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I purchased my 2003 Honda Civic LX used. It now has over 200,000 miles on it and I'm extremely happy with the car. Honda's are long-term investments – low maintenance costs, low repair costs, and great mileage. I'm beginning to think my Civic will last until the end of time!
This was my first & LAST Honda I will ever purchase. I always heard how great Honda was. I am truly dissapointed! Of course, all the defaults are operator error and NOT Honda's! I NEVER had issues with my Toyota or Acura. The Civic is junk! Engine siezed, windows don't work, then the locks, new motor mounts and constantly getting new tires! Ridiculous!!! Never again!
Great, tough, car! Have wrecked it twice once in back and once in front and you can hardly tell if at all. Great gas mileage, about 25-30 mpg. Cheap to work on, rarely ever has problems and when and if it does it's usually minor, or just a little kink. Very reliable transportation. Fun to drive, great for learning stick shift if you're a beginner (car I learned on, had no idea how to drive 5 speed and learned within 1-2 weeks) Great for a first car, basic but nice interior. Only complaint I have is there's no storage at all (no cup holders, no door holders, small glovebox) other than that it's a great, fun, nice, comfortable, peppy little car. Drives nice, accecelorates nice and fast, and is great for customizing or changing stock to aftermarket. I absolutely love my 91 Civic and look forward to having it for a very long time, if you take proper care and maintanence it will last forever. I've known people close to 300,000 miles whose still drove like new. *based off of 1991 Honda Civic Dx Sedan 5 Speed Manual
Excellent car - I bought my 2012 Civic sedan new gets 38.4 mpg the car is solid. Very efficient and great handling being small car definitely roomy in class. Love my Civic no problems almost @ now 53,000 miles I've done nothing but scheduled routine oil changes and maintenance as is tire rotation, fluids and had all new brakes replaced/original. The Civic a peppy little car very comfortable rides decent & has excellent performance for four cylinder vehicle. Digital dash is unique it's a excellent car to be commuter around it was built well as a Honda product is supposed to be as this 2012 Civic LX Sedan so superb fantastic more reliable & efficient subcompact car.
I researched all the cars in this class before I bought my civic lx coupe...and fell in love with Honda. Sure, it doesn't have as much ground effects as the Corrolla, but it is the safest car in it's class in the off center crash rating as well as other crashes. I agree with the very first review on this site in that if there's more than one person in the car, you can really tell the weight difference. I bought this car to commute 60 miles (one way) to work and LOVE THE DRIVE. The bluetooth phone and audio works flawlessly. The speed controlled volume is great. The 5 speed manual model has plenty of get-up and go...and you can really tell when the VTEC kicks in (even with the 1.8L). I loved it soo much that my fiancee bought a sedan and looked everywhere for a 5 speed sedan (of course that's about as easy to find as a honest politician). I would reccomend this car for someone on their own, with one other passenger or for families with very small (but not in car-seat) children. Sporty, Safe, roomy inside....LOVE IT.
I bought this when my Mustang gave out. bought it brand new. I always heard Hondas where good cars but I was pretty impressed with how well this car handles, its a V4, with econ button, so I get on average, 34-37 Miles to the gallon, (its my work commute car) its got a great dash board, mostly digital, sept for some reason the rpm gauge. It has a hidden usb connector in the center console, where I plug in my flash drive and have 20 Gigs of my own music that it handles just fine. (wish it would display the music art, as it displays when I plug in the Ipod..) but its a nice system. All in all I would buy another Honda.
Do not buy this car if you have more than one person riding with you the backseat is horrible and in general the seats are uncomfortable my dad has one and I'm sorry to say that I miss the 1991 model we had much more room and Definitely more comfortable I'm all for the exterior design but the inside needs some work.
I have owned two Hondas before with no problem even after ten years of hard driving all made from Japan. I got this lemon made in Alliston, Canada. Bought Brand New and I only have sixty thousand miles on light use. Air-condition gave way, cabin light replaced, tirod replaced twice, switch on power window on the drivers side replaced, Crack on plastic the driver's air bag replaced, front brakes need to replaced with less than 25,000 miles. Keys transmitter replaced and now roof molding need to be replaced cost around 300 dollars. This car is really a piece of crap. Not buying another Honda made in North America.
