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Chicago, IL: 2000 Honda Accord LX 4Cyl - Taffeta White - 276,000 Miles.

Little rust in the quarter panel, but clear coat seems to be drying off. Had a minor accident on the rear bumper causing a scraps and cuts, but have not fixed it for more than 5 years now. Paint seems to be holding up well. Transmission gave up at 260,000 miles and replaced it with a used ones with 110,000 miles. Flex pipe have been replaced twice so far. one at 98,000 Miles and other at 270,000 Miles. Other than that, everything is original factory (shocks/struts, Mufflers, Engine, Radio, and Electronic) , no modification.

Great, yet reliable car I've ever owned!
First off I before this 2005 owned a 2004 Honda Accord EX both the K24 SULEV engines, both automatic and both have been phenomenal. I drive A LOT!, these both never failed me once even when they were not in the best condition. For example my 05 LX needs new rear upper control arms and some other suspension work but it still drives well enough to keep highway speeds and hit corners at speed without braking. I replaced the air intake with a short ram and it sounds great, I also replaced front passenger shock with a used low mileage original shock, also replaced the front sway links and front rotors and pads along with new shoes in the back, still running good. Sure it has 200,000 miles on her but the motor and transmission are both original. I came from Subaru and I have gotta say Honda may be no race car or sports car but is still a great used car requiring minimal maintenance and the 4 cylinder uses a chain unlike the V6, I will continue to purchase used 7th generation accords as I am well aware the 8th and 9th generations have their full share of problems. I change the oil religiously every 3k miles with synthetic blend and a super tech filter (yes the cheapest filter ever) and the motor runs great! It won't win any beauty pageant but she won't fall you ever up until well after 250k miles!
Bought my 2008 V6 Accord with 12K in 2010..previous owner used only as snowbird vehicle. From day 1, I noticed that when i accelerated from a dead stop the car would behave like plugs were missing or it needed a tuneup, yet when I reached highway speed no problems. I just had tensioner pulley and serpentine replaced after 80K...thank goodness for my neighbor who worked as service manager at Honda who diagnosed the issue by listening to the me it sounded as if my power steering unit was going. I was hoping that the tensioner pulley was causing the "engine miss" but no such luck. The ECO works properly and I was thinking that could be the issue. Any other ideas?
I have owned my 06 exl with nav for 3 years. It's been a great car. I do make sure to flush transmission fluid every 5k miles just to be on the safe side. It is generally reliable. I have replaced the power steering hose and an o-ring and rear brake rotors as well as front pads/rotors. Nothing major. Will definitely consider buying another Accord.
I just purchased a 2002 Accord EX (4cyl Auto w/163000miles) from my sister last month. She purchased it new and had all service done at the dealer.
She kept meticulous records in a binder on everything she had done to the car. Was I impressed. For the price I couldn't pass it up for a 2nd bang around car.
Jury is still out on reliability, but so far it runs like a champ. If the tranny goes south, I'll just get out from under it. I have nothing to loose. Who knows I just may fix it.
I have a 2013 Honda Accord (lease) with 17,000 miles on it. I have already replaced the starter (covered) and today was told the reason my air conditioning does not work is because of two holes in the air conditioning condenser caused by "road debris." The cost to fix this problem is approx. $600.00. Mostly labor. This is not covered by the 3 yr./36,000 mile warranty. In my research, it appears the damage caused by a design flaw. The condenser is too close to the grill allowing stones to damage the condenser. In 2012 Honda was sued, in a $40 million dollar class action law suit (Alin v American Honda Motor Co., Inc.) regarding this issue and yet no fix seems to be in the works. I could fix this today and have it happen again the way home. It seems Honda does not want to re-design and spend their money but have no problem taking mine. This is my last Honda.
