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I am the owner of a 2006 Scion Xa. I have had to replace the Very expensive emissions system twice! Charcoal canister, etc. Three Electrical window motors, and on and on. I bogs down going up hills, it is a piece of Junk! No recalls on anything I have had to replace. Back to American cars for me!!!!
Best car ever, and I once had a '55 Victoria Sunliner. 125k great miles. Still on original brakes after 100k. rears went til 109k. Wish it had gages, but with regular maintenance - no problems except windshields - goes through them like tissues, but this is the desert and we have lots of gravel trucking. A/c went til 115k and whole system re-done for under $1000 and cooler than ever.
My XB has 156,000 miles and gets around 26 MPG in town and 30 on the road. I have 7 friends that have an XB and all get 38 to 40 MPG around town and 42 on the road. Anyone know why some do not get the 42 MPGs? Thanks
Scion XB is a great car.

Windhsield : Toss a stone at it and it will crack, so far I have about 4. More potholes, I will get even more luckier.

Noise : Loud inside on the highway.

Suspension : Not so great ride. Philly's potholes give me a reminder every day.

Rear Hatch: Broke once, Scion issued a recall, dealer was reluctant but Scion got on the phone and made them do it. I do not have much hope on the new one either.

Rubber Trimmings: Rubber trimmings on the roof flew away in the wind. Hopefully nobody got hurt.

Armrest: No armrest comes with vehicle, bought an aftermarket from Amazon.

Front fenders: Could be used as snow plow. Also, for slamming into pot holes.

Have a broken resonator pipe, might need a new alternator, cam shaft seal, O2 Sensors.

I guess that's all at 144,000 miles and counting.
unbelievable great car. Just turned 284,000 miles. car goes and goes
i am trying to get to 500,000. I am almost positive i will.
Best car I have ever owned.
Bought my 2006 xA new after telling every area dealer I wanted a white one with manual trans. Been driving it for 7 years now with just over 65000 miles on it. No big repair bills. Just new tires and regular scheduled maintenance. Still runs like new. Love it. You can feel every bump in the road - but hey, it's a little hatchback. Handles well. 32+ MPG. Love the stereo controls on the steering wheel. Cargo floor space is only 16 square feet, so hard to fit even a mountain bike in after taking off both wheels. Drove it cross country through all kinds of weather and elevations without event. I've had many cars and this is by far my favorite.
Only have 12,000 on it, but so far it is excellent. Great car in city. Few interior changes would be nice, but that is minor. On interstate it is not as good as in city, but it really is not built to be a interstate vehicle when it is designed like a box. It is roomier than it looks an the brakes are good. Would recommend to anyone.
ive had my 2006 since new. i dont drive it often, but it has 32000 miles on it as of 2013. NO problems. I do all the maintenance myself, switched to synth after the first few changes (that were with regular oil to help it break in). Its needed absolutely NOTHING.