I bought mine brand new in 08 and I absolutely have put it through its paces. Its manual and while the clutch clicks a bit, it hasn't gone out and everything shifts smooth. I replaced the alternator at 80k, other than that, I've only replaced wearable parts (brake pads, tires, batteries). Great car, multiple cross country trips I do a lot of highway driving, probably close to 95% these days. Interior has a bit of a rattle in the back, and I wish I had purchased leather seats for durability. I'm still averaging 30-31 miles a gallon as well.
I bought my Honda civic coupe, used with 38000, miles. I took two trips to El Paso Texas, from Palm Desert Ca. approximately 750 miles. I spent two weeks in El Paso visiting places, the first trip, and one week the second trip, and the trips were about a week apart. I went by myself the first time, and took four people the second trip. Bottom line I put this car to the test. I absolutely love it, paid 15000, dollars. So far no issues. I love the fact that it tells you how long before you run out of gas. It is very classy looking, and shifts very smoothly. I would like to say , its been already about three months, and I just love it. love it love it. Very economical too, at 39/ hwy, and approx 29, city. If your looking for an economy car, other then a hybrid, this is the one for you. only 4 cylinder. Very nice very nice.
Very fast powerful car. I have SI sedan engine is superb love digital tachometer sporty and comfortable automatic trans is smooth while I have agile handling. It is a decent car love everything on it would recommend buying a Civic but now shopping for a Pilot.
Pleased with my Civic VP love it runs like a champ. Bought used 10 years ago very comfortable still in good shape. It has 130k miles got timing belt changed few months ago. Civic rides and drives great has good power with the V-Tec motor lots perfect acceleration. I did get another vehicle a '14 Altima SV but kept the Civic when driving to work used as daily driver love both cars especially my Altima. I would buy imports now they are very dependable.
Perfect car from honda, powerful,smooth, 160000 no big problem at all
My 99 civic has 200k miles and still runs great, low cost to maintain,changed oil every 3000k and never had any real big problems, oh i did have to replace head, but that was due to the water pump piece broke off and clogged something over heated, had it replaced and expect to get another 50K out of it, my last civic befor this one went 300k, and never leaked anything, 35-40mpg someone knocked on my door and asked me to sell it to them, that 88 civic took me across the country many times, went through college then I gave it to my little brother and he used it until he graduated Medical School at UCLA and bought his own practice, he gave it back to me with 300k and I drove it to Phoenix where someone stole it to smuggle drugs got it back when police found it and it still ran great up to the day I sold it. I believe in hondability, GO CIVIC!!
I love my civic. I have 265,000 miles on my car. Just recently had to replace the clutch and am about to replace my a/c pump again. Other than that I love it. It runs very well and it meets our needs.
Reliable, cheap to maintain. Classic civic. daily driver. Good job honda!
Bought brand new in 10/2005 as new 2006 Civic LX, manual tran.
Yesterday, 3/01/13, gave car to my adult son...this morning
the clutch started to go...How bad does THAT make me feel??
How much is dealer replacement clutch going to cost?
Mileage: 103k....I sure expected more!

Had manual tran Saab for 15 years...original clutch... :-(
I have had a 98 civic since 2000. It have just under 30,0000 miles on it when I purchased it. I have only had to do basic maintance work (oil changes, brakes, tires, tune up). Very good car.
I am a owner of a 5 speed 2005 honda civic. I bought it brand new at the honda dealer from California. The car is well maintained. I changed oil every 3K, changed transmission fluid every 50K and replace timing belt and water pump once. I am still driving the car with 212,444 miles and going. Honda has excellent engine for the long miles as long as one does not misuse it or modify the engine. I put only genuine honda parts on the vehicle. I would buy nothingelse but Honda.
my questions is this..I have a 1996 honda civic ex with 69,000 miles that I inherited. IT is a Michigan car, and a mechnic where i live in colorado just discovered that the front subframe needed replacement due to severe rust. My question what point will i need a timing belt replacement and will it be a belt that needs replacement or a chain?
I bought a new 2004 Civic EX Coupe. I now have 190,000 miles on it. I changed the timing belt at 120,000. It runs like a champ. I need to get a new bumper but thats it.