I bought the car in May of 2014 after my 1995 Mercury Cougar was in a accident. Love the Accord its a good dependable well made Japanese automobile ever made. The 4 cylinder is very powerful it runs and drives excellent. Within only one year my Accord has never experienced nothing bad did get few things all repaired but its a reliable car. Interior is like new and runs and drives smooth gets 30mpg has the EX-L package. I am the 3rd owner of this car purchased off ad for $3,580 was a good deal buying my Accord love every bit of this vehicle. Overall very fun driving no numerous repairs looked under hood believed last owner took excellent cared of this car even the spouse had let their teenager drive this car back in college. Got all the service records and maintenance the car needed couple things but after bought few little things happened so far its a sporty looking car with enough performance very reasonably to drive well maintained and believe it will go forever as have 224,000 miles all original without a single problem. I will always buy a old used car as a car like this one because they are trouble free built bulletproof with nothing but changing oil, plugs, tune ups and batteries replacements its a very highly reliable car probably better than my '95 Mercury which was a good car too.
I bought used in 2010 with 54,000 miles. Roomy and it's more comfortable than my 1996 traded on another used certified Honda put trust in the reputation. I see many of these on highways. I truly love my Accord got the LX which basic model but it's a good reliable car ever. In 2015 finally put 185K on odometer never once had this car to left me stranded on traveling CA freeways. It's dependable, affordable and runs like a new car like styling better than newer Accords in the later years this is the best car no minimal repairs it runs and drives sharp gets excellent mpg. Plan on driving my Accord until 400K love every bit of it maybe next couple more years when the newer Accords aged as my 2006 probably grow on me at the time did get a certified as did with my used one still runs like a new car or better.
This is the 3rd and LAST HONDA ACCORD that I will own. I feel in love with my husband's (then boyfriend), 1987 Accord Coupe, we married, had our first child and even after being flooded by Hurricane Floyd, had it repaired, with no problems and got over 240,000 miles. We wanted a Sedan, so I got a 2000 Accord...I drove it and got close to 290,000 miles BEFORE (drum roll), this 2008 Honda Accord. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE...from brakes, replacing headlights (which is a task in itself on this model), to my the VS system, which I was told was a timing chain, replaced the entire entire. I then find out there's a recall. So, $3000 later, I can't get it inspected because my dash is lit like a Christmas Tree and I've been told that I need a 1500.00 Internal Computer Module, AND this morning, it wouldn't crank AGAIN...The battery is good, the mechanic is saying its the starter, and that, because of the labor involved with taking the intake manifold off to replace the starter motor....
I bought the car used one year ago. I started with 55K, now at 68k. It is an EX-L V6. I have not experienced the problems listed below; however, the prior owner may have lived through them. I change the oil every 5k miles. The only areas where this car could have been better include body integrity (rattles) and brake noise (the lining is fine - just noisy ~ which I have experienced with other cars). Based on thoughts below, I suppose time will tell.
Have had numerous major costly repairs with the Honda Accord LX, 4 cylinder, automatic transmission.
Complete transmission failure at 55,000 miles, upper camshaft seal shifted, causing major oil loss, new starter, new radiator, near A/C compressor, new transmission solenoids, new altenator (replaced twice), and replacement of steering rack due to leakage from Honda continuing to use "rubber" instead of "silicone" which lasts much longer.
Would NOT purchase another Honda Accord LX - 4 cylinder, automatic transmission, with so many known issues by Honda Corporation, especially premature automatic transmission failure.
In my opinion, Honda Accord is no longer considered a reliable vehicle or good used car to purchase.
Please review NUMEROUS premature automatic transmission failures for all years of this model before considering purchasing.
I have 70,000 miles on my 2008 honda accord. Every 20,000 miles I have to replace brakes. I have A/C problems, blows hot air (off and on). I had VTC changed under TSB at 55,000 miles and now the same engine problem is occuring, which i will have to pay for. It goes through oil (consuming) it. I have to add a quart every 2,000 miles. Recently, the starter went out $500 and the power steering pump was replaced ($400) because they said it was leaking too bad and would cause an engine fire. Both not under warranty or recall (honda said) I contaced NHTSA as well as Honda America. Honda America is ignoring me.....I HATE MY HONDA ACCORD.....and i will never buy another one. I HATE HONDA AMERICA !!!!! HORRIBLE CAR. I plan to sue them......
