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I got a 2001 Volvo s60 and I love it it's been good to me
I am very disappointed and heart broken with my S60,Volvo, 2013 It is not 1 year old yet. Just to name a few things. car's front end vibrates badly when just riding on the beltway, at any speed. Vibration can also be felt inside front on drivers side and even worse on passenger side front. When you pull off from a stop with little pressure on the gas pedal, front tires squeal, when you turn to the left with a very sharp turn, more squealing, from the tires. If you try to stop at a reasonable speed on the wet or dry surface, the brakes seems to pull the car to the side and a pulsation is felt in the brake pedals. This if frightening. Also, I had a leak, inside the car, front driver side. Too much, too many squeals from tires from any direction at any time.
VOLVO S60 T2.5 2009. Fuel pump failed at 54000 miles. Dealership said I was 2 months out of 5 years warranty. Had to get it replaced at local mechanic, $1300. mechanic said the fuel module showed signs of premature failure and that if there is another fuel problem it will be that and not the Fuel pump assembly. If you buy a Volvo realize that since it is now owned by a Chinese company you better buy the extended warranty to be safe.


I had a volvo S60T5 with the five speed manual. Until i werecked it in a car/truck accident it was stupendous. Loved it. No issues of any kind. I replaced it with an automatic V70 t5, which has been a constant headache. nothing but a money pit, and "ll never buy another.
Its strange what a difference a manual transmission will make.
cooling systeam

After purchasing my '03 Volvo @ 110,000 mi,it wasn't but a few weeks that the air bag warning light came on & could not be reset. A new cluster needed to be installed. Although i've been satisfied with the comfort in the ride,I agree with most S-60 owners that even the lil thing's are expensive and a local import mechanic is the best option, the dealer ONLY for emergency or recall because they will always find something. I'm here today because the Volvo is in the shop after the motor just shut down,I could smell fuel fumes,I've looked up fuel issues and there was a recall on the fuel system & fuel pump in 2005. The Ethanol sux,try to use fuel additives and 93 or 94 octane..
This car looks great, but it's very expensive to maintain. And all Volvo Dealers are not honest and forthright with their prices on parts and labor, especially if you are a woman. Do your homework! each dealer has it's own prices on parts and labor. I have found that the Volvo dealer nearest me (SCOTT VOLVO OF LEHIGH VALLEY, PA) are especially into ripping off their clients. I asked for a price on service for the same thing at two different times and got two different prices. Also when checking other Volvo Dealer's part prices in the area they ALL were at least 70-90% cheaper. So if you can find a good mechanic specializing on Foreign cars stick with them. Overall the only thing that I've had a constant problem with were the lights bulbs (all the way around). I've owned several cars and I've never had to change the light bulbs for the headlights or rear lights as much.
From mile 0 to mile 178,000 my 2.3 liter T5 has been one of the best cars I've ever owned. It has great acceleration when needed, but gets almost 30 mpg on the highway. The only bad experience was when the Ford-inspired throttle body had to be replaced in year 3. I sent it off to college with my daughter this year and bought a new 2012 S60RT6 AWD... after a few months I'm not convinced I have the better car. The 3.0 liter powerplant isn't as zippy as the 2.5 liter in the early "S60R" versions, undoubtedly more influence by Ford. I may have to switch cars with her when she comes home for Christmas.
Safe and comfortable. But expensive to mantainance.