I bought my Honda Civic Ex 2000 11 years ago. It is the best car I have ever owned. It has been to Mt. Rushmore and back. I have 238,800 miles on it and it runs like a top. I was at the Dealership twice in 11 years. Once to purchase the car and the second time because I left my gas cap off by mistake. They had to reset the computer. The paint job is flawless (it is Black) I would like to get at least another 100,000. Next summer I will be taking my Civic from Michigan to Oregon. I hope Honda does not follow other car companies and start ordering parts from China.
ive owned my honda since it had 32 miles on it.i love my honda civic.only 3 sets of tires(had 18" aftermkt wheels when bought) the car is a bit hard on the front tires...have to keep them rotated, 1 Battery,changed the oil ea. 5000 miles(moble 1 syn),timingbelt/waterpump(at dealer)at 110000mls,had tranny serviced at 60000mls,tranny has always felt a little funny because of the 'grade'assit tranny brake. but never any serious problem other than the tranny dip stick blew out at about 70000 miles(honda dealer had never seen it) blew alot of tranny oil out.but not a problem because i caught it immed...the car now has 120000 miles and has never even had spark plugs(its time because it does miss a bit)i wouldnt trade this car for nothing...plan on souping it up a bit over the next few years...Go Honda!!
My 2004 civic 1.7 is a piece of crap . Blown head casket , blown exhaust manifold gasket at 185,000 Km . Get rid yours before 150,000 or you will suffer the same results as all do around this mileage .The engine is a lemon over 160,000 . Read the problems of this engine which are well documented . Honda will not help you in the least although they know very well of these problems . The manual tells you that they strengthened the engine in the new 2004's but Honda is full of bull . I will go back to Toyota or elsewhere but never again Honda . Read the problems with other models of Honda engines and beware .
1989 Civic, whole chassy rusted out at just barely 100K and had to junk it. Also, no a/c, some electrical issues, too, radio dead, etc. Not happy. Engine and trans were okay, not great, despite being well-cared for.
My honda has 103,825 miles and for about a year I have been having it over heat on me. Not all the time but when I have been on the highway for any legth of time it would over heat and I take it to a shop have thermostate replaced, everything else checks out. I does it again 6 months later and noone could figure out why. I googled the signs I have been having and found out that other 2005 Honda Civics have the same exact overheating issues with noone being able to figure out why. BLOWN HEAD GASKET! So beware if yours is overheating!
i just traded my 88 chevy silverado for this 91 honda civic dx 4 dr. sedan and i am very very happy for the great fuel economy i'm getting. this was the reason i did the trade. i loved my truck but wasn't using it for a truck, instead just a means to get me to and from work. and with my 44 mile round trip commute each day, it was killing my wallet. the first thing i did when i got the honda was fill it up w/ premium gas, drain the trans fluid and replaced w/ honda atf, then i flushed the radiator. the engine oil was just changed about a month before i traded for it so that was nice and clean, i also changed out the fuel filter, too. so far i am very impressed w/ this little rice burner. my first tank gave me 35mpg... so my calculations show that i will be saving myself an estimated $400.00 a month on gas!!!! my next step is brakes, can't expect everything to be perfect on an older car i knew nothing about. it will prolly need rotors and pads i'm assuming, that's fine. i got the honda w/ only 109k which is low for the year...
the paint is still very good. ofcourse i waxed it right away and much to my suprise, it cleaned up pretty well... it's got some rust and a few dings, but still looks respectable going down the road. i will stop back here and fill yall in how well/or not so well the civic is doing... thanks for reading...
I bought my 2005 Honda Civic LX on Dec 31 2004. I now have 169000 on this vehicle, most of the miles are hwy. I am just now starting to have some problems with this vehicle that could end up costing me some hefty amounts of money. Example of problems are electrical the dash board gauges are going to zero reading even though the dash lights stay on and at the same time the airconditioning stops working as well as the radio and clock go out completely, all of these problems are occuring while the vehicle is in motion at high speeds. If I turn off the headlights while I am driving then the radio and gauges work normally, but then I don't have any headlights. Also when the gauges are at zero the vehicle will not move in drive (automatic trans) when starting from a stop. Instead the vehicle reacts as if it were in neutral and reves up the rpms, however if I turn the headlights off then the vehicle will move as it should when in drive and the gauge begin to work properly let me remind you that these things are happening while driving at night. Another problem is that I just discovered that I have a crack in my exaust manifold.
I bought this car used and, so far, am very pleased. GPM? On the hiway, if I don't go over 57mph I get 42/43 mpg, at 65 I get 36mpg, at 75 I get 32 mpg. I stay in the right hand lane a don't get any sas from the truckers. I have 46K miles on the car.
Bill Kirk
This is my favorite car I've ever had. I plan on driving it into the ground, but I'll take darn good care of it along the way. The headlights are a pain in the ass to change because the wheel well blocks easy hand access. Great mileage.