Bought new in 1999, and now has 130K miles. I have replaced the ignition coil ($60), radiator ($240), two inside door handles ($40 ea.) and 3 sets of tires. All scheduled maintenance has been done. It needs McPherson Struts right now, but am putting it off (they are $350 to $400 installed). Frankly it has been a GREAT car. I consider it VERY low maintenance. Plan to drive it another 50K miles.
Have a 2009 2-DR V6 EXL accord and I LOVE it! I've had it since 2010-cert. pre-owned from Manchester Honda and cannot say one bad thing!! Came with 8K miles. Now has 70K. I've had to replace all 4 brakes, needed new batery last winter but that is about it! All that is basic car care. Oil has been fine. So far this car has been worth every penny. I plan on selling next fall (2016) only because it's a 2-dr and we plan on starting family. If it wasn't for that, I'd have this car as long as I could!!
This is a piece of junk I will never buy a Honda again. Took into dealership the A/C blows hot air after warranty was up had to spend $145 on a new compressor. At 87,000 miles my car is burning oil did smell antifreeze mechanic said that my dipstick was dry needed oil rings and pistons still didn't help. The brakes are the main problem besides anything else on this car spent money getting new brakes it's sad we buy cars but don't tend be reliable as I thought Hondas were made to last should have never got this car. I really in processing of trading it in on Toyota and never buy another Honda again they are not what they used to be.
I have 2006 Honda Accord, the car is perfect, actually, just having 2 weakness points in it:
Engine: Despite its power and fast response, it is not quiet engine, you always hear noises coming from the engine although adjusting the valve clearance, and using different grades of oil. I found out that all 2003 till 2012 V-Tech Engines are noisy by default.
Heat: when you drive for a long way, or getting up hills, the console under the Parking Brake Pedal gets warm/hot coming from the Catalytic Converter Exhaust that is under it, i have solved this issue by adding an extra heat shield for it.
Generally, the car is perfect, nice features, nice Clusters ill lights, poor low CD stereo sound, powerful, reliable, nice tail looking with LED lamps, wide seating interior, well sealed when you close the windows, low fuel consumption, safe, noise beeping reminder on 120KM (on some models)..
My problem is i'm an Accord fan, my next will be the 2013-up Accord.
Hope i was useful.
I love my 2012 Honda Accord EXL. Very pleased!!!
My 2000 Honda Accord LX is a great car!! Very dependable!!
I thought my brand new 2008 Honda accord would be my dream car but I was wrong. I too have problems with the rear brakes, air conditioner, a $700.00 repair to fix a sensor light but my biggest disappointment is the cheap interior console trim. At first it got stretchy then just tore apart. Dealer said it's normal wear and tear (??) and a letter and pictures to Honda's deaf ears....would I recommend a Honda...think not
I wish I never traded in my 2005 Honda accord that car was the best I own 2009 ho.da accord and it's terrible it goes threw oil like there's a frieking hole and the brakes went two times already now my car turn on then shuts right off going to shop tomorrow oh and the switcher went so even when my car is off the brake lights don't shut off and if you don't unplug the battery the battery dies its the worst car I have ever had and its my fourth but 3rd Honda I can't wIt to trade in
Bought 4 cylinder new. Within a few months a/c would only come out at my feet. Dealer had to rip out entire dash to replace a part that controls air flow. Repair worked but had minor side effects that diminished the new car feeling. Car now has 113K. Replaced front and rear brakes and rotors twice. The interior headliner is falling apart. Had to use screw in tacks to hold it up so I can see out the back window. No other major repairs but the transmission is starting to shake when shifting from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5.
Bought new in 1996. I'm the only driver. Just turned 80K miles. Damn good car. Scheduled maintenance only, for the most part.
You can solve the brake issue by purchasing cross drilled rotors and ceramic brake pads. Honda brakes run hot. Since replacing mine, I have not had a problem with warping rotors & haven't had to replace brake pads more often than regular wear & tear requires.
