusting off the vehicle. Bolts on fron caliper seem to rust too excessively also. Transmission does not shift smoothly, and never really did. Also had a relay go bad and lock transmission in low hear. Stupid design flaw if you ask me. License plate lights melted cover lens. Engine really started getting weak at 60k. At 130k I could probably get out and push it faster, but there have not been any major repairs to it. Can't seem to get a good alignment on it and it keeps chewing up tires.
i got my brake lights out, now have 337,000 on it, still going like energizer bunny.
I like my 2013 elantra other than the fact that the Daytime Running Lamps do not work appropriately, the glove box needed replacement due to not staying closed and the car gets tossed around in the wind. Also was very hard to drive in the mountains of PA, WV VA etc.. Other than that a great commuter car.
My car has 140790mi. At 80500mi the drivers rear brake was draging causing rotot to get ruined. Replaced rotor caliper and used ceramic pads. Now the brake is dragging again. What is causing this problem?
Car has been faithful but is getting old by today's standards. I kept up the maintenance regularly. When it hit the 60K+ mark 1 1/2 yrs ago, there was the 60K maintenance to be done - engine work. Cost about $800. At about 69K the check engine light came on - the O2 sensor had to be replaced; because the car was built with Calif. emission, required a special part. In all, $500+. Now at 73K the radiator, heater coil all the hoses and belts have been replaced $1100 or so. Also, at about 60K the speedometer began slipping. Am told now that it is a sensor that needs to be replaced. Not sure how much more $$ that will be. Don't want to buy a new car but...
on my way to work nov.1 2012. it wasn't hot or cold outside. i live in hawaii but i was on my way to work no cars passing no one on the road and nothing fell from a tree but my back window exploded. wtf
I have a 2010 hyundai elantra and when it rains i get water inside under dashboard and both driverside and passenger side of car matts get wet! it seized computer and the EPS, temp symbol and manifold powersteering symbol showed up on dashboard and then wouldnt shift out of 1st gear!! in shop and they say they cant find anything wrong! I have seen a couple complaints of same situation online from other owners!still waiting to see!!
I'm having a problem with the plastic splash shield under the radiator easily cracking and coming loose. Because I cannot see the front end of my car, it's easy to scrape the bottom on a concrete parking barrier. Everytime this happens (four times now), the plastic shield breaks and has to be replaced. I've never had this problem with any other car so am wondering if this is a defect or just poor design/quality. Also, the steering feels like it "sticks" every now and then. The dealer cannot find anything wrong; and when I tested other Elantras, they did the same thing.
my elantra would fail to start after driving it for several miles but if i let it sit for 20 or 30 would start,and then it got where it wouldn't start when it was cold,and the only way we could get it to start was to turn on different things like ac,lights,etc.,and that findly stop working and now it want start at all.does anyone know whats wrong with my car?
2006 Elantra GT has rust around rear brakelight.
Power Steering pump is shot at 90,000 miles.
Brakes always sound like they need to be replaced.
Wipers don't always seem to work that well either.
Of course my car was in perfect shape until the warranty was up
just bought a used wagon gls and was driving fine commuting to work until last week when check engine light went on and died. Went to a mechanic to look at it and was told it was speed fan module. So far its been a reliable car for its year and mileage only 94k.
I just need a sun roof for a 2000 hyundai elantra. Does anybody have any ideas of where to get one? Thanks.
I had bought my car Sept 2010 Brand new and within the first 9,000 miles the cars paint had chipped and the car was starting to rust along the rear dog panels and the base panel by the front tires. I also had random chips along the hood and on the trunk. I live in the country so the traffic is minimal and the roads are actually paved great. There aren't lose gravel roads that I travel and most of my traveling distance is within 15 miles. Well I had to take the care to get repainted along the bottom last year and just this year today I noticed the paint is chipped and starting to rust again along the bottom. The dealerships are giving me a hard time about road conditions, etc.
I just bought a 2012 elentra gls hyper silver in colombo , sri lanka. the first car wash i did on the elentra the head lights got fogged out from the inside same happened after few days.

any tips/hints?
I bought The Zero milage 2010 Hyundai Elantra 1 year ago, after 1 month I changed the exhaust Barrel because it was making some Squeaky noise as I hit the gas, then I heard something that hit the cargo bag, I found that the spring of the cargo's cover was broken. After while I changed the left axle seal as the gear oil was leaking alot from the gearbox, I also replaced the clutch parts, now I have a problem in the first gear, third gear, and the fifth gear.
After engine oil change, a picture of car and fuel sign suddenly showed up in the mileage monitor of 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. Anyone has any idea what it means?
I have Elantra 2007 2.0L with automatic transmission.the problem is the car sometimes the engine cut off suddenly and able to start again without any problem also the engine check light does not turn on
that happen at law speed exactly at the first gear level.
i don't know the reason for this and I'm from libya and we don't have the hyundai service center here.
so please would you tell any thing about this
thanks a lot.
I bought this car as my first when I was 16, which was four years ago. Mine is a manual transmission and I have had no problems with it (other than what I have done to it). I change the oil every 5k miles, and I've put on about 40k miles.

I have gotten up to 36 MPG with this car (long trip- highway miles) and as low as 24 MPG (town driving). I'd say the average is around 28-30. It is a great car and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a reliable car with great gas mileage.