2001 Volvo S-60 T-5 Manual trans. Bought new while stationed in Germany 10 years ago. Love the car but have a problem everyone should be aware of. First I'll give you some back ground on the car. I have stayed on top of all services and Changed oil religiously every 5000 miles with full synthetic oil until this last oil change. The car currently has 147,000 miles and drives great especially for a car of its age. If maintained well I would say this car is above average for what you could expect from most cars. A few common repairs I have made and would expect from this model all after 100,000 miles. New front axles, new front wheel bearings, front struts, Timing belt service, Turbo oil seal, and electronic throttle module. The car currently has an issue that after thorough trouble shooting is contributable to ETHANOL FUEL!!!! I'm a helicopter maintenance test pilot for the U.S. Army so I'm experienced at noting symptoms and the conditions in which they occur. However it took my local dealership 2 of their techs and me to figure this out. SYMTOMS, Hesitation while accelerating and or while driving at a constant speed. Random trouble idling and infrequently dyeing while pushing the clutch in at low speeds or at a complete stop. Faint smell of gas in the car after experiencing symptoms. You may also notice the Fuel econ average on the trip computer get better by 1 to 1-1/2 MPG, and the cruise control has a problem staying engaged. PROBLEM/SOLUTION - Ethanol fuel has eaten at the one way check valve in the gas tank allowing fuel to pass into the Charcoal canister. The Canister is soaking wet with fuel causing the computer to lean out the car (thinking the car is running rich). When the car has less than 3/4 tank of gas all problems go away. PERMANAT FIX - Replace tank and charcoal canister with original D code plastic 80 liter tank (Non-Ethanol friendly). The check valve is inside the tank and not replaceable nor repairable.
This is the worst car I ever had .
The car is paid off, but every month I spend money on repairs, as well as to pay for a new car.
We bought our 2004 S-60 because we were happy spending a bit more for a "safe" car. On that count, the car hasn't dissappointed. However, we began to have a problem with the car surging (accelerate-pause-accelerate-pause-accelerate-pause, etc) under hard acceleration above 55 mph. We took it into the Volvo specialists shop. A new fuel pump, a new fuel filter, a new fuel injection sensor (not the correct name) and $1200 later and it still does the same thing. The engine management is producing zero error messages. (the thinks its running just fine). We are ready to sell the car now three years later after $7000 worth of depreciation.
Volvo S60 T5
Nice car with a lot of small issues that cost a lot.
Auto transmission no shift after engine start for about 1 minute
This car now has 144k on it. This is what anyone buying a used one absolutely needs to know. 1) If the timing belt has not been changed at the recommended 105k miles it will be a $500-$600 repair. These have to be done on schedule so this is one of the first questions you should as (there should be a sticker in the engine compartment telling you when it was last done). 2) But just as important is the ETM (Electronic Throttle Module) which has a 94% fail rate at 100,000 miles and usually all fail soon after. This is a $1000 repair and much controversy surrounded this part due to the fact that everyone has had an issue with it AND due to the price of the repair. It was so problematic that Volvo quietly extended the warranty for this part to 10 years/200k miles ( I found this out, luckily, before my car's time expired and have already been to the dealer to confirm that Volvo will pay for this repair, do not buy this car unless you know you can get it replaced by Volvo under the warranty or that it has been fixed already and the software upgraded. 3. If these cars have not had regular maintenance you are asking for trouble. At 144k my tranny is still functioning fine but have heard nightmares of the automatics failing. No one can tell me why but many experts have told me to keep the original tranny fluid in the car as changing it sometimes is worse than keeping the original in if it is working fine at this higher mileage. I took the center cup holder lid off and called it a day, not worth replacing and how often does anyone keep it closed anyway? This car is small, about the size of a 1999-2005BMW 3 series so the back seat is best for short trips and kids. Front seats are amazing. The 2.4T is quick too. Handling is OK, not great, not awful. It isn't a BMW and with the used car prices you can get one for 3-4k less so it is worth it due to the overall safety, front wheel drive traction, and nearly as good build quality. I think the 3 Series is more reliable however. Each car is unique but be prepared to spend money to keep this car on the road. If you don't have a local Volvo specialist or alternative to the dealer you will be raped so be warned. My dealer is 100 bucks an hour, the guy I found who specializes here is $65. I also buy all my parts online and save 50% on average so it is well worth the effort and I recommend FCPGroton as they free ship for big orders. If you can find a cheap, dealer maintained car where the timing belt and TCM have been addressed go for it. Stay away from beaters they aren't worth it.