With some research at scionlife, i was able to upgrade the stereo to another OEM unit that plays music off a thumbdrive. im defintely a happy camper and toyota devotee for the foreseeable future
I like the Scion for 2 or 3 people. Truck space is a pain. Can't stand a wheel chair up in back. Interior is a little cheap. Gas average is 30 to 34 miles, not to good for the sacrifice of a small car. It is bumpy to ride on rough roads. It is easy to drive and move around. This car would be ideal for a college kid driving to school. We traveled from Florida to Pa. with three 10 to 13 year old kids. We made it with one bag apiece and pillow. I will not do that again. I would do it with at the most 3 people.... I now have 50,000 miles without problems. I do now have a master brake problem. I will buy a car with more trunk space after this one. Probably a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry and or keep the Scion for a second car. The gas savings isn't worth the comfort. I am 73 yrs. old and need the trunk space for our 102 year old mother's wheel chair. Ha!!!!! But true!!
Bought this car in 2007 with 20k miles on it, and it now has 100,000k miles and have never had any major problems with it. The only issues that I've had are instances such as interior console lights "burning" out and my power door locks failing, but then working again, and then not working again, all on their own. Sometimes my interior vent fans just don't turn on, and my radio freezes up. I believe my car has some interior electrical shorts and issues because of these problems. My sunroof will randomly get stuck open, and there is no manual way to close it. My key has fallen apart to shreds, and the unlock button is gone. Also, around 90k miles, I began to notice a creaking/ grinding noise coming from the front suspension. I have had this checked out by the dealer, and was told there were no issues, but the noise has gotten substantially worse. THIS CAR EATS THROUGH TIRES! This is the other area of grip I have with this car. Because you can only put low profile tires on it, there is very little grip during any type of rain (forget about driving in snow), and the tires do not last long at all. I can get 30k miles out of one set if I'm lucky. I'm on my 4th set of tires since I bought the car! My last set, I drove them down until the steel belts were fraying out of the sides (by complete accident). The interior has held up very well, with the occasional scratch here and there, a loose panel every once in a while, but they pop right back in. Otherwise, the engine and transmission have been great! Gas mileage leaves something to be desired for such a small car, but it's not terrible. Excluding tires, this car is affordable to maintain, and I would recommend it to someone who is not bothered by constant tire purchases.
I have had my Scion now since April of 2008, with only 42000 miles and have had no issues thus far. I have recently experienced a rumbling sound when shifting from park to reverse. I brought it in and after diagnoses, was told that the trans axle had loosened up. The tech said that nothing was damaged and that they could push it back into place and re tighten. Now every time I go over a bump it sounds like its hitting the bottom of my car, a loud thump and you can feel on the floor when this happens, the same kind of thump when a strut goes
I bought my brand new 2006 Scion xA, 10/11 in N.M. After driving pick ups it was quite the change. The best one I've ever made. With 80,000 miles plus, I've only replaced the belts, front brakes and of course new tires. It runs like a champ and gets around 36mpg. If at some point I need to buy another car, it will be a Scion. Easy to drive, has plenty of power for a 4-banger and hauled 2 dogs around quite comfortably, with the seats down. Interior is easy to keep and still looks wonderful. Thank you Toyota for making such a reliable car. Kathy D. Whitesboro,Tx.
Great car only problem was hit a pot hole at 45mph and tore up my upper and lower controll arms, hub, crossmember, tie rod, and the A-frame... but good car none the less
LOVE my Tc!!! It has been a great reliable car. The Tc may not have all the bells and whistles, but it had everything I wanted for a decent price. We have had ours for 7 years now and would purchase another. The down side over the years were the low profile tires, you hit a pot hole and forget it!
I've been driving over 50 years and have had about 8 different cars and I can honestly say my 2006 xa is the most reliable car ever. I've put 200k miles on in 7 years and all I've had to replace have been wheel bearings and air conditioner parts. Motor, automatic trans, and suspension; nothing. Incredible and more so that it rides and drives like new!. The secret, not sure but I'm sure always using good synthetic oil is part but feel certain quality control is the rest. I'm looking to buy another Scion soon and hoping to have the same experience.
First year I've got mine, it was good. Runs smooth with no problems. Second year I started to notice that the tires are giving me problems, since they are sporty and low profile tires its just always giving me problems. The pressure tire light is constantly on and its always getting to me because I feel like something is constantly wrong with my tires. I always go do my oil change at the manufacturer where I got my car, everytime I go in they will reset those lights off. But after a couple hours when I drive off, it comes back on again! I've had the car since 2005, going on my 8th year now. At this very moment, the check engine light is on and now my car is having weird noises. Its soo stressful, now dmv wants me to smog my car and I know with that CEL it won't pass smog. Damn!What should I do? What is wrong with my car?
Worst car I have ever owned. Needed new tires after 20k miles. Automatic door locks broke at 35k, brakes gone at 45k, and A/C gone at 47k. Regardless of the crap parts they put into these cars their gas mileage is pretty poor for a 4 cylinder engine, the suspension feels like a Flintstone mobile and road noise is terrible.
Have 37000 miles. When I shift into reverse and start backing up, I sometimes hear a grinding noise. Another problem I have is when I'm driving straight I suddenly feel the car taking a quick veer to the right which I quickly straighten out. Any ideas on this? I'm afraid I have a huge repair bill coming.
I put 720 miles a week on my 2009 Scion XD. The car has been great up until now. In hot weather, after the car has been driven for about a half hour, while trying to accelerate going uphill, it slips into neutral. It's an automatic transmission. It doesn't matter if it's in cruise control mode, or if I shift it myself from D to 3, or just stepping on the gas. I have to let off the gas until it catches again. Anyone else experience that?
Just took my first long-distance trip in my xB (I've had it for five years) and she is the little engine that could! Even in the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont she drove like a champ and not ONE problem along the way. To say the least I was very surprised and happy. Also, people look at my car and wonder what I can put in it besides two adults, a couple of grandkids, and some groceries. Picture, four captain-style dining room chairs and a matching parson's bench, two adults, and a few groceries. All at one time. WITH a bazooka turbo sound system. Now, THAT is life!
Bought XB new in o8' best buying experience ever. Makes me feel like a young guy again. Very competent getting on the freeways, making the curves, is a blast. Added a TRD high performance muffler and cold air intake manifold, after market from Toyota. Still gives great gas mileage and better performance.
Only wish it had is a regular clock in the dashboard.
I have owned my Scion xA for 6 years now and have 135,000 miles on it. One front damage from a fightdog that ran into the car while heading to work. It now needs a new time chain now and it clatter when you excellerate the engine Toyota will charge $1500.00 to do the repairs and give a one year 12,000 mile warranty when done.I will never trust USAA or there recommended repair shops for over looking this kind of damage to include a alternater that went bad a week after it was suppose to be completely repaired in Savannah, GA.
tengo un problema con mi scion me da voltges de mas maxima 18.2 y lo normal es 12 - 13 yo quiero saber si alguien sabe por q ase eso..pero solo lo ase cuando esta aselerado....
130,000 miles on my 2006 XB and zero problems. I do my own oil changes(synthetic oil) and car burns/uses zero oil. Use the NGK plugs, used a set of Autolites once and mpg dropped slightly. BTW I drive like your granny and get 36-38 mpg. AC could blow a little colder and interior could use more lighting, thats it for issues.
Got this one new and very happy with the purchase. Agree with others that exterior is kind of cheap, but so was price- especially liked the no haggle price when purchased. Over all, great car with 180000 mi and still going strong. Just got new 60K tires and wonder who is going to give out first?
purchased car new, only problem 3 windshields with 115,000 miles showing on odometer.
Has been a great car!

It currently has over 95,000 miles... No real issues with it.
Pros: Incredible Value - Great Design - Brakes/ABS - Extremely Reliable - Fun to drive with stick shift - Tons of customization options - Only one significant repair in almost 7 years (below) - Glass roof with moonroof/sunroof combo

Cons - Minor, intermittent rattles - Catalytic converter replaced (for free w/ warranty) at 55,000 miles - Handling is so-so unless you upgrade the suspension components
It's been plagued by problems since I purchased it.