91 wagon. I love it. One of the most reliable vehicles I had. 300k miles and I take it every where. Replaced distributor in past year. Parts are plentiful if the problem arises. Super easy to maintain as well. Everything works.
Two issues: front and rear brake rotors are crap. I do a lot of mountain driving and the front rotors have warped several times. The rear rotors have cracked. I just installed drilled and slotted rotors on the rear and all is good. I had one issue with the car going into limp mode after returning from a trip to Vegas. Literally happened as I turned down my street. Pulled the code and it was the VTEC sensor. Common problem, $60 part at Honda. Easier to change than a spark plug. All is good. It does consume more oil than my prior Honda. 5 spd manual is fun to drive. Definitely would buy another, but I only have 100K miles on this one.
I had a used 99 Civic for ten years. No major hiccups. I decided to upgrade into an 09 Accord EX, 4cyl in 2009. Initially there were problems with the car. Battery went dead, rear brakes were replaced, I think all before 8K. I am a road warrior, but I don't drive my car rough. The brakes are extremely noisy even after having new ones put on and running them through the wash to rid them of dust. They are just noisy. The wheels feel a little wobbly at times, especially in the rear. There is a grinding noise when I crank the car if it has been off for a long while, almost like a pan rattling underneath. This occurred just after 100K. I live in the Metro DC area so getting from point A to B could mean a MINIMUM of 30 one way. Now that I'm at 112K, the AC just STOPPED working. I noticed the two fans are not running in front of the engine. This NEVER happened with my Civic and she had 210K on her. I'm not very happy with this car even though I was happy with my Civic, which is why I stayed with Honda. Other minor issues, the rear brake light failed (never on my Civic), the interior lights ALWAYS go first (even in my Civic), I heard a loud snap when I pulled my visor down one day and now it doesn't press flush against the ceiling of the car. I've replaced the leather arm rest and now the arm rest in the door is splitting. (NEVER use ARMOR ALL leather wipes!!) I would guess that it damages the car's interior because it is NOT leather. The driver's window was acting up a bit, like it didn't want to go all the way up, but I'm not having any issues out of it. The lumbar support stopped working and I have intermittent back problems. I MAY get an Acura, but I'm sort of leaning toward a Lexus. I'm VERY disappointed with HONDA. I expected to have this car until about 2021...but no. She may get traded this year.
I have a 2000 honda accord v6 72000 miles good car I love it
I bought a high mile 1995 Accord EX in 2012 after an accident totaled my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer. I was not financially prepared at the time to buy another car so I needed something very affordable and reliable to get me to work for a while. I knew this meant I would be looking for an older high mileage car. I found the Accord for sale by a private seller for $1200. The speedometer hadn't worked for some time (the only thing that didn't work), but he estimated the mileage was around 250k. The car had been meticulously maintained with records to prove it. I took it for a drive- it ran like a champ and I bought it on the spot. For the price I paid I couldn't be happier. The biggest downside for me was the car's appearance. I live in Minnesota, where years of winter road salt had rusted parts of the body pretty severely. Particularly over the rear wheel wells (a common area for rust on this car) and the bottoms of the doors. A year and a half later, after repairing the body rust damage myself, replacing the resonator (exhaust) pipe, and continuing to change the oil ahead of schedule- it's still running great and I am happily continuing to put off a car payment for as long as this car will keep on going. I am truly impressed with its reliability.
The 2008 accord ex-l v6 is my third accord. Unfortunately this is my last as it is very clear that honda's dedication to building rock solid, trouble free cars has gone south in a big way. Brake issues, key issues (2 sets, same problem, stopped working, replaced batteries in both, one now works, the other does not).
The VCM is horrible, engine runs rough, shifting his horrible, engine may be missing also. I have 60k on this vehicle. Honda is severely damaging their reputation, not only will I not buy another honda, the word of mouth advertising will be less than appreciated by Honda over time. I am looking to step it up a notch with my next purchase but Acura is now out as well. Too bad really, Honda used to rock, now they suck. Possibly new leadership, or maybe they've become so profit oriented that they've cut costs to join the ranks of manufacturers who deal in junk for maximum return. Screw that.