This is the worst car I ever had . Trans went and engine has low pressure Thus far it is a money pit
Various exterior lights burn out regularly, but light bulbs are cheap and the occurrences have been less often since I'm replacing with long-life aftermarket bulb replacements. Had the MAP sensor and Computer Module issues, but they fixed for free. This is a really comfortable car and fun to drive. The only disappointment in day-to-day driving is its turning radius is poor, meaning pulling into a parking space is sometimes difficult. Since they fixed all my problems at their cost (so far), and light bulbs are cheap and easy to replace, I'm very happy with this car.
For the second time this car has simply lost power and steering and left my 18 year old by the side of the road. All the gauges suddenly dropped and the car lost power. A quick check on the car on the net showed a large number of people reporting the same troubles with their cars, and four recalls on this model. Having had 8 Hondas and or Acuras, I have never been left sitting by any of them. Luckily there is a Honda dealer across from the service dept for the Volvo dealership.
Apparently these vehicles have issues with the turn signals and the radio, but at 100k, things are going to begin to not operate correctly. Don't neglect you spark plugs, allowing them to remain in the vehicle for excessive mileage can end up leading to ignition coil failures, and ignition coils are not exactly cheap.
Bought the car in 2009 and simply love it. It is agile in traffic with the power to accelerate when I need to. I test drove BMWs 3 series and bought the Volvo for the refined ride. Sportier rides are great sometimes when you need to cut loose but when I am going to work in the mornings I like a little comfort. the S60 delivers on all counts.
great fun comfortable car
Fantastic car! Still drives and feels new - inside and out! I wish it had a smaller turning radius, but that's bigger because of having the premium wheels so it would be a trade-off. Oh, and the center console cupholder cover is apparently not rugged enough. I had one replaced under warranty and one hinge on it broke again a few years later through normal wear, however, it's hundreds of dollars to replace because you have to take so much of the center console off to get at it. Bummer! It's definitely functional, just not perfect.
Great value for such a smooth and Quiet ride.
I got my 2006 S60 at Volvo of Louisville in February and absolutly love it! The only issue I have is that when I'm stopped at a trafic light, the steering wheel will vibrate and sometimes the vibration will actually get bad enough where my hand actually starts feeling numb. Also, when I brought it in to be checked out, they loaned me another 2006 S60 and it evidenced the same issue. The Service Manager admitted that he did not think it was normal but had never run across or noticed it.
Other than that, the only problem with the car is the total lack of rear passenger space. I'm a big guy and so have to keep my seat all the way back, and then the back seat passenger has about 8 inches of room.
I love this car and expect my next car will also be an S60, however I do wish the turning radius was better. Back seat space is tight but I rarely have anyone back there.
Wonderful car sold on Volvo for life now. Looking forward to getting 200,000 + miles on it.
I do love my S60, though think the interior could be larger. I have a 2.5 year old in a car seat who's legs hit the back of my seat when she's riding along...oh yeah, I'm only 5'4", so my seat isn't in the full back position. Also, would have liked the turn radius on the car to be much better. I used to own a 99 Eclipse that could turn on a dime, but the S60 can't turn on a dollar...
I had this car for 3 years and the only problem was last year with a fuel leak but Volvo knew tha so exteded the warranty on my fuel pump and i just had it replace at the dealer free of charge, great car, beautiful design, and the new S60 looks even better...
This car is a great car if you are looking for a cross between luxury and speed. It handles great and stops on a dime. And its quite pretty. However some of the draw backs of this vehicle are, if you dont have a good paying job this is not the car for you. This car is meticulous that unless you have a mechanic who specializes in Volvo's you will always be at the dealer. Considering that everything has its own computer need I say more. If you throw any codes you are going to have to go to the dealer just to have it reset which can cost you anything from $60-$90, and for something that takes 15mins is really upsetting. Common problems are tranny problems (valve body & sotware upgrades), tires, and sunroof (electical). Also make sure you keep up on the mantainance of this car cause if not you surely will be sent to the poor house. Love my Volvo s60 though!!!!